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Are you interested in Dichvusocks SOCKS proxies? Please read our reviews to grasp them in detail before you make a decision.

Today, there are many proxies providers in the market. The main proxies are SOCKS, and HTTPS and most providers support them. HTTPS is the most secure and advanced version of HTTP. But again, SOCKS5 is the enhanced version of the SOCKS protocol in terms of security.

If you don't have any proxy provider in mind, it is hard to spot one. In this article, we are going to review SOCKS proxies. We are going to base our discussion on Dichvusocks as a socks proxies provider. So, first, we should understand SOCKS proxies. While HTTPS is high level, SOCKS are low-level proxies and are not designed to support a specific protocol. It works perfectly with all protocols. Since SOCKS proxies use both TCP and UDP connections, it is faster and does not require sending data at once.

We can now proceed to the Dichvusocks, a provider in detail.

Dichvusocks Overview

Dichvusocks is a US-based company founded in 2012 that specializes in the production of socks proxies. Even though they had Socks5 proxies from various reviews, it's like their clients were not satisfied and ended up dying. Since then, the provider has fine-tuned its services and is becoming the choice among many socks proxy users. Now, should you go for their proxies?

Please read our review to the end to find the answer. Dichvusocks is a socks proxies provider that allows users to encrypt their internet connection. The services are divided into 2 plans, daily and credit, but we will cover this in detail in our next section.

Dichvusocks is interested in creating a conducive environment for users to browse the internet without exposing their personal details. It is a global proxy provider that prides itself on providing fast, reliable, and secure proxies for businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, they don't specify their proxy pool, but the IP addresses come from real locations worldwide.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, which allows users to carry out unlimited tasks. Their coverage is awesome, and they have servers located in most countries worldwide. Their targeting function is sophisticated, but we were able to choose a country. This feature implies that these proxies also geo-target cities to service providers.

Dichvusocks Homepage

Their socks proxies are exclusive. You can use them to view pages, download files and upload as well. Even though the provider does not guarantee, we tried them and found out that the proxies effectively hide IP addresses and bypass geographic and other restrictions. However, you cannot carry forward the socks proxies once the plan or duration expires.

Dichvusocks offers socks proxies that are elite. Meaning, users remain 100% highly anonymous due to UDP connection. This is powerful traffic management powered by AI in boosting your connection speed. However, they aren't guaranteed, but these proxies bypass all firewalls through proxy tunnels.

It sounds like a VPN. The fact is that they can provide socks or updates for a specific country or a city. You should also be aware that they do not offer refunds because this is an electronic service and your activated account is final. But remember, sticky IPs have good bandwidth and are best for data scraping from the target website. And due to their high speed and anonymity, they are also perfect for sneaker copping.

Socks proxies are useful in many ways. For instance, e-commerce with other online shops uses socks proxies to secure connections and encrypt the traffic. This can tell you a lot because Dichvusocks is concerned about your security as opposed to other providers.  A practical example is when you insert sensitive data on an HTTP website, it is likely to be exposed to scammers, and they can steal.

However, a secure HTTPS connection ensures your data is encrypted and can never be stolen. So, when buying something online while using proxies, ensure the site is using HTTPS. With socks proxies by Dichvusocks, they are compatible with all protocols hence can support any browser.

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Dichvusocks Review

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Visit Dichvusocks.us

Dichvusocks is easy to use and recommended for newbies. However, their proxies only support Windows 7 and above that must be updated with at least Microsoft NET framework version 4.5. In terms of customer support, We think they should consider improving on that. The site might discourage potential customers due to outdated information. And for this reason, their services have bad reviews online.

Aside, they should revamp their website and update information. This way, they can get customer trust hence building on reputation. But above all, it is just a new proxy provider with a promising future even though most of their socks' IP addresses are listed. But they are affordable, and we have tested and confirmed they function well.

  • Cheap
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Simple UI
  • Reliable services
  • Instant delivery
  • Access geo-restricted websites
  • Wide coverage
  • Compatible with all protocols
  • Stellar  speed
  • 24/7customer support
  • Flexible plans
  • Doesn't always work
  • Most of the socks proxies are dead
  • No refund
  • Do not provide specific country
  • Paid test trial
  • Do not specify IP pool size.

Dichvusocks Types and Pricing

As we stated in the overview, Dichvusocks has two pricing plans. There are daily and credit plans. Each plan is packed with different features. Here we go now.

Daily Plan

Dichvusocks Daily Plan

This is their first plan but with limits. In this category, there is a trial version that costs $1 for one day and has a limit of 50 socks. While daily 50 costs $5 for 30 days, a one-year plan goes at $50. This is cheap pricing.

However, all programs have a limit of 50 proxies per day. If not satisfied, you can also try out their Daily 50 plan costing $3 for 15 days. The good thing is that, on plans that last longer than 24 hours, each day allowance will not be added to the subsequent day or not used.  The limit is non-cumulative. But, you can't access services once your socks plan expires.

Credit Plan

Dichvusocks Credit Plan

The credit plan does not have a subsidized trial. It works differently. It is unlimited throughout a subject to a credit reduction over time. For instance, when you go for credit 50, you receive a total of 50 socks costing $2. While credit 120 offers you an accommodation of 120 socks costing $5. The highest credit, 900, gives you 900 total socks for $35.

You have unlimited days to access the socks. You will automatically receive the socks with each credit until credit becomes zero, and that is when your account expires. This is a good option for businesses and large organizations with heavy usage.

Is Dichvusocks Socks Proxy Easy to Use?

Setting up and using Dichvusocks proxies is simple once you Download the Dichvusocks client.

First, ensure you are using Windows OS and above. This is one of the most important requirements.

  • Install Microsoft Net 4.5
  • Create a Dichvusocks account, and have a paid plan ready.
  • If not, buy the socks and pay using the best method that you are comfortable with.
  • Start windows activation.
  • Insert socks5 port
  • Lastly, unzip the tool and start using it.

 However, for a detailed step-by-step guide on using socks proxies, you can watch the above youtube video.

Dichvusocks Authentication

There are two basic authentication methods that most providers use. Besides IP authentication, there is a user: pass authentication method. And the username: password is the most common method of authentication in the world. However, Dichvusocks does not support IP authentication. Instead, they use a username and password to log in to the client and start using proxies.

Dichvusocks Customer Support

Dichvusocks Customer Support

Customer support is an aspect that most providers should pay attention to. Clients should get help when they encounter hitches. This is because not all of them can wait for a long time. Even though Dichvusocks provides excellent services to clients, its website does not have detailed information. It lacks a FAQ page.

The only way to reach the customer support team is via email address, skype, or ICQ available 24/7.  Support tickets are important. These methods might be slow due to the factor of time zone. If they consider bringing on board the live chat support in the future, it would be better.


Take it from us and take it to your bank- there is no 100% perfect proxy provider. Dichvusocks has its weakness and strength, and any other provider is no exception. It would be best if you only looked for the extent to which these weaknesses and strengths are to your use case.

Dichvusocks have all the major things a proxy provider is ought to have. They are cheap, easy to use, compatible with all protocols, and faster with a secure connection. However, the support might be slow, and most of their IPs are listed. This can be overlooked in many cases, as is considered in their pricing plan. Hence, we recommend them.

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