7 Best Footsite Proxies: Never Missing Your Shoe Drop!

Have you ever imagined how sneakerheads cop limited editions from footsite stores like Finishline, Eastbay, footlocker, or ChampSports? To be successful and get ahead of every retailer, you must have realized that you need Footsite proxies.

Without footsite proxies, then retailers can never manage their multiple accounts. This means you are only limited to one pair of kicks. Big retailers understand that best footsite proxies are essential for copping sneakers from online stores. Proxies manage your multiple accounts and hide the IP addresses from a particular pool. Hence, the retailers or sneakerheads cop anonymously with a high success rate on grabbing bulk orders.

So today, we have decided to develop our trusted and tested proxies with a consistent success rate in footsite proxies. These proxies will help you cop sneakers and dominate the footsite. You might be asking yourself about footsite. Let's now get to know it first.

About Footsites

Footsites is a general term referring to the collection of sneaker stores like footlocker, ChampSports, Eastbay, Footaction, and many more. You can buy limited editions from these online stores from reputable manufacturers like Nike and Jordan.

If you want to cop in bulk limited editions on footlocker stores, you need footsite bots. A footsite bot must have compatible footsite proxies to work well. The footsite proxies help automate the checkout process and increase the chances of getting these drops before getting out of stock.

The best choice is a residential proxy, but the datacenter proxy also works on some footsites. Even though the datacenter works too, you must be selective because some private proxies are not compatible and can be easily detected. Only consider datacenter proxies in the absence of residential proxies.

The demand for footsite proxies has increased. This is why we have considered the high demand for footsite proxies and come up with an unbiased review to guide you. Without these proxies, you will only be limited to one account and one pair of sneakers. Let's get into that deeper.

Best Footsite Proxies for Sneaker Drop

This is the best review for you if you are looking for the best footsite proxies. To make it simpler, we have compiled both residential and datacenter proxies. We have selected the one with high chances and the best fit for you. The datacenter has high speed, but residential proxies are preferred.

soax residential proxy

Soax is a residential proxy provider covering over 120 countries using 8.5+ IP addresses.  Soax proxies have unique features though average database but are good for copping on footsite. These proxies have the geo-targeting option available, which is critical for footsite proxies.

The price of soax proxies is based on the port with unlimited access, and they have 10 monthly pre-defined packages. However, if you need more, you can customize your plan using the enterprise option. Before buying, you can test the proxies first. Instead of a free trial, they alternatively offer a 3-day package at $1.99 before committing to a complete monthly package. This is also a good option for sneakerheads that need one of two kicks.

Residential Proxy plan for Smartproxy

Smartproxy is our second option as a footsite proxies provider. They have unique IP addresses that are faster and comes with unlimited threads.  Their proxies can geo-target any location and cook for any releases on the footsite. The provider offers more proxies than Soax at the same price. The residential IP addresses cover a comprehensive location with over 195 countries worldwide.

To access advanced geo-targeting, you need to get proxies from a specific city, and out of the 8 reachable, 5 are from the US. They do not offer an option to test, but instead, they have a 3- days refund policy. Above all, the proxies are reliable and secure and can geo-target most locations where Footsite stores are hosted.

Residential Proxy plan for Proxyrack

Proxyrack is another premium footsite proxies provider on the market. They specialize in residential proxies. Their proxies are well known for their ability to evade detection and bans. The customers can choose rotating, static, unmetered, or uncapped data and geo-targeting options on countries, cities, and locations worldwide. They have 3 pre-determined monthly packages, and both offer uncapped data and high speed. These features are the best fit for copping sneakers from footsite stores.

Again, regardless of the package, you can track pieces of information like failure experience and threads. Users are also free to handle multiple connections. The proxies also support HTTPS and SOCKS proxies. The proxies proved to us to be reliable, and if you are not okay with them, you can, as always, request a refund.

MyPrivateProxy homepage

As the name says it all, this MyPrivateProxy provider specializes in private and dedicated proxies. But again, they also have shared proxies which are not our topic today. We only tested and worked on their dedicated private proxies.

The dedicated and private proxies cover 16 US major cities and 8 other European locations. The proxies use non-sequential Ips that allow good concurrency operation. This, together with high anonymity, seem to be a perfect option for sneaker copping on footsite and other sneaker stores.

Aside, their proxies have a 99% uptime, so we can arguably say that dedicated proxies are optimized for sneaker copping. All packages allow users to have access to unlimited bandwidth and to run upto 100 threads simultaneously. However, their sneaker proxies are only designed and guaranteed to work only for the purchased service.

SSLprivateproxy Homepage for Autumn Special sale offer

We are all aware that using shared proxies is a risky business, especially for copping sneakers. You can quickly get banned. So, while using SSLprivateproxy, all these are solved. They do have not only dedicated IPs but also offer multiple subnets and cities. They randomize their dedicated proxies every month. This reduces the risks of being detected while copping your sneakers from footsite stores.

Honestly, each proxy comes with 100 threads, and we can say that the pricing compared to the quality of the proxies is best among the providers we have reviewed so far. The dedicated proxies have fresh and virgin IPs. They support HTTP(S), offering users a high level of online anonymity.

Data Center Proxy for Blazingseo

Besides the fact that Blazing SEO offers unlimited threads, great pricing, and proxies come with unmetered bandwidth; they also have datacenter and residential proxies with other services like mobile and ISP proxies. They claim that their proxies are the best private proxies on the market for footsite sneaker copping because they support HTT(S) and SOCKS5, giving users high anonymity. They use a diverse proxy pool of over 300K to avoid bans on footsite.

Their datacenter proxies are faster and optimized for sneaker copping with a high level of proxy authentication. The provider still offers all users free automatic replacement just in case anything deems to function well. Alternatively, their world-class customer support is available to guide you and geo-target up to 30 countries. we enjoyed their 2 days free trial before buying proxies.

InstantProxies homepage

InstantProxies is among the best private footsite proxies provider we know. Their proxies work, and it remains a fact. We tested their proxies for sneaker copping and web scraping. It worked well with a high success rate on footsite automation. The private proxies have a stellar speed good enough for a faster checkout process while copping sneakers. Again, the proxies come with unlimited bandwidth, elite anonymity, various subnet, and advanced control panels. They guarantee quality and worldwide location coverage.

They offer any potential users an opportunity to test their proxies before buying. So, if you need the best footsite proxies, InstantProxies is another best option. However, their pricing is based on the proxies and location coverage as well as the multiple subnets. Getting started is simple, and these proxies are compatible with Footsite bots.


Footsite is not an aggressive sneaker website. This is the reason why optimized datacenter proxies are used. However,  to be on the safer side, residential proxies are preferred for a high success rate. If your pocket does not allow it, then the datacenter won't cost you much.

The above proxies have been tested and proven to have a consistently high success rate of copping sneakers from footsite stores. So, pick one and start copping quickly.

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