10 Best YouTube Views Bots in 2024

If you want to increase your YouTube views and Subscribers, then a bot may help. This article gives you the best YouTube bots that you can find out there.

Content creation has grown to be a billion-dollar industry. Many platforms have come to allow content creators to showcase their work. One of those platforms is YouTube, which will enable people to post videos on their channels.

Here you have to post your videos and look for views and subscribers. Unlike many other similar platforms, YouTube pays you for views and running ads. Therefore, there is a lot of competition.

So, how do you fix that? How do you ensure you have enough views and audience? This is where YouTube bots come in; they provide you get the desired amount of pictures and subscribers.  Continue reading to learn more!

What is YouTube View Bot and Why People Use Them

Before you start using bots, it is essential to know what they are and how they work. YouTube bots run on automated software that adds views to your videos.  It is an easy platform to set up and can generate the desired results quickly.

However, YouTube has a strict policy against the use of bots. If you are proven to be using them to get views or subscribers, your account could be permanently blocked.

Even with the strict policies, people still risk using bots for their YouTube accounts. But, why is this? Using a bot brings a sense of popularity to a video, thus attracting more accurate views. Although buying real human views can be a better alternative, it is more expensive.

Bots come with a significant benefit because it generates views faster; it is easy to use and mostly free. Furthermore, bots can insert likes and comments to a YouTube video.

With that said, here are the best YouTube View Bots that are most trusted in the market.

Best YouTube View Bot

YTpals Homepage

YTpals is one of the leading platforms to get free YouTube subscribers and views. It is a fast-growing platform and has thousands of happy customers. They have two options; one is a free service while the other is a paid premium plan.

The free service will help you gain about ten subscribers in 12 hours and manual activation. However, you must subscribe and like at least 20 videos. The premium plan has enterprise, elite, and celebrity options. All come with different prices and features.

The best one is the celebrity option which gives you 40 – 60 subscribers every day. It is also the most expensive as it costs $80/ month.

Jarvee Homepage

Jarvee is another excellent YouTube bot that offers automation. It enables you to get massive traffic, viewers, and subscribers. The tool is a great place to build your YouTube channel and get the potential to supersede your competitors.

They have an auto-follow feature that exposes your channel to the correct audience. They will, in turn, follow you and increase the number of subscribers you have. Additionally, they have an auto-like feature that offers you likes.

Similarly, they generate comments for your videos and like them simultaneously. You also get a whole browsing experience and auto-watch to increase your view count.

Socinator Homepage

Socinator is an all-in-one YouTube marketing platform that helps you get enough views. It is among the best bots used for YouTube due to its features. This includes their activity statistic report on how your account is performing.

They also have an auto-subscribe and auto-like feature to get subscribers. You can also increase the number of view hours by using their auto-watch feature. If you want to get positive comments, you can use their auto comment section.

What makes Socinator a unique platform is adequate for account management and filter support. They also have proxy support to run your YouTube account using an HTTP proxy. This helps avoid leaving footprints that would suggest you're using a proxy.

GoViral Homepage

If you want real YouTube views from real people, GoViral is here for you.  It is a fast and good way to get YouTube likes, views, comments, and subscribers. The bot also comes with many benefits and unique features. One of them is their free traffic generation feature with an upgrade option.

You get the best automated YouTube growth by simply putting your videos in their network. The bot will automatically deliver views, subscribers, likes, and comments. They also improve your organic growth to give you compelling social proof.

The platform also has a very user-friendly interface that saves you time. It is free to register and even lets you earn coins from it.

VidIQ Homepage

vidIQ is a bot that is designed to increase your YouTube views. It gives you free insight and guidance that helps maintain the growth of your channel. They offer free keywords, titles, and descriptions for your videos. This will help you get more views and subscribers.

They are a trusted leader that has years of experience in the industry. The bot also comes with many unique features such as auto-views and subscribers. They also help you get the best content ideas that you need to increase your actual audience.

You can choose from various plans to help you get the right amount of views. Furthermore, their prices are among the best in the industry.

Auto Social Bots for youtube

Another excellent bot for getting YouTube views and subscribers is Auto Social Bots (ASB). It is not only among the best but also comes with great features. The unique thing about them is their multiple account feature. It can be used to generate views and subscribers for many YouTube accounts.

It also has a multithreaded feature that ensures high speed and efficiency. The platform is easy to use due to its user-friendly interface and dashboard. They also take customer privacy seriously; therefore, none of your info will be given to any third party. This makes it one of the safest YouTube bot to use.

ASB also undertakes regular updates and has a 7-day money-back feature. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with their services, you can always get a refund.

View2be Homepage

Do you want amazing free YouTube views and likes? If so, then View2.be is the real deal. They are among the best YouTube bot that helps generate comments and likes. The platform is also unique because you get to earn coins from completing simple tasks. These coins can then be used to generate views for your YouTube videos.

They have an SEO feature that will help improve your Google ranking. Additionally, they can help you gain more organic recognition using their automation software. Another thing that stands out about this company is that they offer free YouTube views and likes services.

YTMonster Homepage

As the name suggests, YTMonster is the absolute best in the YouTube bot industry. They offer real user engagement for your content to generate views and have many top-tier features. The platform also has an enormous user base with many happy customers.

Their view exchange rate is currently at 6 billion. This number has been rising since they started eight years ago. They also have 2.3 million customers and have undertaken more than 10,5 million YouTube Views campaigns. Additionally, they have an excellent customer support system which most of their rivals lack. Whenever you experience difficulty, you can use their official handles of the live chat feature to get real-time help.

TubeBuddy Homepage

Tube Buddy is a friend when it comes to matter YouTube. They have some of the best features to ensure you get the most legit YouTube views, subscribers, likes, and more. It is a free browser extension that you can integrate with your channel. The bot helps you run your track efficiently and comes with many advanced features.

An advanced keyword research feature comes and cuts publishing time by half. The platform also helps you rank higher on the search engine to get more views and subscribers. They also have more than 3 million happy clients and are still growing.

Somiibo youtube

Somiibo is a free social media automation bot. It helps you organically grow your audience to get more views and subscribers. Furthermore, it is an easy platform to use and requires little technical know-how. You only have to follow three simple guidelines.

First, you choose the YouTube channel to which you want to generate traffic. After that, you can tap on followers using their powerful filter setting. Finally, the bot will automate the process and ensure they view, like and subscribe to your channel.


Getting the right YouTube bot has never been easier with all these options. It takes a lot of courage, especially knowing the kind of restriction YouTube has for the use of bots. The consequences may be dire, but it also comes with great success. Using a bot will improve the growth of your channel by attracting more authentic and organic traffic to it.

In a nutshell, bots are the way to go if you are just getting started on YouTube. You can also use them in a very competitive niche. Choose the one with the best features for you, and you will be good to go.

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