How Much Cloud Backup Do You Actually Need?

You’ve probably heard talk about cloud backup by now, even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy of Internet users. Hey, you’re probably already using some form of backup already, as it’s the only smart way to function in the digital world.

Now, there’s always been some heated debate as to the necessity of backup, and how much of it you actually need. In this article, we set out to answer that question once and for all, and steer you towards the optimal amount of online protection.

First of all, why do you need backup?


If you need to ask that question, then you’re lucky. It means you’ve never accidentally deleted or overwritten an important file, and had to start work from scratch. Good for you. Unfortunately, though, most of us have, and most of us know how infuriating it can be.

This is how backup was created, in the first place. So that you could have a copy of your important files, in case of accidents such as this.

But why cloud backup?

why cloud backup

Back in the old days, backup was considered to just refer to copying a file onto a USB drive. Now, when we talk about backup, we’re mostly referring to cloud storage. Uploading your most important files to the cloud is ideal because it protects you against physical damage or loss.

A USB drive, your laptop, a CD, or whatever else you’re using to store your files can easily be lost, stolen or damaged. But the cloud is somewhere out there, unaffected by natural events, loss, or other such common concerns. By storing your files in the cloud, you guarantee you’ll have access to them, even if you lose your laptop and everything on it, as well as all your USBs, CDs and so on.

So how much backup do you actually need?

How much backup

While no one can contest the necessity of backup, few have found the ideal balance. Many digital users now trust the cloud as their sole backup option, but that’s not the best way to go. Alternatively, there are still skeptics who’d rather copy or even print out important files, not trusting the cloud. Not a good option, either.

We think that, as in many aspects of life, balance is important. This is why, ideally, you should have three separate copies of an important file. One should be the original copy that you store on your computer or work device. One should be on an external storage device, and of course, the last one should be uploaded to the cloud.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that this is a bulletproof method, but by storing your files in these three different locations, you’re minimizing the chances of permanent loss. It’s highly unlikely that all three storage options will be affected at the same time, denying you access to your most important files and data.

So make sure you always make copies of your work, and find the best of both worlds, when it comes to digital backup.

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