Useful Tips On How To Create A Great Web Design That Will Impress Your Clients

Web design is one of the most important aspects of any business or personal website, and it's what your visitors will be looking at first. If you want to make a good impression on them, you'll need to make sure your web design has proper contrast, hierarchy, and enough white space.

In this article, you will see how you can create good web designs for yourself using the latest technologies available and also see some of the best practices that have been shown through research over time as being successful in terms of creating a great user experience.

1. Copy Successful Examples

Copy Successful Examples

As a first-time web designer, you should research the successful websites in your industry and look at what they have done to create a website that may be appealing to their target market.

Good research will definitely be of great help for you as a web designer, though there are templates that make this a lot easier. White label web design is specifically that, and professionally made websites are available at a moment's notice just to be filled with your content. Therein lies the problem of what your content is, and what are you trying to convey to the world, or at least how are you presenting it.

2. The Basis is Research

Are you currently building or designing a website? Well, if you are then it is recommended that you research your target market first before anything else.

You wouldn't like to make it too crowded now would you? No one will want to read all those jumbled-up letters and words everywhere! So research research research!

Doing research helps you to figure out what they like, what they don't like and basically gives you an idea on how to go about setting up your web design in the best possible way for potential clients to find what they are looking for.

3. Analyze The Way You Write Your Content

One more thing, when it comes down to writing out your content, make sure that the font size is legible enough for people to read without straining their eyes. If your font is too small it will make your design look cluttered and the overall reading experience will be a bad one for your visitors.

Make sure you balance out the size of text with how much content there is on the page. The darker the background color, the easier it should be to read that specific content, as it has been shown that darker backgrounds make reading lighter-colored fonts a lot easier.

Well, there is nothing much you can do when you have a dark background and the same light-colored font for your content, but if it's vice versa then you cannot be happy with your choice in colors. Not only colors, but pictures, in general, are a real treat for clients so make sure to be very informative with them.

4. Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO you ask? Well, that's something that web developers are very much aware of or they should be. Search Engine Optimization helps with letting Google, or other browsers like Yahoo or Mozilla, know about your website so it can crawl through your content and index it for people to search for.

Search Engine Optimization is basically a process in which web developers optimize their websites so that the search engines will display said website at the top of the search engine result pages when someone searches up relevant keywords.

As most people have become aware of this, there are many who try to take advantage of this by creating sub-par websites just because they might confer high ranks into their sites, though this isn't your concern – but getting your original content as high as possible in the result bar.

This is mainly done by using the appropriate keywords someone might search for, though it may also be done by being mentioned and cross-referenced on other websites, such as forums where people talk about your product.

5. Don't Skip on Pictures

Don't Skip on Pictures

Pictures are also a great way for web browsers to appreciate your content more. Not only that, but using screenshots on different services or programs is very much motivating for people who may be looking at ways to use the said service/program on their websites.

One good example of this is the use of price comparison sites, like this one for video game consoles. You can see that they've taken screenshots from different websites and posted them down to show their viewers what kinds of deals are available on said websites, giving credit to each website respectively. This alone attracts a lot of traffic to such a website, even if it wasn't greatly designed.

Web Design is one of the most important aspects of any business or personal website, and it's what your visitors will be looking at first.  If you want to make a good impression on them, you'll need to make sure your web design has proper contrast, hierarchy, enough white space, and be generally pleasant to look at.

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