How to Get Famous on TikTok in 2023?

Are you having a hard time growing and becoming famous on TikTok? Then come n here and read our tip on how to get famous on TikTok. We will share tips to help you become popular and earn revenue under the TikTok creator fund.

TikTok is not only the home of the viral challenges but also a good source of income, full of the best memes on the internet and the mega stunts around the world today. The platform atsna d among the biggest social emdia platform is the shortest tiem posisble.

And today, TikTok has recorded over 1 billion active users and stands in front of the major social media platforms with the highest gross on the earth. The content creators on the forum are becoming more creative and delivering their best, only to become the next big thing on the trending page or going viral. However, the big question in our article is how you manage to get famous on TikTok.

If that is what you are asking yourself, then this is the right place to be. Keep reading to the end and find out. We will share some important tips to guide you through the journey to achieve your dream on the platform. But before anything else, let us go through the benefits of becoming famous on TikTok in the next section.

The Benefits of Being Famous on TikTok

he Benefits of Being Famous on TikTok

TikTok is among the latest social media platforms worldwide, with over 1 billion active users. In the united states alone, the platform has over 73 million active users in the United States, indicating that almost 22% of the US population uses TikTok.

And from Statista, 19 years old users occupy the largest demography on the applications. And this means that today TikTok has grown and is no more the recent lip-syncing for the young generation. And the last year, 2021, all ages were represented on the application.

When you combine the above facts with the unique engaging algorithm of TikTok, the benefits of using the platform to create brand awareness and marketing and even become popular for fame then come out clearly. Regardless of the target audience on the TikTok platform, there are high chances that you will get a high engagement from the forum. The reasons are explained in depth in this article.

How to Get Famous on TikTok?

There are various ways through which you can become famous on the platform. Therefore if this is what you are planning, then in this section, we will highly some of the relevant tips and tricks to becoming famous. Please keep reading to the end and keep them in practice.

1. Use Relevant Hashtag

TikTok hashtag

You are even well aware that having a relevant and trending hashtag increases your reach on TikTok and other social media platforms. But remember, selecting a suitable and trending hashtag that complies with your niche is recommended.

You can also consider the hashtag creators and confirm that you have applied the same hashtag to your content to go viral. Check the top and best-performing videos on TikTok and find out the hashtag they have used as long as they are related to your niche.

But sometimes, even though hashtags might not be related to your video, you can decide to hijack them. This easiest strategy enables you to catapult your video content on trending feeds. In short, using relevant hashtags is vital since it can significantly increase your content's reach to new users and help you achieve your dream on the platform.

2. Collaborate and Duet with TikTok Influencers

Collaborate and duet with TikTok influencers

Something that can help you again gain popularity is collaborating with influencers, marketers, and famous TikTokers. This is the faster method to get you recognized. This is because you will be able to reach out to the targeted audience in the subject area and get some interesting fans from the famous TikToker you are collaborating with.

This means that when the person you are dueting or collaborating with has 1 million followers, then be sure you have 1 million viewers on your content. Though we have said it is the fastest, you must understand that it is difficult to a certain extent. So you have to start with a small TikToker as you grow, expand the network, and reach out to the target TikToker to start collaborating.

But in a situation with no connection, we recommend you do a duet that is readily available on almost all the TikTok video content. It might be hard for someone you do not follow and has privacy settings. Do everything as long as you are increasing your reach.

3. Consistency and Niche

Consistency and Niche

TikTok ahs uniwque audienec. But when you can post content consistently and ensure that they are within your niche, you can retain the current followers and align with their interests. Try your best to remain within the niches and share content consistently. Where possible, you must understand your audience to be completely posting during peak hours.

If your audiences are passionate about the dancing moves, try your best and make it professional. Avoid going outside your niche often as there is a high chance that the followers will get bored and unfollow your account.

As long as you remain consistent,  try exploring other related themes and make the feeds enjoyable. The audience will often be coming to check when the time comes for the latest content. You will, in no time, start trending as it is simple to track the algorithm. Post regularly so that users  don't feel like they are following a dead account

4. Produce High-Quality and Original Contents

Produce high-quality and original contents

At all costs, never try to sacrifice the quality of your TikTok content. TikTok content must be highly produced and contain special features coupled with complex filters and editorial works. If at all you want to get famous on the platform, try your best never to compromise the aesthetic.

This means you must check on the content before clicking that share button. If it takes time to record hundreds of the content continuously before getting the right one, just do it because of the audience.

So, this also means you must look at your camera's quality. When you post grainy video content, rest assured that the profile will go nowhere. Record in a pleasing environment, let audio and lighting be excellent, and never make mistakes. It is true that users have no issues and can leave annoying comments.

Another thing here is that you must produce original content. Some TikTokers mimic the dance using certain audio, but successful TikTokers prefer to use authentic and recorded sounds. With enough traction on the platform, you can easily start going viral and trending among the TikTok audience worldwide.

5. Cross-Promotion


The other thing about TikTok is that you can cross-promote your TikTok content on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This increases the chances of reaching out to the right and new audience.

It expands your reach, and the friends you are interested in your content will, in the long run, follow your account. This is how you start increasing engagement. Though it will take time to grow on TikTok, keep sharing regularly and never give up, as hard work pays.

6. Engage with Popular Videos

Engage with popular videos

If you really want to grow and become famous on TikTok though not overnight, then the other thing you need to consider is engagement with the trending videos on the platform. Once you comment, like, and share these videos, you can easily get new followers to your profile as it attracts many other eyes that are interested in your content.

If the people from the account like your comment or sound funny, they try to click on your profile, engage with you, and follow you in the long run. That is an improvement and a good step on your journey.

7. Record and Recreate TikTok

Record and recreate TikTok

TikTok is all about trends, trending dance, challenges, etc., so one way to gain popularity is to recreate the content. When you come across numerous similar videos appearing in the FYP section,  it is because of this aspect. Therefore, once a video goes trending, users can start recreating it, and this is another avenue to get featured and noticed.

Hop on this trend and gain more engagement to your profile since the video is already popular and will deliver on your feeds. You can record and use the popular TikTok sounds and audio from the library's repertoire. But we argue your record instead of using already uploaded because they will increase the engagement and enable you to reach out to the new audience.

8. Understand TikTok Trends

tiktok trends

Even though TikTok did not introduce the trend, today, this platform is full of trends and memes from all corners of the world. Hence, follow the trend and get famous. People love what others do, so you should also express the same to move together. Getting a trend is very simple and a good way to go with the trend is by engaging in the TikTok challenges and utilizing hashtags.

Still, you can follow the #trendalert for easy access to the trends, search for the latest and trending posts or even use the discover tab to access them. The Discover tab lets you get trends based on your niche because they list them with the types for easy access. You can also use the trending sounds from the library and combine them with the relevant videos to get on the trending page.

9. Engage with the Audience

Engage with the audience

TikTok does not work like other well-known social media platforms. However, in terms of engagement, everything remains the same. Therefore, the TikTok algorithm will reward you and rank your profile among the audience and other content creators based on the inspiring engagement with your audience on the posts.

If you are unaware, engagement includes metrics like shares, saves, likes, comments, and favorites. Therefore, try your best to often post or reply to the audience's comments on your shared content. This will guarantee increased engagement, and followers will feel valued watching your content.

Forget about the Ryanair book, and make sure to reply to every comment followers make on your TikTok content. If you sometimes have unique remarks and find engaging with them, they will follow your account and retain them.

10. Establish a Recognizable Brand

Establish a recognizable brand

TikTok is not just a place to do everything like jack and jane. If you can keenly search on the famous TikToker like the one we covered in our previous article, you will realize that they engage with a particular niche and works around that brand to ensure they are meeting the interests of their followers.

The point here is that you must be specific with your niche, select a relevant topic, and then work on a theme that runs around that niche. Be as well consistent in your particular brand. Avoid sharing unrelated content on your profile.

11. Think Outside the Box

Think outside the box

Sometimes, this might sound cheesy, but this is the reality on the road to gaining popularity on TikTok. You must be creative enough and think beyond the simple things. This way, you can create unique content and impress your audience, making you stand out from the rest of the platform.

When you are being creative, try to combine the trends and relevant hashtags in your content. Then be real and never do just what everyone else is doing; instead, bring something unique to your audience but within the niche on the table. Make it fun and make your audience feel like sharing or saving them to watch with their friends. That is how the road starts once you are here.

12. Embrace Who You Are

Embrace who you are

You agree that you can do anything it takes to get famous on TikTok, which is not bad. But always remains within your limits. It is not everything that every person thinks is trending, or the cute look will make you famous on the platform.

Sometimes, you have to accept the things around you, embrace yourself, get courage and do what you think is good from your heart; never get afraid to share your opinion either, and go deep but remain true to yourself and share your unique personality as well. This is what we call going against the grain. You can make it with your content on TikTok.

Can You Become Famous on TikTok Overnight?

So many people are aiming that it is simple to get popular on the TikTok platform. We agree that it is true when considering other old social media platforms. This is because TikTok has a unique algorithm that does not count on the number of followers but rather the engagement where the newbies get a chance to go viral s well as long as they hit the jackpot.

When your content resembles what the audience is watching, the TikTok algorithm will rank them on the FYP section o that they become accessible much faster. But the fact remains that you cannot obtain a million followers within a night on TikTok, even with such aspects in mind.

Here, you should not get confused and misunderstand us. You can wake up in the morning and get one of the clips you uploaded has gone viral, and the local magazine needs to spot you or interview you. But remember that it takes the work of multiple TikTok videos to get to this level, and not just a single video on TikTok can take you viral.

Therefore, when you want successful go viral, try to match the number of videos you share with your audience with the viral success to get to the juicy spot on the platform. You might be asking how to go about it.

You can refer to the above tips relevant to your case and go viral in no time. It will take you time and effort to gain overnight success on TikTok. Your success will be determined by your time on the platform and your creativity.


Getting famous on TikTok is not an easy journey. It takes your effort, creativity, and dedication to jumpstart the journey as opposed to other social media platforms. And based on the TikTok algorithm, people are rewarded based on the content reach and engagement level.

The above article discusses some reliable strategies to help you get famous on TikTok and bolster your journey. Get time, and start the journey today without giving up, and in the long run,  your effort will count and see success overnight.

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