Increase Your Instafame with Subtitles

Did you know adding subtitles to your Instagram video increases views, likes, shares, comments, and followers? If we got you curious, check out this article.

What catches your attention when you are looking for interesting Instagram videos? You might not realise this, but captivating subtitles are one of the main features of a video that leads viewers to almost instantly understand what the video is about, and this indeed is an important factor in “catching” your audiences’ attention.

Subtitles will increase comprehension of your video, and unlock a new interactive layer that opens the door wide open for your audience to engage with and bring your content to life! This is what really increases the number of views, likes, shares, comments, and followers on Instagram.

Advanced computer technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), has made it possible to easily add automatically generated subtitles to your video in a matter of minutes.

Let us embrace you with valuable knowledge on how come subtitles are a game changer for your Instagram success and give you a few tips on how to optimise and use your subtitles to their full potential.

Muted Instagram Videos

Muted Instagram Videos

Did you know that nowadays most videos are watched on mute or with the audio volume decreased? It is not that people don’t care about what is being said in videos, but rather an outcome of the digital world where videos are often watched in public spaces, for example at the cafe, or at the gym, and where people mute or decrease audio volume to keep respectful and discreet towards others around.

So how are you going to get your message across when your viewers cannot hear you? How can you engage the conversation and invite viewers to interact? You simply add subtitles to your videos. This way you unite the audible and visual content to make sure that your viewers can “hear” you, even when there’s no sound on.

Studies show that adding subtitles to videos leads to a better comprehension of, attention to, and memory of a video. That means you’re on your way to enhancing your overall video success. In fact, you can increase your engagement rates by up to 80%. And who wouldn’t want that!?

Create an Inclusive Instagram

Not everyone intentionally chooses not to hear your video. As it turns out around 1 in 20 people around the world are affected by hearing difficulties that complicate the understanding of for instance videos.

To be more precise this number encounters 466 million people worldwide – a number expected to increase significantly. In excess of this 2.5 billion people are thought to have some degree of hearing loss. You can make sure to include all potential viewers by adding subtitles to your videos.

International Influence

Have you ever dreamed of reaching an international audience? Your content might be relevant to many more than just the ones of your native language, so why not make it accessible to more people? By adding translated subtitles to your video you can customise your content to be approachable for, for example, non-native English speakers, or the other way around – you can add English subtitles to videos with different spoken languages.

Consider the nationality of your target audience, and customize your videos accordingly. This is your chance to reach more nations and expand your audience.

Amplify Your Instagram Content with AI Software

Technology has revolutionised the way we edit video content, and AI's automation capabilities are a hot topic right now. By utilising AI to generate subtitles for videos – anywhere from seconds to hour-long videos – content creators now have yet another powerful tool in their hands, and it’s allowing them to spend more time focusing on what truly matters: creating great stories!

AI software is nothing like human intelligence, yet it can still accurately transcribe speech into text with an accuracy of up to 98%, transforming the tedious and time-consuming task of subtitling videos. In only 20 minutes for a 2-hour-long video or in just a few minutes, if dealing with shorter videos, AI has eased the way subtitles are made by applying its powerful speech recognition abilities combined with neural network algorithms to automatically transcribe subtitles.

When it comes to translating text and subtitles, it is a known fact that the accuracy of AI translations is still not quite up to par compared to human translators. This comes down to languages being full of characteristics and compositional complexities, where one word can have multiple meanings depending on the context.

Non-AI translation software translates words without taking into account their composition or structure while advanced AI translation algorithms consider such elements along with syntax and grammar when forming sentences. As each use adds to the AI’s ability to “learn”, the translation models gradually become more precise over time – something other non-human methods cannot achieve!

While AI translation hasn’t come to replace professional translators' work with bigger publications, it definitely can assist translators’ work as well as be a sufficient translating tool for content creators on Instagram and other social media platforms.

For the matter of adding subtitles, AI software is already a very appreciated and successful time-saving and cost-efficient tool among content creators.

Tips to optimise your subtitles

Tips to optimise your subtitles

#1 Subtitles have to be easy to read. Therefore, consider the font, size, and position of your subtitles. Use a big font size and position your subtitles at the bottom of the screen to avoid them clashing with other captions and pictures on the screen.

#2 Keep your subtitle cards short – no longer than 42 characters! For a smooth read-through, break up the lines where it feels natural to do so.

#3 Make sure your video content and keywords correspond well! Maximize the potential of your video content with finely-tuned keywords embedded in your subtitles. Help viewers find their answers quickly, while also keeping them hooked – subtitles and videos should be tailored to provide a seamless journey through your page that keeps visitors engaged every step of the way!

#4 Recycle your subtitles as descriptive keyword captions.

Want to ensure your video stands out? Descriptive captions and hashtags with the right keywords will give your video a boost in Instagram's search ranking system. Give yourself an edge by downloading your subtitles for a quick and easy way to select all those juicy phrases and keywords you need for your video captions. This is what we call recycling content!

#5 Add descriptive subtitles and captions to your video thumbnail and preview. The video thumbnail is the front picture that represents your video and is basically what decides whether viewers are going to turn toward your video or not. A video preview is a little part of the video showing before viewers have actually clicked on it.  Hence, other than choosing an eye-catching picture and a good preview part, it is equally important to add subtitles and captions to ensure clarity of what your video is about.

#6 Style your subtitles and influence your brand. Why not make a difference when you have the chance? Give your subtitles a personal look that resonance your brand. The look of your subtitles can radiate a message and a meaning, just like the look of your clothes.

Ready, set, subtitles!

Now that you know how to engage your Instagram followers using subtitles, there’s no reason to look back to before you couldn’t auto-generate subtitles. Be creative and have fun adding subtitles and other features to your videos using the best AI subtitling and video editing software.

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