Must-Have Tools for Instagram in 2023

Starting as a social network, Instagram is now turning into a money-making platform where you can sell goods and services at no risk. Influencers and entrepreneurs monetize their goods and courses after they attract a loyal audience around their content. The main question is:

How do you grow your IG from zero to monetization? And how do you make the process of running Instagram more straightforward?

The answer is – you n

Update - 2020.10.20
eed to try online services that facilitate marketing, sales, and content management on Instagram.

Instagram marketing tools What are these tools? Keep on reading this insightful review to uncover instruments that prosperous Instagram entrepreneurs use. I’ll bet these services will help you to boost your organic audience and streamline your content production. The good news? Most of these tools are free.

The List of Best-Working IG Tools 2023

Hashtag Generator

If you are looking for genuine followers, I think you've heard about the power of hashtag marketing. These words work like SEO keywords for Instagram. If you don’t want your posts to disappear, use hashtags in every post. The only thing you need to remember is that you can't repeat the same hashtag set from post to post. But it's time-consuming to research new hashtags for every post or Story, right? Here it would be best if you had the Hashtag Generator.

Related organic hashtags

One of the best tools I've found on the web is the Ingramer Hashtag Generator. Compared to the similar services on the market (Instavast, Hashtagify, AllHashtags), this hashtag generator is more robust at a better price. Furthermore, it is based on AI algorithms that make the research simpler. Here are the benefits:

  • Copyable hashtags suggested by Instagram. While some IGers are looking for hashtags via the app, they can't copy them in one click. This tool shows you the same hashtags, but you only need to tick the boxes of the ones you want. It’s that simple.
  • Include several keywords in search. Do you need more precise results? Or maybe your keyword has many synonyms? List them all with commas in the search bar, and the finder will analyze all these words. The hashtags will be more targeted and niche, so you can drive more interested people to your account.
  • AI mechanism for search. If you want to find hashtags without using keywords, you can search by image or link. The smart system will scan your image and will show the most relevant hashtags tied to the photo.
  • Insightful data. For those who need more information about hashtags and use them as a part of marketing strategy, Ingramer has hashtag analytics. When you click on one tag from the suggested list, you are redirected to the statistics page. It's handy to view what posts are using a hashtag and how often they are uploaded to determine if it's relevant and worthy.

Are you still doubting that hashtags can drive an interested audience to your posts? Look at the numbers from the IG Insights for a post below – they show that the vast majority of people reached the post through hashtags.

IG Insights for a post

When you choose hashtags on Ingramer, you will see that they are sorted by volume – this number indicates how many posts are showing up on IG with the hashtag. The Hashtag Generator says you need to include hashtags from various groups in a certain proportion. Also, every assortment of hashtags should be unique.

  • How much? $19/month. You can copy free hashtags from trends. They are arranged by niches.

IG Downloader

The next tool Insta marketers will need is the downloader for media in original quality. The tool is free, it works fast, and it can really improve your content strategy. For instance, you can repost the reviews your customers leave on their accounts. Many business accounts and influencers use images and videos by photographers in their feed to make it more aesthetic.

Insta marketers tools

What type of media can you save? Save anything that is posted on an IG public account. Keep posts, stories, Instagram TV clips, and IG profiles. The images and vids will appear in 100% original quality on your device.

Keep an eye on this tool if:

  • You repurpose content. If you need to share IG media across other socials, this tool is what you need. You can download an IGTV clip and reuse it on your website or in a Facebook community. Also, you can do the reverse and download someone else’s content to post for your audience.( Remember to tag the original account.)
  • You want to store your images. Sometimes Instagrammers want to delete their profiles, but they don't want to lose the memories. So, you can download profiles via Ingramer, and the media appears on your phone or computer as an archive.
  • You need to save valuable content. Do Insta bloggers sometimes share receipts, tutorials, or interviews that you don't want to lose? Keep them with you forever by downloading via Ingramer.
  • How much? Free. Additional instruments like Profile Downloader start at $1.

Instagram Fonts Generator

Unique fonts for Instagram are getting popular. If the in-built Insta fonts don't seem attractive, you can generate fonts that will better showcase your style. Ingramer has a free fonts creator which is similar to some other tools you can find online. But I appreciate the preview option – you can analyze how a font will look on a mobile device.

How can you use the IG fancy fonts?

  • In your name section. A catchy name will attract more page views. People notice accounts with such names among the viewers of their Stories.
  • In your bio section. When users come across your profile, they make the decision to follow you from your bio. Emphasize your value in a stylish font.
  • In your copy. Do you think not many people read your captions? You can make them more engaging by writing a headline in a different font. Use bold and italic fonts to highlight the main words in texts.

Note: When using new fonts, focus on 1-3 varieties. Also, the characters should correlate with your account aesthetics.

The Fonts Generator is super easy to use. Simply paste the piece of text you need to style with a new font, view the result, and copy if you like it.

  • How much? Free.

Profile Analyzer

The Analyzer of profiles is a necessary tool for those who cooperate with influencers and those who need to monitor top profiles in their niche. The insights you get will help you fine-tune your IG strategy. Here is why:

  • Activity metrics. You can monitor if a profile is trendy and valuable – simply view the engagement rate.
  • Best time to post. If you understand that it matters what time you post but can't determine the best time, you can look at your competitors. The Analyzer will show you the most popular times and exact calendar.
  • Trendy content. When you look at top IG profiles from the app, it isn’t obvious what type of content makes them likable. But the Profile Analyzer shows these top posts so you can take away the best ideas.

Analyzer of profiles

Automated Stories Saver

The next tool I want you to know about is the anonymous Story viewer that can automatically keep every new Story of the profile you are interested in. These Stories will be collected on your Ingramer account. It's handy that you don't need to track it every day.

My final word

Regardless of whether you use Instagram for making money or just for fun, these Ingramer tools will help you attract more engaged followers, and make your content more searchable and trendy. These top tools can uplift your performance without any effort. Try them now while not so many IGers have yet discovered them.

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