How to Find Someone’s IP Address

Have you been trying to find someone's IP address, and it seems impossible? Well, it will only take a few minutes, and you will have all you want at your disposal!

Numerous surveys show that many people are confident that their IP addresses are safe. Most people believe that the only people who may get hold of their IPs are internet service providers.

Trust me; they are wrong.

The fact remains that anybody with little to no technical computing knowledge can find, view and track your IP address. Although it may not be advisable to sniff out someone’s IP without permission, it doesn't change the fact that it does happen, and it is pretty easy.

So, now that it's clear how easy it is to get an IP address, you must be wondering how this can be done. In this article, we take you through some ways people use to get IP addresses without the owners knowing.

Top Ways To Find Someone’s IP Address


Using IP Grabbers

Many sites can enable you to get hold of someone's IP address. Websites such as Grabify and IP logger can give you the IP you need in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is create a link of interest to your target and send it to them. Once they open the link, you will identify their IP address and even track them down.

The best part about this is that you could use something like a picture. The moment your target opens it, you immediately get their IP. This trick is hard to suspect and very convenient.


Use Command Prompt

Find IP Address Using Command Prompt

Using a command prompt is also another very efficient way of getting a person's IP address. However, you have to start up a conversation with the target whose IP you want to unmask.

Before you proceed, ensure that all running apps on your device have been disabled. Only display the IP addresses that you may need. You can send a chat to the target and establish a conversation; And, you can execute the command one by one: ‘win+R', ‘cmd', ‘netstat –an', then you will uncover their IP address.


By Using Email Headers

Using email headers is another easy way of getting someone's IP address. Interestingly, some email service providers attach the IP address of the sender to the title. This makes it easy for anyone to smoke out more information about the sender.

However, most email service providers such as Gmail no longer attach the sender's IP on the email header. Instead, they connect the IP address of their email server.


Borrowing Someone's Computer or Smart Device


Borrowing a smart device or computer from the target is essentially one of the easiest ways t get their IP address. Although you need to gain trust from the target, the moment you get hold of their device, getting the IP address only takes seconds.

On the device, open the browser and go to Before you know it, the IP address of their computer or smart device will pop right up, and your mission will be a success. However, you must ensure that the owner doesn't suspect you. You can do this by clearing the search history after getting hold of the target's IP address.


By Using a Wireless Network

online IP scanners

In recent years, technology has had a tremendous revolution. It is a common thing to see most people using wireless networks to access the internet. This is an incredible innovation but also comes with its own limitations. It is simple for someone to remotely control your computer or mobile device using a wireless network. This means that getting an IP address using the same method is far much more accessible.

If you are using a similar router with your target, you can check who is connected to the network. Most routers display your public IP address; this makes it simpler to get hold of your target’s private IP. If you cannot get their IP address using the router, you can use online IP scanners which make it simpler to generate the IP address you need.


Using Web Beacons

email bug

Using email HTML bug is also a convenient trick to getting someone's IP address. A bug is not some virus or has any adverse effects on your device. Instead, it is a code attached to an image that you may include in an email.

If a target opens the bug, you receive feedback that the sender has read your mail. It also provides their IP address, and just that way, you have details about their IP address. Many service providers assist people in setting up email bugs; a good example is


Web Server Logs

Web Server Logs

Did you know that whenever you visit a website, you leave behind your IP address? Well, now you know. An IP address enables you to access the internet; this means that the web servers have to take records of visitors' IP addresses.

You could use a website server to get the IP address of someone who occasionally visits the website. To get such information, you need to have access to the website stats and database. That means that you may want to do some little digging to get a specific IP address.


From Internet Forums

Internet Forums

It’s no doubt that most people on social media are on multiple internet forums. They may be there for many reasons. However, apart from sharing the topics you discuss, there is not all that you leave; your IP address also gets saved in the forum.

If you are an administrator of such an internet forum, you can check on members' IP addresses. It is one of the easiest ways to get hold of someone's IP address and doesn't require many skills.


From Blog Comments

Blog Comments

It is common to see bloggers putting an option for comments at the end of their blog posts. You may not know that you are giving the blogger information about yourself by commenting on the post.

Just with a few keystrokes, the owner of the blog can be able to unmask your IP address. This proves to be an easy trick to getting someone's IP address without them even knowing.


Using Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps

As discussed earlier, your IP address is your internet pass; it allows you to access web servers. The same thing applies to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viper, and telegram. Although your IP is invisible to the one you are messaging, it can be seen through links.

The moment you click the link sent to you through a messaging app, the website gets hold of your IP address. Websites that create trackable links such as and can help you send a link to your target and get their IP address.

Why They May Want Your IP Address

By now, we know just how an IP address is essential in sending and receiving information on the internet. However, there are a couple of reasons why someone would want to get hold of your IP address.

Although sensitive information cannot be revealed through your IP address, it can still be used against you. Hackers have a way of tracking down people's IP addresses and using them for malicious activities. Here are some of the things one can use with your IP address.

Someone can get your location

access your location

When anyone gets your IP address, they can access your location. This can pose a considerable threat, especially if you are on social media and have posted on going on a vacation. Criminals can use this information to find your location and break into your home. All they will need is a little more digging to find your home address and accomplish their mission.

An IP address can be used to hack your device

hack your smart device

Ports and IP are essential for internet connection. Criminals can use your IP to hack your smart device and find all the information they want. They can remotely control your device or even install malicious software that can be used for criminal activities. This could end up incriminating you on actions you aren't guilty of and expose your IP address.

Someone may impersonate you

steal your details

When someone knows you and your name, they could use an ISP to get your IP address. This could lead to a massive impersonation that gives the attackers a chance to steal your details.

Employers may track your activities

track your activities

When using your work device or computer, it is easy for your employer to know your IP address. This gives them an upper hand to track your online activities, which may limit your online privacy.

Criminals could frame you for their illegal activities

online illegal activities

This may seem scary, but it is pure truth. Protecting your IP address is essential, especially from hackers. Hackers can do a lot of unlawful activities and attach your IP address to it. This is mainly to protect themselves from being traced to what they have done.

If you are not careful, you may find yourself in trouble for something you didn't do simply because your IP address was hacked!

How Can You Prevent Your IP Address from Being Tracked?

Now that you know how your IP address can be tracked and the reason for it, let us look at how you can protect your IP from being unmasked. Here are some simple hacks you can use to protect your IP from landing in the wrong hands.

By Changing Your Privacy Setting

Changing Your Privacy Setting

It is essential to change your privacy setting in all your messaging apps to ‘private.' You also have to ensure that you do not accept calls or reply to messages from unknown people. Messaging apps are the most popular tools used by hackers to gain access to people's IP addresses.

Frequently Update Your Firewall and Router

change your router password

It is common for people to get hacked using routers, and their IP addresses getting tracked remotely. To avoid this, you should change your router password and set up a strong one. That way, it will be hard for hackers to gain access to your device.

Use a VPN

Use a VPN

Having a VPN is one of the best ways to hide your IP address. It works by encrypting your online connection and completely masking your IP address. To make it better, it bypasses internet server filters and blocks third parties from accessing your IP address.

VPNs also cover your online activities so that they may not be traced back to you. This provides a massive layer of security, thus ensuring your online life is controlled by only you.


Although hiding your IP address may not seem important to many people, it may have tremendous effects. Therefore, you should use any necessary measures to ensure your IP address remains anonymous. Hiding your IP will protect your online activities and your personal information from being used for criminal activities.

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