Best FREE Rainerland alternatives & Similar websites

You are ready to watch some online free movies, but the site that you used is down! Are you wondering, what are some of the free movie streaming providers that are still working in 2022?

There are many online solutions when it comes to watching movies for free, and we will mention only the best ones that are reliable, free, and good reviews! If you were a fan of Rainerland, then you will find your best alternative here for sure!

What happened to Rainerland?

Rainerland was one of the biggest providers of free online streaming movies, but if we're to visit it today, you would be redirected to movies123! Since the new law about the copyrights emerged, sites are going down every day.

So, the best way to be sure that you will have all free movies at your hand is to know all of the alternatives out there. We understand that some of the best providers like Netflix, HBO, or Hulu are not free and that you need to pay a monthly subscription!

online streaming movies site like Rainerland

Still, there are many free providers of online streaming movies that are more than. All of them are safe to use, and most of them are updated regularly so you can be sure that your favorite movie or perhaps the TV show will be waiting for you there. We will give you all of the needed information about sites, and in the end, you can choose which alternatives work for you.

Here is our list!

1. Movies 123

Movies 123

This provider is great because it functions as a third party site! Here you can find all of the online streaming site's content in one place.

It also works as a link for all websites that are currently down or inaccessible because of the regional issues! The database is huge, and most of the links function correctly with good loading time.

2. Ymovies


If you are keen to binge-watching some of the best TV shows in excellent resolution, then Ymovies is the best solution for you. There are many shows in HD resolution, and most of the links are working fine; loading time is excellent, and the only problem you may have is some annoying ads! Still, with a couple of clicks on the ‘'x” button, you will be able to watch your favorite shows for free!

3. Putlocker9


Putlocker9 is the alternative link for Putlocker! It has the same content, but here it can be accessed by anyone in the world. There are no region restrictions!

The number of movies is continually growing, and most of the users are satisfied with Putlocker9 services. There are some ads, but not too much, the loading time is excellent, and links are usually working.

4. LookMovie

LookMovie is similar to CouchTuner! This provider has a large number of both movies and TV shows. The quality of the video may sometimes be unreliable, but still, it is free and safe to use!

If you are searching for some site for binge-watching a TV show, then LookMoive has it. On the other hand, if you are interested in just watching some old or new movies, they got you covered! It is updated weekly, and most of the content works well.

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

If you want movies downloaded to your computer while watching, then Popcorn Time is a perfect alternative for you! This famous movie and TV show provider has the PC app that searches for a movie or TV show much more comfortable.

All of the films are connected to torrent files, so you will be downloading the movie by watching it. Some of the movies may load slower than others, mostly because of the number of seed/peer. Still, there are no annoying ads, and everything is free!

6. IceFilms


IceFilms is yet another popular online movie streaming site that offers its content for free! Here you can find various new and old TV shows and movies that you can watch in good quality. The quality of the video is usually marked, so you don't have to worry about watching something in a blurry or CAM video. The number of categories is vast, and you can search for a movie by the year of release, genre, name, country, etc.

7. Vex Movies

Vex Movies

VEX MOVIES is perfect if you are searching for the HD quality of the video! The website is free and offers HD quality in both movies and TV shows. There is also an option of streaming your film and providing the other users with it! There is a large number of satisfied users who prefer using SeeHD instead of any other online movie streaming provider.

8. 1337x


1337x is another great alternative for Rainerland! The main focus is on movies that are regularly updated with new content! You could find even your favorite TV show here, but the update of the episodes may be slower here than on other sites! So if you are planning on binge-watching some older TV shows, this provider may be the best alternative for you!

9. Los Movies

Los Movies

When it comes to updates, Los Movies is one of the best movie streaming providers out there! Los Movies offers the TOP 100 movies category where you can find the most viewed movies and decide which movie to watch! There is also an update notice where you can read about when the new episode of the TV show will be uploaded or when will new movie arrives on Los Movies!

10. Space Mov

Space Mov

If you are interested in most new content on the internet, then Space Mov is a great solution! This provider has mostly best-rated movies in a good quality video. If you cannot wait for better quality, you can always watch new movies in the first quality available! All in all, it is an excellent alternative for Rainerland.

11. FMovies


FM movies can be an excellent alternative for Rainerland! Most of the content is available in excellent video quality! This provider has a wide range of satisfied users and good reviews. There you can find all of the oldies and new movies and TV shows. There is also a list of new movies as well as suggestions if you are not sure what to watch! Everything is free and safe to watch, and the only problem you may encounter is some ads, but not too much.

12. Project Free TV

Project Free TV

Project Free TV has a lot of satisfied users worldwide, and most of its content is functioning without any problem.

There are some ads that you have to close, but not too much. The loading time of the video is good, and most of the content comes in good quality video. What is even better, it is 100% free and easy to use! It has a wide range of satisfied users.

13. Movie House

Movie House

This provider is linked with some of the most famous sites for free streams of movies and TV shows! It can help you a lot in finding a perfect movie. There is a calendar where you can see which movie will be streamed on which site. Pick a movie and you will be provided with more than one link to it! The only downside is the ads that you need to close!

14. Two Movies

Two Movies

Many users consider Two Movies to be one of the best alternatives for Rainerland! This provider boasts with the number of shows and movies that are available in good quality and even better loading time. So whatever genre you are interested in, you will find it here for sure. The site is regularly updated with new movies, so you don't have to worry, your films are probably already there waiting for you!

15. Stream Dream

Stream Dream

Stream Dream has a lot of categories! If you are not sure what to watch tonight, you will easily find the best movie for you! You don't need registration, choose a movie, sit back, and enjoy it for free! It has a lot of content that is for children and family watching, which are more than excellent! All of the content is free and safe to use! So, you don't have to worry about anything except several ads that need to be closed.


Before deciding who is the best provider in your opinion, we suggest that you try out all of these alternatives for Rainerland and then decide which one is perfect for you!

Keep in mind that most of these sites have ads and be careful and sure that you closed them all before you start watching movies. All in all, most of these sites have similar content but may differ in quality or number of ads. Thank you

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