Top 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites in 2023

Find the top social media sites to connect  with friends and grow your audience.

1. Facebook


Facebook is a well renowned global social networking website with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. Facebook has proven to be one of the world’s most valuable platforms for discovering and building connections with various and a countless number of people. The media app allows several categories of people ranging from private individuals to business owners, large and multinational organizations to search for friends, or create awareness.

The ability to build relationships, closely target an audience, deliver ads, maintain a contact list, upload and save pictures, establish group chats, comment, share information, etc. are many but a few features that have gotten millions of users glued to the platform.

2. YouTube


YouTube is a vast online video-sharing platform. It now has over 2 billion active monthly users worldwide uploading, watching, rating, sharing, reporting, and commenting on a wide range of user-generated and corporate media videos.

Although media firms like the BBC presents a few of their programs on YouTube, a larger percentage of videos are often uploaded by private individuals for personal interests while large production organizations also use the platform to grow audiences.

3. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a messaging and voiceover app with about 13 billion monthly active users. The platform helps its users with an easy system of transmitting text or voice messages, making a series of calls, sharing photos, files, etc. with individuals and entities.

In short, the application allows for easy connection with both young and old individuals, corporate organizations, government agencies, etc.

4. Messenger


Messenger is an instant messaging service with packed features such as the ability to send text, pictures, and videos, make voice or video calls, share location, share information, etc. that has got about 12billion monthly active users glued to the platform. The app makes it easy to message almost anyone even without being friends or having their mobile numbers.

It helps reach a wide range of people with information, products, or services.

5. WeChat


WeChat is a standalone mobile app with over a billion monthly active users. It is regarded as an “app for everything” mainly because of its wide range of functionalities that include messaging, socializing, mobile payment, etc. This has made the platform one of the world’s largest social media apps in use by individuals and organizations.

The super app also allows for voice and video calls, use of emojis and narrative stickers, QR capturing and coding, geolocation searching, blog postings, etc

6. Instagram


Instagram (nicknamed IG) is a typical image and video sharing social media application that allows its users to upload content that can be filtered or organized by tags and hashtags. It also enables users to share searchable content openly or with specific followers. Interestingly, it is almost impossible to remember a time before Instagram.

Instagram was discovered to also be an aid to business owners and not just for individuals or personal interests. According to Instagram's site, quite a number of promoters and standard organizations make use of the site in diverse creative ways.

7. QQ


Tencent QQ or simply QQ is an instant messaging software and web portal with about 850 million active monthly users today. The majority of users (individuals, small and major brands) consider this an outstanding platform for sharing information amongst a specified group of people who share similar interests. It is also used as a great marketing tool, especially with its amazing features.

8. Tiktok


TikTok is the latest trend in social media today with over 500 million active monthly users from different parts of the world. Generally, the app creates a unique platform for its users to express themselves while creating, sharing, and exploring music, art, and talent in videos of not more than 60 seconds.

While the app can be really full of fun for young people, it can also come in quite handy for business owners and companies.

9. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China presently with about 370 million monthly active users today. The platform has immensely been of great help to different categories of users ranging from private individuals to entrepreneurs, companies, offices, etc.

Here, members are registered and allowed to upload images, send direct messages between followers, view trending posts, post stories, like posts, use emoticons, stickers and so on. In short, it has become the main platform for important political and social discourse in China.

10. Reddit


Reddit is a social news collection, discussion, and web content rating website that provides an opportunity to communicate, discuss, and collaborate with professionals from various fields interested in sharing business and industrial knowledge.

Reddit is also a media community that lets its user's rate posts submitted by others.

11. Twitter


Twitter is certainly one of the widely used networking platforms in our world today, with over a hundred million daily active users. The app is randomly used by teenagers, youths, grown individuals, professional, public relations teams, marketers, local businesses, large and multinational organizations, government agencies, etc. These users gather stories of trending news and events, follow and then communicate with individuals or organizations that post relatable contents.

It is also a very swift and valuable platform for growing, advertising, and creating business awareness with promoted tweets and hashtags.

12. Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is an online community that integrates numerous functions that now attracts over 300 million monthly active users. The platform links people to people with similar interests. It is a top social media platform for sole proprietors, small, and even major brands. Typically, users are able to search or create topics of interest (bar).

It deliberately encourages participation and facilitates discussions among adults and even young users.

13. LinkedIn


This is an employment and business-oriented platform loaded with about 294 million monthly active users who are mainly professionals (both recruiters and job seekers). They are allowed to create profiles, grant endorsements, and recommendations. It is categorically an app for everything career, brands, and business.

A platform where recruiters upload job opportunities and job seekers who put out their CVs link up to establish professional relationships. The app suits different sizes of businesses, individuals, freelancers, etc.

14. Viber


Viber is one of the very first free messaging apps created in 2010 with about 260 million active monthly users presently. The app focuses more on calls compared to other similar applications. It also provides several businesses with a system that could fit perfectly into the business depending on the size.

Many organizations use this platform because it allows business management to transmit and communicate with clients using standard phone numbers.

15. Snapchat


This is an interactive media app with over 255 million monthly active users The app has grown from initially focusing on direct-picture sharing to currently exploring stories and brief ad-supported posts from several people, brands, and organizations. Snapchat is simply a camera and messaging device that connects people to families and friends.

Like many other social networking apps, the platform is a mixed bag through which individuals and corporate entities can engage other individuals or entities. It is a simple way to reach and maintain a global audience.

Social media is underrated in most parts of the world today but quite a number of people who have been able to take advantage of these platforms using associated features find and build paths that align perfectly with personal and business models.

The system in itself, has numerous activities eased up in various fields and in fact, has served as a plus particularly during the 2020 world pandemic.

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