What Things to Look For While Buying A Fridge?

For many generations, refrigerators have been viewed as the boxy, dull behemoths of the kitchen. Purchasing one used to be quite easy because there were so few alternatives on the market. Well, times are different now.

As a result, there are now a growing number of colour and style options available, as well as cleverly designed units that blend in with your decor and a variety of new smart features, such as those that are intended to completely transform your kitchen by serving as both a refrigerator and a hub for entertainment.

It's fun to find the latest refrigerator because of the wide variety of models, colours, and features available. Bringing your new refrigerator home and discovering it doesn't fit or that the door doesn't open far enough for the crisper drawers might quickly turn your enthusiasm into a headache.

You may pick the greatest style and features for your needs and budget with the assistance of a knowledgeable appliance salesman. But here are some ideas to think about that most likely might not be covered in the shop.



These days, the gap between the lowest and highest capacities in the latest refrigerators has widened exponentially. The size of your household should be taken into consideration when choosing the size of the refrigerator since it will affect how much food you can store in it. A 263 to 364-litre refrigerator should be adequate for a family of 2 to 5 persons.

A refrigerator's capacity is expressed in litres. Generally speaking, one may continue to add 50 litres for each extra family member.


Refrigerators are not designed to fit standard-size holes in the cabinetry, unlike other appliances like stoves and dishwashers. One could be the proper width, but you might later find out it's too tall. Before you go shopping, measure the width and height of the refrigerator area and make a note of it to prevent surprises on delivery day.

For straightforward installation and sufficient ventilation, provide at least an inch of additional room on both sides of the refrigerator. Additionally, confirm that the new refrigerator will pass through kitchen entrances.



When acquiring any new item, pricing is a crucial consideration. Before making the new purchase, carefully consider your financing options and budget.

Based on your needs, make a preliminary estimate of the amount of money you wish to spend. Don't overspend on a larger refrigerator that you don't require. The fridge should be easy on your budget and your electricity costs because it is a necessary item for your house.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Using the Energy Guide stickers, compare the annual energy costs of the latest refrigerator you're considering. A new, energy-efficient refrigerator might also be worth considering if you know how much it costs to run your current model.

This can be calculated by multiplying the sticker's “estimated annual electricity use” in kWh (kilowatt-hours) by the price of your electricity per kWh. The energy efficiency of appliances is indicated by star ratings or EER (Energy Efficiency Ratings).

The higher the star rating, the more energy-efficient they will be. Calculate your model's annual electricity consumption (kWh) to get a deeper understanding of this.

You can save around Rs. 300 annually on the latest refrigerators with a 1-star rating, while Rs. 800 on the latest refrigerators with a 2-star rating. With a 3-star rating, you can save as much as Rs 1,200 per year, and with a 4-star grade, you can save as much as Rs 1,500 every year. The annual savings could be as high as Rs 1,800 with a 5-star rating.

Defrosting: Direct Cool Vs Frost Free


Every refrigerator needs chilly air to circulate inside its sections. Direct cooling alternatives manage this circulation naturally and without assistance through convection.

This method's uneven distribution, which causes ice to accumulate in the refrigerator, is a big drawback that requires manually defrosting the refrigerator at regular intervals. These refrigerators are inexpensive and use less power, which is one benefit of this technology.

However, the latest samsung refrigerators are frost free which infers there is no frost or ice to contend with. These freezers use electric fans to distribute the chilled air in an equal fashion.

With this technique, ice cannot build up inside the sections, protecting the food from freezer burn. Their use of fans, however, makes them more expensive and consumes more electricity than direct-cool refrigerators.


To keep up with the development of the IoT, the latest refrigerators come with a tonne of smart capabilities like efficient compressors, water/ice dispensers, adjustable shelves, voltage stabilisers etc.

Integration with smartphones is one thing, but some versions also have their own enormous screens that show tasks, calendars, pictures, movies, and other content. Reputable brands like Whirlpool, Samsung or LG 4-star refrigerators etc. are all set to offer premium latest refrigerators without much of a pocket pinch.

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