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YourPrivateProxy is a famously known proxy seller and is one of the oldest proxy selling playform on the internet. They provide HTTP/HTTPs protocol proxies as well as the Socks5 Proxies.

They have been selling proxies on the internet for a really long time now and have been the trendsetter in the proxy business for over 10 years! Overview

YourPrivateProxy is currently providing two types of proxies on their website.

  • Datacenter Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
YourPrivateProxy DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
Socks5 ProxyYes
Speed1000 Mbps
Multiple CitiesYes
Multiple SubnetsYes
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24/7 Ticket Support + Live Chat

YourPrivateProxy Review

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YourPrivateProxy provides fully anonymous and elite proxies for their customers. Their proxies are really secure and anonymous with blistering speeds and smoothness. The proxies that you buy from YourPrivateProxy are activated instantly after purchase and you can proceed to use them without worrying about anything at all. You can also test their proxies for use before buying them first hand for a better experience as well.

YourPrivate Proxy Details

They provide a lot of locations for their proxies and hence give a wider choice to their customers when choosing the location of their proxies. They provide both USA based locations for their proxies as well as several other international locations.

Their website layout is a little out of date and looks like an older version of websites, but it is super easy to navigate through. They also offer video tutorials on their sites if you can't work out your things on the website. They have a ticket support system and usually reply within 12 hours.

YourPrivateProxy is providing both types of Authentication methods for their proxies namely IP Authentication along with Username and Password Authentication. Having both types of authentication methods makes it easier to access your proxies from anywhere whilst having better safety of your proxies as well.

YourPrivateProxy provides proxies which work on most of the websites on the internet and they have surely made a huge customer base for themselves. With their fast and secure proxy connections and dual authentication methods, YourPrivateProxy has surely made their names in the hall of fame of proxy sellers!

YourprivateProxy Pros

YourPrivateProxy was founded back in 2009 and is one of the oldest proxy providers on the internet. Following are the advantages that you will receive upon using the proxies provided on their website.

High Price. Even higher Quality

YourPrivateProxy is one of the oldest proxy providers on the internet. They have been providing proxies on the internet for a very long time now, Almost ten years! The quality of these proxies surely speaks for the higher price that MyPrivateProxy has put on its proxy packages.There has been various debates about the price-quality relationship of MyPrivateProxy on the internet.

Although the price of the proxies that they are providing may seem much higher than many of their competitors on the internet, we must never forget the fact that the quality of their proxies is one of the best on the internet as well.

Only a handful of proxy providers on the internet provide such good proxies. With high quality comes at a high price. But paying a high price for an even better product seems noble.

Versatile Datacenter Mapping

YourPrivateProxy has a very vast network of data centers which have been placed in the USA as well as many international locations as well.

Datacenter IPs location

Currently, they have over 21 US-based locations which can be used for their proxies. Moreover, they are also providing international locations for their customers. Following are the locations provided by YourPrivateProxy.

USA Locations

Los AngelesCA
New JerseyNJ
San JoseCA
Charlotte NC
Las VegasNV


International Locations


Unlimited Bandwidth

All proxies that you buy from YourPrivateProxy comes with Unlimited bandwidth. This means that you do not have to worry about any sort of data limit when you're using the proxy, and you can use the proxy to the fullest. Most proxies come with a bandwidth limit, and once you finish up on that limit, you cannot use the proxy anymore. In the case with

There's no such thing as a Limited Bandwidth. There are no restrictions when it comes to using your proxies limitlessly. You can use your proxies as much as you want, provided that you pay for them each month.

Authentication and Refreshing IP's

YourPrivateProxy is a really old and experience Proxy providing service, and like all good proxy services, it comes with a dual authentication method. YouPrivateProxy currently Supports both types of authentication methods ;

  • IP authentication
  • Username/Password Authentication

This provides you with a better approach to your proxies whilst adding mobility and flexibility as well. You can easily authenticate your proxies with either of the methods indicated above without any problem at all.

Moreover, YourPrivateProxy comes with an option to refresh your proxies every once a month. Although their proxies come with fresh IP's, adding an option to randomize the IP address every once a month provides an extra layer of security as well.

Blistering Speeds and Better Uptime

YourPrivateProxy provides blistering speeds on their proxies with 1000+ Mbps server speeds. Having a greater server speed ensure the better quality of the proxies which provide a smoother experience once you start using the proxy on the internet.

SquidProxies provide faster speed on their worldwide servers which makes their international customers a convenient way to choose their proxies and get the proxy speed they want

Better Proxy Packages

YourPrivateProxy is currently providing two types of proxies on their website that you can choose from. They provide a lot of proxy packages under the two categories “Datacenter Proxies” and “Residential Proxies”, both are the Dedicated IP Proxies!

Following are the proxy packages that can be observed on their website.

Datacenter proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
1 proxyYesYes$6.97
3 proxiesYesYes$14.97
5 ProxiesYesYes$19.97
10 ProxiesYesYes$29.97
20 ProxiesYesYes$53.97
50 ProxiesYesYes$99.97
100 ProxiesYesYes$199.97
150 ProxiesYesYes$299.97
200 ProxiesYesYes$399.97


Residential proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice / Month
1 proxyYesYes$9.97
3 proxiesYesYes$26.97
5 ProxiesYesYes$39.97
10 ProxiesYesYes$74.97
20 ProxiesYesYes$139.97
50 ProxiesYesYes$324.97
100 ProxiesYesYes$599.97
150 ProxiesYesYes$899.97
200 ProxiesYesYes$1199.97

US residential IP proxies

Trial period and Customer Support

One of the many features of YourPrivateProxy is that they allow you to test their proxies for a time period of 24 hours.

This ensures that you are getting the proxies that you are paying for and helps new customers in checking the quality of the proxies before they buy them.

If for any reason the buyer does not like the proxies and wishes to get his money back, He can easily contact the website and get his refund in 24 hours without any fuss.

Proxy Support The Customer Support of YourPrivateProxy is great, and they have a ticket based support system. You can easily contact their website support at any time you want. They have the policy to respond back to queries in less than 12 hours, so you won't be having any problem with the support system.


YourprivateProxy Cons

Paypal Only

YourPrivateProxy is only supporting PayPal only as their purchase method and do not support any other payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Bitcoin, etc.

This proves to be a major disadvantage of YourPrivateProxy as you cannot buy their proxies if you're present in a country that does not have PayPal. If you live in such a country, you might have to look for another proxy provider besides this one.

Old Website Interface

The website of YourPrivateProxy has a really old website user interface and hasn't been changed much since the time of its foundation. This represents the laziness of the owners of the website as not much work is being done to make the website look better and make it easier to understand for its customers

Do we recommend YourPrivateProxy?

Yes, we definitely do. YourPrivateProxy has established itself as the leading company on the internet when it comes to proxies and VPN's.

YourPrivateProxy gets a really good rating on sneaker proxies for the quality and speed of their dedicated proxies. The lack of bandwidth constraints and the ability to randomize your IPs monthly is very commendable.

They have thoroughly changed the proxy industry since their launch 10 years ago and have a large customer base across the world.


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