Reasons To Avoid Free VPN Providers

When there is something available for free then why would you spend money on it! A VPN service is no exception, and there are a lot of free VPN services out there waiting for a user, who will use the VPN and then they will pry upon the user. Let me tell you free VPN services is a part of a false economy and below I will make an attempt to explain why you should avoid free VPN services and rather pile up some cash to buy a paid VPN service, and protect yourself from any hassle in the long run.

Normally paid VPN services costs around $5-10 for a month and you must have realized that by now if you have been looking for a VPN service. Now since this is3 quite burdensome in the pocket, you may already have picked a free VPN service. And you must have asked yourself the million dollar question, why pay for something if it is available for free?!! Right.

Problems With Free VPN Services

The first question you should ask yourself is that how the free VPN service providers must be funding their services?!! The business of running a free VPN is expensive, and it needs resources and funding to establish servers all around the world in order to run the VPN smoothly. And because it’s a free VPN service then obviously it’s well utilized and must be quite popular as well. So how do they fund their free VPN services?

The simple answer to this question is that the VPN service provider is selling you in some way or in other words, it could be said that ‘your usage of their VPN service’ is the payment even when you don’t realize that.

How Free VPN Service Providers Use You For Their Service

  • The first and the foremost concern is that the VPN service providers sell the anonymous or maybe not so anonymous data usage logs of the users to their fixed buyers or Govt. agencies. Then the data is used by advertisements agencies or the govt. to analyze your surfing habits, and thus, they formulate their policies accordingly.
  • Secondly, the free VPN service providers inject yours with unwanted advertisements that I am sure you are well aware of if you have used a free VPN service. So bombarding you with advertisements is their second source of funding.
  • Third reason as to why should avoid free VPN service providers is that free VPN services are not secure enough because they are generally running on outdated protocols while providing you with the bare minimum of services. So better avoid free VPN services in order to protect yourself from hackers and other security threats.
  • The fourth method of by which the free VPN service providers run their service is by feeding on the bandwidth of their free users, so whenever you are connected to a free VPN, in return the VPN is using your resources to provide services to other users.

Spend Some Money and Avoid Using Free VPNs

I have explained the reason as to why you should avoid free VPN services, and I hope the reasons are sufficient and concerning enough to make you buy a paid VPN service. Here I will also recommend HideMyAss VPN, which provides their services at a very reasonable price featured with unmatched support and easy to use VPN service.


As the saying goes ‘every shiny yellow thing is not gold’, the same goes for free VPN services, and you should avoid free VPN services for the reasons that I have explained above. I hope my above-made attempt will be helpful in making you understand the dangers of free VPN services and why you should avoid free VPNs.