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BlazingSEO is one of the most popular and used proxy providing platform which is used by hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world.

They provide some of the best proxies and VPN's on their website and have surely made a huge impact on the proxy industry.

BlazingSEOLLC was started by a single person roughly 7 years ago and has turned into one of the biggest proxy platforms on the internet. Now the online company has more than 40 people working.

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Currently, BlazingSEO is providing the following proxy packages ;

  • Dedicated Proxies
  • Semi-Dedicated Proxies
  • Rotating Proxies
BlazingSEO DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
Socks5 ProxyYes
Speed1000 Mbps
Multiple CitiesYes
Multiple SubnetsYes
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24-Hour Ticket Support + Live Chat

BlazingSEO Review

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BlazingSEO has been providing quality proxies at a very minimal price relative to its competitors in the proxy industry. They provide the best features for their proxies and have gained thousands of customers since the time of their foundation. Moreover, The price per proxy goes much lower as the proxy plans get bigger and drop to $0.91 at the highest proxy plan!

blazing proxies

BlazingSEO provides HTTP/HTTPs and SOCKS protocol proxies. Their proxy location options are diverse, and location for your proxies can be chosen from 8 different countries. That being said, They have more than 19 different locations in the US alone. This gives the customers a wider range of choice when choosing the best location for their proxies.

They provide unlimited bandwidth usage on their proxies so you can easily use the proxies as much as you want without worrying about data usage. BlazingSEO provides fully anonymous and elite proxies for their customers.

Their proxies are really secure and anonymous with blistering speeds and smoothness. The proxies that you buy from BlazingSEO are activated instantly after purchase, and you can proceed to use them without worrying about anything at all. You can also test their proxies for use before buying them first hand for a better experience as well.


BlazingSEO is providing both types of Authentication methods for their proxies namely IP Authentication along with Username and Password Authentication. Having both types of authentication methods makes it easier to access your proxies from anywhere whilst having better safety of your proxies as well.

BlazingSEO provides proxies which work on most of the websites on the internet, and they have surely made a huge customer base for themselves.

With their fast and secure proxy connections and dual authentication methods, Proxy-Seller has surely made their names in the hall of fame of proxy sellers. Proxies are usually used today for marketing and SEO purposes, and as the name suggests, BlazingSEO provides proxies which are perfect for the job!

BlazingSEO Pros

As stated by BlazingSEO, They have been in business for over 7 years and have made a huge customer base. They provide all the essential features for proxies and have a really easy to use website interface. Following are the advantages of using BlazingSEO.

Flexible Proxy Service

BlazingSEO has been in the proxy business for over 7 years and has been providing the best proxies in the market. They have thoroughly changed the proxy industry and provide quality proxies at a reasonable price. Since the time of their foundation, They have been providing the best proxies at the best price point. They have an up-to-date website with some of the best website interfaces.

BlazingSEO has proved itself to be a very flexible service which has been adapting to the changes in the online proxy community to serve for a better purpose. They provide all the essential features that an ideal proxy provider can provide, and they provide all of this at a reasonable price. Unlimited bandwidth, SOCKS protocol proxies, Multiple locations and hundreds of Different subnets. You name it; They have it.

Diversity In locations

BlazingSEO is providing locations from 8 different countries around the globe. This specific diversity in the location of the proxies provides a huge benefit to the customers as it provides them with a wider range of choice so they can choose the best location for the proxies.

While they have locations from eight different countries, They provide a handful of different locations which are scattered throughout the USA. Following are the locations which are provided by BlazingSEO.

USA Locations

Los AngelesCA
New JerseyNJ
San JoseCA
New YorkNY
Des MoinesIA
San JoseCA
Las VegasNV

blazing location blazing location

International Locations

United Kingdom

Authentication and Refreshing IP's

BlazingSEO is a really old and experience Proxy providing service, and like all good proxy services, it comes with a dual authentication method. BlazingSEO currently Supports both types of authentication methods ;

  • IP authentication

  • Username/Password Authentication

  • A dual authentication method can be useful in several situations and provides you with a faster way to access your proxies, And since BlazingSEO is providing both types of authentication of their proxies, It implies that BlazingSEO is all about providing the right features for their proxies.
  • But it doesn't end here, BlazingSEO provides you with a “Proxy refresh” refresh. In a nutshell, BlazingSEO offers you to replace your old proxies with new ones after the end of each month, so you always have fresh proxies for usage!


Faster Speed and Better Uptime

BlazingSEO provides blistering speeds on their proxies with 1Gbps + server speeds. Having a greater server speed ensure the better quality of the proxies which provide a smoother experience once you start using the proxy on the internet. BlazingSEO provides faster speed on their worldwide servers which makes their international customers a convenient way to choose their proxies and get the proxy speed they want.

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the best features of BlazingSEO is that they provide unlimited bandwidth on their proxy packages. Whatever their package may be, You can use the proxies to your hearts content. Their proxy packages are mainly based on the number of proxies you buy, unlike many other proxy selling services which price their proxies based on bandwidth limit.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads

Affordable Proxies

BlazingSEO provides the best proxies at the most affordable price. Currently, they are offering 3 different types of proxy packages which are as follows ;

Semi-Dedicated Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice/Month
5 proxiesYesYes$02.50
10 ProxiesYesYes$05.00
 25 ProxiesYesYes$12.00
50 ProxiesYesYes$24.00
100 ProxiesYesYes$46.00
200 ProxiesYesYes$92.00
1000 ProxiesYesYes$210.0

Dedicated Proxies

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice/Month
5 proxiesYesYes$06.00
10 ProxiesYesYes$12.00
 25 ProxiesYesYes$29.00
50 ProxiesYesYes$58.00
100 ProxiesYesYes$114.0
200 ProxiesYesYes$228.0
1000 ProxiesYesYes$550.0


Rotating Proxies (Datacenter IPs)

PackageMultiple CitiesMultiple SubnetsPrice/Month
5 proxiesYesYes$11.00
10 ProxiesYesYes$21.00
 25 ProxiesYesYes$50.00
50 ProxiesYesYes$100.0
100 ProxiesYesYes$200.0
200 ProxiesYesYes$390.0
1000 ProxiesYesYes$970.0

Trial period and Customer Support

One of the many features of BlazingSEO is that they allow you to test their proxies for a time period of 48 hours. This ensures that you are getting the proxies that you are paying for and helps new customers in checking the quality of the proxies before they buy them.

If for any reason the buyer does not like the proxies and wishes to get his money back, He can easily contact the website and get his refund in 48 hours without any fuss. However, This trial version policy is only limited to a few plans in the proxy packages.

Reputation of Blazing SEO

The Customer Support of BlazingSEO is great, and they have a ticket based support system. You can easily contact their website support at any time you want. They respond to queries as quickly as possible and solve the queries of their customers.

BlazingSEO Cons

Spamed IPs

Blazing proxies are mainly get from the cheap datacenter, I tested it 90% of their proxies are good for Instagram! So you must be careful their proxies, If the proxies are working, it's worth the price, if not stay away asap!

Paypal Only

BlazingSEO is only supporting PayPal only as their purchase method and do not support any other payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Bitcoin, etc.

This proves to be a major disadvantage of Blazing proxies as you cannot buy their proxies if you're present in a country that does not have PayPal. If you live in such a country, you might have to look for another proxy provider besides this one.

Do we recommend BlazingSEO?

BlazingSEO is one of the cheapest and well-known proxy providers on the internet. They have been in business for more than seven years and have surely made their grounds strong in the process.

BlazingSEO has made huge improvements throughout the years and has surely changed our outlook on the proxy industry, however, their IPs are not so fresh, it's not the good choice.


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