HideMan VPN Review: Total Security, Anonymity, P2P, Torrents & I2P

The latest Virtual Network Provider in the market that has got everyone talking is the Hideman VPN presented to its clients by Hideman Ltd, which is a London-based company established in the year 2011. With servers located in a total of 22 countries worldwide, Hideman optimises the VPN experience with excellent features.

You can use their services to connect to any of the locations provided by them. Say you want to set your IP address in the USA – Hideman helps you to do so and thus tricks the virtual world into believing that you are actually located in the USA. This helps most bypass internet restrictions that are abundant in many countries worldwide.

Although suited to most Operating Systems, their Android application has gained immense popularity. Along with Android, they have spread their services to the widely used platforms of Windows and iOS. After you establish a VPN connection using Hideman, all traffic from your device is routed through a ‘tunnel’ that adds a layer of security to your connection that prevents snooping from outside sources. The connections also get encrypted by a 256-bit encryption algorithm.

So, what else is there to look forward to? Just scroll down this review to quench your curious thirst!

HideMan VPN Features

Features of VPN

  • As discussed in the introduction, the availability of multiple operating systems is a known fact by now. Out of all the platforms supported, the Android version is the most stellar and favoured.
  • Available on both Windows and Android platforms, are UDP and TCP connection modes. The latter is more stable than the former but in matters of speed the former is more reliable.
  • They also have an anti-DP mode, a special kind of connection that doesn’t have any signatures and hence can’t be tracked by DPI systems.
  • Users can download torrents without facing any kind of location-based restrictions, from more or less any source on the internet.
  • Access to both Tor and i2P websites is provided.
  • It blocks any kind of malicious publicity material like advertisements which might cause harm to your device. By banning banner ads for games and other services, it saves bandwidth of as much as 25%.
  • There aren’t any bandwidth restrictions.
  • There aren’t any restrictions on speed too except for the ones availing the free accounts. In fact, the speed of the premium servers is good enough to stream HD movies and allow the usage of P2P applications or let users play games online.

HideMan VPN Pricing

Pricing of VPN Coming to the prices, it’s an excellent treat to see that Hideman is free for up to 5 hours a week. This free usage comes with certain limitations – one of them being the fact that it doesn’t allow you to access more than five countries and has a bandwidth cap of 512 kbps.

As for the paid accounts, there are various subscription plans that you can avail. It allows you unrestrictedly to use the VPN services on three devices at the same time. The rate for Android is much cheaper than the ones meant for Windows users.

For paid accounts, the company has the utmost respect for privacy and makes it a point not to maintain any logs on your whereabouts.

Location and Performance

Already discussed previously, Hideman offers location services in a whopping 22 countries all over the world. And given the huge acceptance that they have been receiving, they are planning to take it forward. The list of countries include the following – 6 servers in the USA, Australia, probably 2 servers in Canada, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany (currently 2 servers), Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong SAR China, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands (currently 3 servers), Panama, Russia (currently 2 servers), Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom (3 servers here too).

Location and Performance

Free account users can, however, avail only 5 such locations while P2P activities are limited to a few countries – “The countries in which torrenting and peer 2 peer activities are allowed include the Netherlands, Russia, Panama, Ukraine, Sweden, Hong Kong, Moldova, and Turkey.”

Customer Support

Hideman is immensely interactive and offers quite a few platforms from where users can raise their concerns. You can contact their representatives through a live chat forum which is available only during business hours if you need immediate assistance. Otherwise, you can consider contacting them through email or through chat devices like Skype.