Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) Review

The Nike Shoe Bot not only supports the Nike store, but also has good compatibility with many footsites and Shopify stores, increasing the chances of getting your favorite sneaker in unlimited tasks, all in all, Nike fans can't miss the Nike Shoe Bot.


Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) is a premier and reliable bot that you can afford to miss if you’re in a sneaker copping business. NSB is user-friendly, secure, effective, and always up to date. Its name shouldn’t deceive you because NSB works in a wide range of online sneaker retail platforms and not Nike stores alone.

Additionally, the bot is compatible with some of the best proxies in the market so that users can enjoy online freedom and anonymity. You need to use a reliable residential proxy when coping sneakers to avoid cases of order cancellations and IP address ban. This review provides you with crucial information that you wanna know about NSB so that you can make a wise decision. Just keep reading!

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Nike Shoe Bot (NSB) Review

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Nike Shoe Bot overview

Its Pros

Support for multiple sites

Nike Shoe Bot on multiple sites

One of the key advantages of using Nike Shoe Bot is that it works on multiple sites. The fact that its name is “Nike” doesn't mean that you can’t use it in other online stores. The truth of the matter is that you can cop sneakers from over 100 online retail platforms using NSB.

Are you surprised? Nike shoe bot is no doubt a leading bot that is compatible with many sneaker sites, if not all. Some notable sites that you can use the bot include Adidas, Footsites, Supreme sites, and YeezySupply among others.

Fast multi-threaded task

Nike Shoe Bot Support for Fast multi-threaded task

Nike Shoe bot is super-fast and comes with a multithread support features. This means that you can easily multitask and take advantage of limited edition sneakers from several sites. You can use NSB to buy pairs of sneakers from different online stores concurrently and experience no delays.

Most importantly, each transaction is processed as a separate thread and sellers can never trace you. When it comes to speed, you can never go wrong if you use NSB to cop sneakers. The bot is very fast and you are always ahead of other buyers, especially if a site is experiencing high traffic or in the case of limited edition sneakers.

Supports both Win and Mac

Nike Shoe Bot on Win and Mac

Another superior feature of the Nike shoe bot is that it supports both Windows and Mac devices. If you’re familiar with bots, you already know that most of them are compatible with the Windows platform only.

Well, that shouldn’t worry or limit you if you use Mac and iOS devices because you're sorted if you get a Nike shoe bot. Just get your bot and you're good to go. Additionally, don’t need to run NSB on a virtual machine when using MAC devices.

Utmost Privacy and security

Nike Shoe Bot Privacy and security

Security and privacy is key when buy products from online stores. Therefore, you should go for the Nike shoe bot if you wanna enjoy utmost privacy and security when copping sneakers from online stores. NSB is very secure they keep users’ confidential details private.

For instance, the service provider ensures that forms that you fill about your personal address and payment details are safe in their server. The fact is Nike Shoe bot doesn’t compromise the safety and privacy of its users. Just know that you are safe when using this bot and nobody can steal or interfere with your data.

Sensor Cookie Generator

Nike Shoe Bot Sensor Cookie Generator

You don't have to worry about cookie-protected sites when using Nike shoe bot, unlike other bots. Here, everything is sorted under one roof. NSB comes with a free and effective sensor cookie generator. Therefore, it quickly and automatically generates cookies for sites that need them so that you can shop for your sneakers stress-free.

Shopify function

Nike Shoe Bot Shopify function

Do you love copping sneakers on the Shopify platform? Then worry no more because the Nike shoe bot comes with a unique Shopify function. For instance, the bot enables users to bypass Shopify checkout queue during high traffic and limited edition sneakers.

Nike shoe bot also has a cyorg3.0 feature that serves as an anti-bot bypass. Thus, you can never experience order cancellation and ban when using NSB.

Its Cons

It’s expensive

Nike Shoe Bot cost

Nike Shoe bot isn’t for you if you’re working on a limited budget. This bot is expensive than other popular bots out there such as AIO. You need to pay a yearly fee of $ 499 to use NSB in your sneaker copping business. This makes it one of the most expensive bots.

However, that shouldn’t discourage you from buying NSB if you can afford it. The bot comes with  unique features that you can use to take your sneaker copping business to greater heights.

Slow Response from Customer service

Nike Shoe Bot customer service

Another problem that you have to deal with is a slow response from customer service. Nike shoe bot says their customer service is available is 24/7 but that isn't the case. Sometimes you have to wait longer for customer support to respond to your queries.

Nike Shoe Bot uses email as it means of communication with users. Unfortunately, you can wait for more than a day to get a response from their customer support team. Sometimes they reply when it is too late.

Can't sell the bot

We all need products that you can buy, use and resell when we no longer need them. Why keep something that is of no value to you? If you’re one of the people, who resells products that they no longer use, Nike Shoe Bot isn’t for you.

Once you buy this bot, it becomes yours and it is tied to your discord account. For that reason, you can’t resell NSB irrespective of the fact that you have to dig deep into your pockets to acquire it.

Do you recommend it?

I highly recommend the Nike shoe bot to anyone in the sneaker copping business if you can afford it. The fact that the bot has several cons shouldn’t discourage you from going for it. Actually, NSB comes with numerous benefits that you can’t afford to ignore.

For those in the sneaker copping business, you can cop as many sneakers as you want using NSB in a very short time. All that you need is to order your bot on their website,  and you are good to go.


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