15 Best Sneaker Bots of 2024

Are you looking for the best sneaker bots to use for copping sneakers? Read the full guide to know about the best sneaker bots to use online!

We have all heard about the Limited Sneaker releases that are initiated by many top shoe brands of the world like Nike, Adidas, and many others. We also know that these sneaker releases are only available for a short period, and copping sneakers during these releases is hard.

This is because there are hundreds of thousands of people that are just sitting on their computers and waiting for sneaker releases so that they can cop the new sneakers for themselves. In this situation, it's hard to get the new sneakers as the editions are limited as well as hundreds and thousands of people are trying to get sneakers for themselves.

A lot of people use bots for copping these limited-edition sneakers. These bots are commonly known as “Sneaker Bots“, and these bots are flaming the online market as hundreds of people are using these bots to cop the new edition sneakers.

Let us start with the basic to know what a bot is, What proxies to use with these bots and which are the best sneaker bots online.

NameWebsites SupportedAccountsUpdatesProxy Support
Cybersole250+MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
AIO Bot200+MultipleFree UpdatesYes
Kodai AIO100+MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Nike Shoe Bot (NSB)100+MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Another Nike Bot (ANB)70+ MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Project Destroyer (PD)150+  MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Sole AIO100+MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Balkobot20+MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Mek Robotics30+UnlimitedPaid UpdatesYes
Ghost AIO17MultiplePaid UpdatesYes
Splashforce40+UnlimitedPaid UpdatesYes
BNB – AIO30+UnlimitedFree UpdatesYes
EasyCop15+MultipleFree UpdatesYes
SoleSlayer4MultipleFree UpdatesYes
SoleSeekr5UnlimitedFree UpdatesYes

What is a sneaker bot?

A Sneaker Bot is a complex piece of very complicated software that is designed to buy shoes as soon as they are released on a website.

Since bots are faster at clicking and requesting, they can perform their designated work way faster than humans can. This is why people spend a lot of money on sneaker bots because it increases their chance of getting limited-edition sneakers when they are released. Bots are cool and complicated pieces of long codings of software and can be as expensive as $500.

This is because these sneaker bots can be used to buy and resell sneakers for personal benefits, so the companies that are selling these sneaker bots set their prices according to the features of their sneaker bots.

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How do these sneaker bots work?

A Sneaker bot takes advantage of the technology that is used by retail stores online to check if their website is running smoothly or not. The programming tool that these online retail stores is called “Acceptance test” and it checks all the problems in the online store website before releasing a new sneaker edition. These programming codes are complicated, and some of them are made of many numerical digits. However, some of these codes are only made up of ten numerics, and this is where the sneaker bots come in.

The most common tools that programmers use to write these codes are called “Selenium,” and that is exactly what sneaker bots use. It allows the sneaker bot to get access to the “Backdoor” of retailer websites and from there they can complete the checkout process of retail stores much faster than that of humans, so you have a greater chance of getting your favorite sneakers without worrying about anything!

What proxies to use?

The best shoe bots which are on the internet are all compatible with proxies, so that you can use these proxies to buy many sneakers for yourself, for your family and friends that do not have a sneaker bot, or if you wanna make some extra cash by reselling those sneakers.

If you're gonna be using a proxy, I suggest that you should only use dedicated proxies which have dedicated IP address for each proxy. The reason for using the dedicated private proxy is that you're gonna be the only one using the proxy, so only you're the one responsible for what you're doing on the proxy, unlike shared or open proxies, where multiple users are using the proxy at the same time and have really slower connection with latency. So if you're going to be using sneaker bots, you might as well use a dedicated proxy.

Now the residential proxies for sneaker sites are also another good alternatives to private proxies, read This post about “Residential Proxies or Dedicated Proxies” to know which type proxies much fit for sneaker sites and foot sites.

I recommend you use SmartProxy's residential proxies for shoe bots, there are lots of proxy provider which resell their proxies on Twitter! 

smartproxy 20% discount

How to choose the Best Sneaker Bot?

There are certain aspects that you must surely look out for when you're choosing a sneaker bot. You want to select the absolutely the best sneaker bot for you, and you don't want to mess up while you're picking a sneaker bot for yourself. That is because you're going to be spending a lot of money on sneaker bots, and if you're going to be spending hundreds of dollars a piece of software, you better make sure that that software is worth all your money.

One of the most important things to check when choosing a sneaker bot is that whether or not the sneaker bot has regular updates or not. We know that the shoe sites are continually changing and updating their websites to lock out the sneaker bots. It is crucial for the sneaker bot to have regular updates made by the website owners so that they can counter the changes made by them.

Pick a bot that is compatible with multiple foot sites out on the internet. You want to have a bot that is compatible with various online shoe sites so that you have more chance of getting sneakers on release. You just got to have a sneaker bot that is compatible with maximum foot sites out there. You also want to support a sneaker bot which supports multiple accounts. Using multiple accounts is essential if you are willing to buy many sneakers on the same website.

Another crucial point that you want to look out for a good sneaker bot is their Customer Support. Check their reviews on their website and also in different reviewing websites to check if they have good Customer Support. If you ever get in trouble with the sneaker bot, you need to have good customer support to help you out!

The last thing that you want to see in a good sneaker bot is if they provide proxy support, and this is the feature that separates the best sneaker bots from all the other bots out there. You will also be needing rotating proxies because IP addresses from data centers are most likely to get blocked out.

Top 15 Sneaker Bot Review & comparison

Now the real question arises. What are the best sneaker bots that you should use for copping? Following some of the best sneaker bots that you should use to cop those limited edition sneakers that you want!

Cybersole AIO Bot Homepage

You can never miss any sneaker release if you use the Cybersole bot to grab shoes from online retail outlets. However, it’s equally one of the most expensive bots in the market. Cybersole retails at £300 from its providers. If you decide to buy the bot from re-sale, you can pay up to $6600. Cybersole is in high demand because it's exceptionally successful on major sneaker outlets such Footsites, Shopify, Mesh, and Supreme among others. In general, the bot supports over 270 online retail stores where you can cop sneakers. This means that Cybersole is worth its price and you’ll eventually recover your money if you use it.

Its site reads, “Never miss another drop with Cyber AIO.”  That’s true. Cybersole is an “All in One” (AIO) and one of the fastest bots that you can find in the market. Many sneaker cops have used this bot and they have given positive reviews. The bot comes with superior features that make it a leader in the botting industry. Additionally, Cybersole runs smoothly and you don’t need expensive servers to perform several tasks concurrently. The bot is fully multi-threaded and works at “lightning speed.” This means that you can order your sneakers and checkout within seconds when using this bot.

Cybersole supports unlimited tasks and you can use it to cop hundreds or thousands of sneakers. Here you shop until you exhaust your funds. Another unique feature that users of this bot enjoy includes its New Captcha solver. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about security features set by various sites.  Cybersole also has a free mobile app (iOS and Android) for cops that would like to control the bot on the go. If you miss a sneaker release, you don’t have to worry when using the Cybersole bot. Its Restock Mode automatically waits for the next restock so that it can grab sneakers for you. Users of this sneaker bot also enjoy 24/7 top-notch customer support through Twitter and email.

No doubt, that Cybersole is a highly effective bot that's suitable for serious bot cops. I recommend you go for this bot if you can afford it. Don’t be discouraged by cost because Cybersole is worth its price. You’ll recover your money within no time if you use this bot to grab sneakers.  Besides, you can also make good money if you decide to resell your bot.

  • Supports Nearly all sneaker websites
  • Supports unlimited tasks
  • Extremely effective
  • Super-fast bot
  • Supports Windows only
  • Does not support Nike and Adidas

AIO Bot Homepage

Are you looking for a bot that you pay for once and use it forever? Then look no more, because the AIO bot is all you need. Once you buy this bot, it becomes yours forever. It will cost you $325 to buy an AIO bot and you can use it all you want. However, you need to pay $69 every six months to renew updates. If you don’t need the updates, you can continue using the bot, although it will be less effective. You can rest assured that you'll never miss any sneaker release using the AIO bot. Over 300000 people have used the bot to grab sneakers since 2014 and you can equally join the list.

AIO bot supports numerous online platforms (over 70 sites) that sell sneakers and it's super fast. They include Footsites, Finishline, Yeezy Supply, Shopify, Supreme, and more. Do you still doubt the efficiency of this bot. Well, just visit its Twitter and check over 10000 testimonials by cops who have used the bot in the past. You can also cop multiple hyped pairs using the AIO bot even if the site allows only one pair of shoes per customer. Users of this bot enjoy constant updates to make sure they are ahead of other sneaker cops. This means that you should go for the AIO bot if you wanna take your sneaker copping business to greater heights.

Users of the AIO bot enjoy reliable customer support to make sure they don't experience problems when buying shoes. According to the information on their website, users enjoy up to 3hr Avg. support reply time. AIO bot also comes with a Discord server and the Harvester generates Captcha tokens. Therefore, you don't have to worry about user-verification restrictions set by various sites that sell sneakers. You enjoy numerous features irrespective of the fact that it’s one of the most affordable bots in the market.  However, it is worth noting that the AIO bot supports Windows only. If you use a Mac device, it's good you look for another bot or use a virtual machine.

AIO is a bot worth buying if you don't want to keep paying renewal fees when botting. You pay once and the bot becomes yours forever. To top it all, the AIO bot is has a friendly UI, thus suitable for beginner sneaker cops. Its customer support is top-notch and you’ll always get a timely response for your queries

  • Has a captcha solver
  • Reliable customer support
  • Supports many sites
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Windows only

Kodai AIO Homepage

This bot is “An untamable cooking machine” for slaying all sneakers releases. The good thing about Kodai AIO is that it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the OS in your device when buying this bot. More so, you don't have to worry about competition from other buyers when using the Kodai AIO bot. Additionally, the bot enables users to overcome restrictions set by an online platform that sells sneakers. With Kodai AIO, you can acquire as many sneakers as you want during limited-edition releases.

The bot retails at $175 for the first 2 months and then $59.99/month to continue using it. However, Kodai AIO is out of stock most of the time and you have to go for re-sale. When it comes to using the bot, everything is straightforward and you don't have to be a tech guru to use it. Besides, you can watch a very educative Demo video from its website and run how the bot works. The truth of the matter is that you can never go wrong using the Kodai AIO bot. Its providers are committed to giving users an unbeatable experience as they cop sneakers.

If you're looking for a bot that has a proven success record, then Kodai AIO is all you need. Here you don't buy the bot to try your luck because you obviously get the desired results. The bot has over 200000 successful user checkouts and you can be one them. Kodai AIO comes with immense power and it’s very fast. The bot keeps evolving in terms of technology so that its users can remain ahead of other sneaker cops.  Its users also have access to a detailed dashboard where they can view various information about set-up guides and upcoming releases.

Kodai AIO is truly an all-in-one bot that can destroy releases in almost all sneakers retailing online outlets. Some of the retailer platforms where you can use the bot to grab shoes include Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Shopify, US Footsites, EU Footsites, Finishline, and JDSports. You also interact with Kodai AIO through Twitter and Instagram for regular updates and restocking.

Kodai AIO may not be the most effective sneakers in the market but it’s among the best. However, it’s among reliable sneaker bots that you can buy and get value for your money. The fact that the bot supports multiple sites makes it superior because you don't have to cop shoes from one platform or just a few. I recommend it to sneaker cops who are comfortable paying small monthly fees to use a bot.

  • Supports multiple websites
  • Supports Mac and Windows
  • Easy to use and friendly UI
  • Compatible with several proxies
  • Lacks 24/7 customer support

Nike Shoe Bot overview

This is one of the premier and the best bots in the sneaker copping industry. Nike Sneaker Bot was the first bot to be publicly available. Don't be deceived by the name because  it supports many retailers, not Nike only. It’s now an All in One Bot. If you're looking for a reliable bot with a high proven success rate, then NSB is all you need. Additionally, the bot works with many sneakers proxies and you’re free to choose the one that matches your needs. NSB comes with numerous features that make sneaker copping easy.

You can rest assured that you’ll never miss any kicks you want if you use NSB bot. However, you should be ready to pay $499 per year to use the bot. That is quite expensive but the bot is worth the price. NSB works with both Mac and Windows devices, thus you don’t have to worry about the OS in your computer when buying it. On top of that, the bot supports many retailers such as Adidas, YeezySupply, Footsites, Supreme and Shopify supported sites among others. It's also worth noting that NSB is user-friendly and you don't have to be a tech guru to use it. Therefore, the bot is suitable for both experienced cops and beginners.

Nike Shoe Bot comes with a billings tab where you can monitor your transactions and even edit billing profiles. You can also use the tab to set the checkout limit and prevent multiple billings from the same account. The bot also comes with a captcha solver that helps you to generate captcha tokens automatically before a release. That way, you don’t have to worry about account verifications set by online platforms that sell sneakers. You can also conduct several tasks concurrently when using NSB to cop sneakers. The bot has an Inject password function whereby you can enter a password in password-protected releases.

It’s indisputable that Nike Shoe Bot is a reliable and one of the best bots in the market. Therefore, I recommend that you buy it if you wanna dominate the market and sweep as many drops as possible. Nike is a pioneer in the game of botting and it’s a proven record of success. Many people have used it to grab limited sneakers releases and you can be one of them. The fact at NSB is expensive compared to other bots shouldn’t deter you from acquiring it. You can rest assured that you’ll recover your money within no time if you utilize the bot optimally. Remember that good things don't come free and NSB is one of them.

  • Regular updates
  • Cross-platform bot (Mac and Windows)
  • Supports many sites
  • Multithreaded and super-fast
  • Has a captcha solver
  • Expensive
  • Sluggish customer support


Another Nike Bot – AIO

AIO bot

We are all well aware of the fact that Nike keeps canceling and pushing back and canceling their sneaker releases. So it is hard to get a hold of the new sneaker releases online. Due to this harsh fact, the bots that were related to Nike aren't popular anymore. Now you cannot find the best-limited edition of sneaker on Nike, but instead, you have to find the limited-edition sneakers on other sites like Footlocker.

But don't you worry because Another Nike Bot has a lot for you. Another Nike Bot – AIO has finally expanded their services and has now everything you ever loved about it, with a lot more features. Now you can cop sneakers from other sites without having to wait for Nike to get back in the game.

Another Nike Bot was only compatible with one website – Nike. If you had owned Another Nike Bot, it wasn't had been of much use because of Nike canceling their sneaker releases all the time. Another Nike Bot – AIO, you can cop sneakers from a bunch of other sites as well, which increases your chances of getting that limited edition sneakers that you want. When you purchase, you can cop sneakers from Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champ Sports and more. it is compatible with various popular websites rather than being compatible with Nike only. Moreover, the sites listed above don't just ship to the united states only, they ship to various locations across the globe!

The best thing about this bot is that it supports 100 accounts. So it is really easy to use these accounts to buy sneakers for family and friends, or to buy many sneakers so that you can resell them and make an easy profit whilst sitting in front of your computer. You just need to advertise the service that you are giving and making cash will never have been much easier.

It also has a great feature that lets to create bulk accounts in a short period. This saves your time tremendously as it eliminates the work of making individual accounts. The more accounts that you have, the more chance you have to get that limited edition sneakers that you want in all of the internet crowd that is just willing to get their hands on those sneakers.

You can also use the auto-retry feature of the bot to keep retrying for sneaker purchases if the site goes down. As there are thousands of people using the website at the same time, the servers go down quite a lot. You can use the auto-retry feature to keep retrying for the sneaker purchase.

ANB – AIO has great customer feedback and has a lot of thousands of happy customers especially when it comes to copping Yeezys. Their entire website is dedicated to positive reviews from its customers. Their bot is easy to use, and their customer service makes it much easier to use. They quickly answer to your queries and your questions and get back to you, and a leading sneaker bot service on the online market.

  • Supports 100 accounts
  • Bulk account creator
  • Auto retry feature
  • easy to use
  • Great customer feedback
  • Updates cost $30 – $80

Projectdestroyer homepage

You can never go wrong using Project Destroyer (PD) to grab limited-release sneakers. The bot comes with amazing features and sophisticated technology that enable users to cops sneakers stress-free. PD is among the few older bots that have managed to withstand competition from newer bots. Its developers keep improving PD through regular updates so that users can continue to get value for their money.

One of Project Destroyer's superior features is that it supports over 200 sites. Some of the notable sites where you can use PD include Footsites, Nike, Supreme and Shopify, Yeezy Supply, and other custom Shopify sites. Thus, you can buy shoes on almost all online platforms using this All in One bot. Just reach then on Instagram and Twitter for more updates before making your payment and ordering the bot.

Users of PD bot enjoy its unique feature of account and proxy grouping. You can use the bot to group accounts and proxies that you wanna use on certain websites. That way, you can easily avoid cases of using the same accounts and proxies in a single website. PD also comes with a “Waterfall Monitor” that focuses on one keyword during a release and not all keywords entered. That way, it becomes difficult for websites to detect it when copping sneakers. Project destroyer has mass editing options that enable users to edit many tasks concurrently and save time. This feature makes the bot suitable for those who wanna acquire a large number of sneakers

Other unique features that users of PD enjoy include proxy delay switch, new captcha harvesting logic, cookie jar, custom ship rates, and discord webhook checkouts. The bot retails at $200 and you have to pay a monthly fee of $35 to continue using it. Unfortunately, PD is out of stock most of the time and you have to rent or buy a re-sale bot. If you’re planning to buy the bot from the re-sale market, be ready to pay up to $1200. Alternatively, you can rent it for about $50 on sites like Tidal rentals and Easy rentals.

Generally, Project Destroyer is a good bot although it’s as consistent as other superior bots. The bot is compatible with many sites, thus users enjoy online freedom when copping sneakers. I believe that the bot is good for beginners because it’s easy to use. For cops working on a limited budget, I recommend that you look for an alternative cheaper bot.

  • Supports multiple websites
  • Works on both Mac and Windows
  • Comes with mass editing options
  • Compatible with several proxies
  • Lacks consistency
  • High monthly renewal fees


Sole AIO

Sole AIO

The list of best Sneaker bots can’t be complete without mentioning the Sole AIO bot. This is an average-performing bot that you can use to grab limited release shoes. Sole AIO supports multiple sites such as Footsites, Adidas, YeezySupply, Shopify, Finishline, and Supreme among others.  Another unique feature that makes Sole AIO superior is its checkout links.  The bot makes mass entries into the checkout queue and you receive a notification link to your Discord once your transaction goes through the queue. That way, you don’t have to stay glued to your computer all the time to cop sneakers when using this bot.

You should be ready to part with £300 to buy Sole AIO bot and pay £125 every six months to access its updates. The bot is out of stock most of the time but you can get one from the resale market for as high as $2600. You can also rent it from bot renting websites if you can’t afford to buy your own bot. Well, this sounds expensive but you can easily recover your money if you use the bot well. You have to make payment in GB pounds and through a card.  For those using Mac devices, you should run the bot through Windows VPS because it supports Windows devices only.

The good thing about Sole AIO is that it comes with a friendly UI and it has a high success rate. You don't have to be a tech guru to use this bot and you can rarely go wrong with it. It also has a very educative and interactive Discord community where you can get quick help if you experience problems.  To be specific, this bot performs greatly on Adidas and Shopify sites. Therefore, you should consider it when shopping to bots if you intend to cop sneakers on the two platforms.

Do you have doubts whether Sole AIO is worth your money? Well, I agree with you that initially, the bot was mediocre. However, its developers have made tremendous improvements in the recent past to make Sole AIO one of the most reliable sneaker bots. The bot is a good choice if you’re a beginner sneaker cop. I can bet that the bot performs better than some overrate bots in the market.

  • Supports multiple websites
  • Friendly UI
  • Regular updates
  • Compatible with several proxies
  • High success rate
  • Supports Windows only
  • Payment is in GBP (£) only

Balkobot Homepage

This is a super-effective bot that you can use cop as many sneakers as you want so that you can re-sell them and make profits. Balkobot is an AIO bot because its supports multiple sites that sell sneakers. Some of the notable sites where you can use the bot include Shopify, Addidas, Footsites, Supreme, and Off-White among others. Please note that their site wasn't fully functional by the time of writing this review. However, you can follow them on the Twitter page or Instagram page for more regular updates.

The bot retails at $200 and a renewal fee of $40 per 6 months or $ 60 per 6 months or $360 per year. Users are free to choose a package that match their botting needs. If you can't afford to buy the bot or if it's out of stock, you can buy it from the resale market or rent it. Balkobot supports both Mac and Windows computers. This means that you don't have to worry about the OS on your computer if you buy this bot. Balkobot also comes with an analytics page where you can check your purchase history and another account status.

You can use the proxy of your choice and even create proxy groups without interfering with the efficiency of the Balkobot. The bot also supports multi-threaded tasks, thus suitable for copping many sneakers concurrently. However, you should remember to create a different profile and billing details to avoid order cancellation and IP address ban.  If you wanna make the bot more effective, you should use a strong computer and server. Users of Balko bot don’t have to worry about verifications requirements by various sites that sell sneakers because it comes with captcha solvers.

The presence of an analytics window enables users to see the summary of their successful and failed checkouts. That way, it’s easy to monitor your success with the bot and the amount of money you have spent. Balkobot has a proven success record with Adidas and Shopify. You can rest assured that you can't miss any sneaker release on the two platforms when using this bot. Users of Balkobot enjoy excellent support services as they cop sneakers. For instance, the bot has a reliable discord server where members learn everything they need to grow their sneaker copping business.

To sum up, Balko is highly effective and reliable bot. That's why the bot has high demand and is normally out of stock. Therefore, I recommend Balko bot to any sneaker cop who wants to take his or her business to the next level. Don’t be discouraged by its price because you can always recover your money if you use the bot well.

  • Regular updates
  • Support many sites
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with several proxies
  • Has a captcha solver
  • Very expensive (resale)
  • Rarely re-stocks

Mek Robotics Homepage

You can never go wrong in your sneaker copping business if you try Mek Robotics bots. The service provider is the brain behind the MEK preme bot and MEK aio. You have to choose the bot that matches your needs depending on platforms where you wanna grab sneakers and your financial muscles. However, I would recommend you go for MEK AIO if you wanna get superior services and everything under one roof. Mekpreme is designed for Supreme releases and you have to pay $168 to get it. You also have to pay $129 every six months to get updates and continue using the bot. The good thing about Mekpreme is that it supports both Mac and Windows devices.

MEK Aio is a bot for serious sneaker cops who would like to buy shoes in other retailer outlets other than Supreme. The bot is designed for slaying various online sneakers such as Shopify, Adidas, and Footsites among others. Just like MEKPreme, Mek aio also supports Windows and Mac platforms. It will cost you $300 to buy Mek aio. However, the price shouldn’t discourage you from acquiring the bot because you’ll eventually recover your money.

Mek Robotics has a return policy whereby you can return the item (Key License) and get a refund as long as it isn’t activated. However, you have to do so within three days after receiving it. You can also cancel an order and get a refund as long as the product hasn’t been shipped to you. Once you buy a bot from Mek Robotics, you get it within 2 business days.

Mek Robotics is committed to ensuring its customers get top-notch support when copping bots. You can reach them via email whenever you need some help. The service provider is committed to “Make Everyone Cook.” You can also join the list of successful and satisfied sneaker cops by using the Mekpreme bot or MEK AIO bot. However, I recommend that you go for MEKAIO if you wanna enjoy online freedom. If you only cop on Supreme, the MEKpreme is a good choice.

  • Support both Windows and Mac
  • MEKaio support many sites
  • Regular updates
  • Affordable
  • Mekpreme is not an AIO bot
  • Soldout most of the night

Ghost Homepage

You can grow your sneaker copping business using Ghost AIO, also known as Phantom. It will cost you $300 to buy the bot. Although the bot lacks top-notch customer support, it’s still reliable. One of the superior qualities of this bot is that it's easy to use. Thus, Ghost AIO is suitable for both experienced and beginner sneaker cops. The checkout software comes with superior technology that makes it easy to check out when buying limited edition shoes. That way, you can rest assured that you can never miss any drop when using this bot. However, you should use it with the right proxy to make sure you don’t experience order cancellation, account blacklist, or IP address ban.

Ghost AIO supports unlimited task support and it’s multithreaded, thus suitable for copping multiple sneakers concurrently. You can use the bot to cop as buy as many shoes as you want and only your wallet can limit you. The bot also supports major sneaker stores such as Adidas, Footsites, Finish Line, Supreme, and Yeezy Supply among others. Users of Ghost AIO get real-time notifications and they rarely miss any drop. You don’t have to worry about such annoying incidences because you get timely updates about your accounts when using the Ghost AIO bot.

Another special feature of Ghost AIO is that users have access to analytics support. That way, you can easily monitor your account. For instance, you can easily identify successfully and failed transactions when copping sneakers. Ghost AIO is a super-fast bot, thus suitable for grabbing sneakers during limited release. It supports both Mac and Windows devices. You can follow them on Twitter for more information and regular updates.

To be fair, Ghost AIO is a reliable bot and a good choice for anyone who wants to grow his or her sneaker copping business. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that the bot isn’t among the most popular bots. You can never go wrong if you use Ghost AIO effectively because it surpasses some overrated bots in the market. Just get yourself the bot and destroy release stress-free.

  • Supports unlimited tasks
  • Support major sneaker stores
  • Real-time notifications
  • Access to analytics support
  • Sluggish customer support
  • Soldout most of the time

Splashforce Homepage

The list of the ten best sneaker bots can't be complete without mentioning the Splashforce bot. The bot comes with amazing features that qualifies it as one of the leading bots in the market. Therefore, you should consider buying Splashforce if you’re looking for the next generation bot. It will cost you $300 only to buy the bot. You also have to pay a renewal fee of $60 after every six months. One of its superior features includes the fact that the bot supports many sites. Additionally, Splashforce is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. You can also handle unlimited tasks using the bot. Thus, the bot is suitable for copping large quantities of sneakers.

You don’t have to worry too much when you miss a sneaker drop if you’re using a Splashforce bot. The bot monitors every restock after the initial drop and you can use the opportunity to grab shoes that you missed. Users of Splashforce enjoy 24/7 free support via the Splashforce Discord server and its help center. The bot also comes with a detailed dashboard where you can view and manage tasks. You can use the dashboard to create tasks, create proxy lists and test the effectiveness of various proxies.

Unfortunately, Splashforce is out of stock most of the time due to high demand. Therefore, it's good to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for timely updates about restocks. You can also learn more about the bot by checking out reviews from others who have used the bot before you. That way, you can make a more informed choice whether Splashforce is what you need for your sneaker copping business. For those who can’t afford the bot, you can rent it at cheaper rates and cop sneakers like a pro.

Splashforce is among the leading bots that you can invest in and recover your money in a short time. Although the bot sometimes has drawbacks with some sites, its developers are quick to solve the existing problem. I recommend the bot to anyone looking for a bot that is easy to use and with a proven success record.

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Supports major sneaker stores
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Restock monitoring feature
  • Lacks consistency
  • Soldout most of the time

BNB all in one

Better Nike Bot was another great sneaker copping bot which was solely used on Nike to cop limited edition sneakers from the website. Unfortunately, Nike kept canceling and postponing their sneaker releases, which slowly made these Nike Only compatible bots out of the show. Better Nike Bot was beginning to lose their popularity, and the manufacturers figured out that they had to do something.

A better initiative was taken, and Better Nike Bot – All in one was launched. This bot was way better than the previous version and soon became popular among the sneakerheads.

This bot is compatible with most of the popular sites on the online market, so if you're looking for a bot that is mostly compatible with all of the store outlets out there, BnB is your choice. This sneaker bot is compatible with Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs Sports, Bodega, Deadstock.ca, NiceKicks, and more. The options with this sneaker bot are diverse, and increases your chance to get the sneakers you crave for!

The Better Nike Bot supports the usage and creation of unlimited accounts, so that's a great way to cop some new sneakers and make more cash out of it. You can use multiple accounts to cop more sneakers for family and friends and can also resell them to make some profit.

This sneaker but also supports proxies, and this is an essential point which cannot be stressed any further. You always want to buy a Sneaker bot which supports the use of proxies. Buy a bunch of private proxies and cycle them in your sneaker bot, so your identity is hidden from the online world at all times. You're also gonna need proxies if you have to buy many sneakers from the same site. Most websites put on a limit to how many shoes you can buy on the sneaker releases, and most of the time you can only buy one. Using a proxy, you can virtually change your IP address and buy more sneakers from the same website. This is why proxy support of a sneaker bot is very important.

The BnB Sneaker bot comes with an advanced keyword finder which makes it very easy to find the sneakers that you're looking for, on any website! The best feature about it is that it has a lifetime of free updates and the creators keep adding new updates to the bot to make it even cooler. You don't have to pay for the updates with this sneaker bot.

It also supports PayPal checkout so you can check out faster than any other billing method. This way, you can get sneakers faster. It also has a great feature where you can edit your accounts in bulk. It can be hard to edit accounts one by one and then proceed to buy sneakers. Whether you have a hundred accounts, using this feature you can edit all of them very easily and very quickly.

BnB-AIO costs $200 for a regular subscription and $600 for an Ultimate subscription. On the regular package, you get only one PC activation, while on the Ultimate package you get 3 PC Activation. You can add activations on both of the packages with additional costs.

BnB-AIO is a great bot and very easy to use. It has all the essential features that you need to cop those sneakers that you like, making it easier to cop sneakers better than ever. If you want to cop those sneakers, I suggest you should give this sneaker bot a try and check its feature for your self.

  • Supports Unlimited accounts
  • Bulk account editor
  • Easy to use
  • Lack of 24/7 customer support


EasyCop Ultimate is another great Sneaker bot that lets you cop sneakers from various sites on the internet. This sneaker bot packs a lot of great features for its customers and certainly is one of the best sneaker bots on the internet.

Most bots only work with a single website, but that is surely not the case with EasyCop UItimate. This sneaker bot works with various sites like Adidas, Foot Action, Foot Locker, East Bay, Champs sports, Jimmy Jazz and Finish line. They are constantly adding new websites to their compatible sites collection so keep checking if your favorite site is not listed above. Its adding new websites on a daily basis, so keep checking!

EasyCop ultimate has a lot of advanced features. This sneaker bot supports the usage of multiple accounts, so you can cop sneakers from various websites, and buy sneakers for other people as well that don't have bots to buy them. You can also resell them for profit as well. If you have the option of multiple accounts, you are more likely to get the sneakers that you want!

It also provides you with a FootSite Account generator that will let you create verified accounts for FootSites without you having to do all the work. It will automatically create verified accounts for Champs sports, Jimmy Jazz and other websites. This is a great way to save your time without having the pain to set up all your accounts for each site.

We all know that the limited edition sneakers all sold very quickly, and then people wait for the restock. EasyCop Ultimate has a restock monitor that notifies you before the restock is available on the websites. This is a great way as you can then get the sneakers you want on the restock sale before anyone else does.

With the Advanced Countdown Support, you can put sneakers in your cart before the sneaker release countdown hits the zero, and you will be able to check out and get your sneakers before anyone else does. This is a great way that you can get the sneakers you want before anyone else, and you have a higher chance of getting those sneakers that you want.

It also offers proxy support, which is an essential part of a great Sneaker bot. Since most of the websites only allow the purchase of one sneaker per IP address, you can use a private proxy to change your IP address and buy many shoes from the same website! You can also make the profit with this by reselling the boots for a bit higher price.

It has a lifetime of free updates, and you don't have to pay for updates like some other sneaker bots which is great. Updates are an essential part of sneaker bot as it can prevent them from getting shut down. The bot itself is very easy to use and has a whole range of customizable options.

Its a great bot and is worth trying if you're looking to cop your favorite sneakers. It has three packages which are $95, $225 and $495. Each of them has their features. I suggest you give this bot a try to see the possibilities of this bot that you can achieve on sneaker releasing sites yourself.

  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Restock Monitor
  • Automatic FootSite account creator
  • Advanced Countdown Support
  • Supports proxies
  • Have bad customer reviews
  • Lack of 24/7 Customer support


SoleSlayer is yet another great Sneaker bot out there that lets you cop your favorite sneakers on release days. It is also an advanced bot which has pretty good features. Although it's not as good as ANB – AIO, it is still in the competition and one of the best sneaker Bot online.

SoleSlayer only supports four websites:

  • FootLocker
  • Eastbay
  • Champs Sports
  • Foot Action

Although it doesn't support a lot of sites, it is still great for copping your favorite sneakers. You don't need to have a sneaker bot that supports more than 30 sites to cop your favorites sneakers.

It supports the usage of multiple accounts that is essential for a sneaker bot, and that is the point that separates the good from the best in the Sneaker Bot expertise. You can use multiple accounts to cop multiple sneakers from multiple sites on the internet. You can buy for family members or friends, or just in general to buy and then resell them for more cash. Having multiple accounts to use is essential, and SoleSlayer fills that requirement.

It also supports the bulk editing of multiple accounts. You don't want to edit all of the accounts that you have one by one. You need something that you can edit your accounts quickly and neatly, and SoleSlayer has that feature for you.

It can handles errors very efficiently. You can be out enjoying your day, and your Sneaker bot will be handling all of your problems for you. It has an advanced system of taste restarting and error management that separates it from the rest of the bots out there.

The bot itself is very easy to use, unlike some bots which have a really hard interface and hard to figure out. Even though it has a bunch of features, the bot is easy to use.

Once you purchase the bot, it comes with free updates for the rest of your life. You don't need to pay for an update. Updates are an essential part of bots as websites are constantly updating their programming to keep out the bots, and these bots require updates to overcome those changes!

Their customer support is great, and they are really popular on Twitter for interacting with their customers and engaging with them

The sneaker bot has four different plans which range from $150 to $550. The starter plan can run five tasks, the standard plan can run 20 tasks, and the business plan can run 50 tasks. The ultimate plan runs unlimited tasks!

SoleSlayer is a great bot to use and you can cop your favorite sneakers with it without having to worry about anything. If you're into copping sneakers, I suggest you should give this bot a try.

  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Great Customer Support
  • Bulk Editing of accounts
  • Free Updates
  • Supports proxies
  • Advanced Error Management
  • Only Supports four websites
  • Slightly difficult for beginners
  • Only for Windows
  • Slightly Higher price




SoleSeekr is yet another bot which lets you cop your favorite sneakers from some of the most popular foot sites on the internet. They have really good features and advanced technology for their bots. They are currently supporting only 5 of the major foot sites online which are the following.

  • FootLocker
  • Nike
  • Supreme NY
  • FinishLine
  • Eastbay
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One of the best things about SoleSeekr is that it supports the usage of unlimited accounts on its sneaker bots. So you have a better chance to cop your favorite sneaker from your favorite foot site! Using multiple accounts is an essential part of a great sneaker bot if you're going to be copping numerous sneakers for yourself, family or friends. You can also cop various sneakers to resell them for a tad bit of a profit

SoleSeekr uses Winsock technology for its bots. This means that their bots are ultra-fast and are even quicker than the chrome extension. That is a major pro of this bot as you can cop more sneakers without having lag issues or worrying about any other performance issue. With their Winsock technology, copping bots has never been easier!

They also support a multi-thread application which lets you run up to 1000 accounts at the same time! This feature of the bot is great as you can run multiple numbers of reports at the same time and synchronize them to cop more sneakers.

One another best thing about SoleSeekr is that they support a lifetime of free regular updates. Updates are a vital part of a sneaker bot and keep it running on sneaker sites. As these websites are constantly updating their websites, it is crucial to have regular updates.

They also support Advanced Countdown support, which means that you will be able to put shoes in your cart before the countdown of the sneaker release hits zero. This is great as you can cop sneaker before anyone else does!

SoleSeekr also has a great text and email notifying system, and they notify you via text messages and email when your sneakers are added to your cart.

SoleSeekr supports the use of proxies, has a very easy to use interface, and is a bot worth trying for. If you want to check more features of this bot, you can visit their site for more information. They have great customer support with a live chat option as well!

  • Supports Unlimited accounts
  • Great Customer Support
  • Free Updates
  • Supports proxies
  • Advanced account support
  • Only Supports five websites

Okay, that's all my experience on the shoe bots! All mentioned sneaker Bot that I used! But nowadays the Adidas and Nike SNKRS update so frequently, So lots of sneaker bots are not working anymore! So I would like to hear your opinion also, easily comment to let me know.

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