Soclean 2 Cpap Cleaner Review

If you are experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, you probably need a CPAP breathing device. Further, you should opt for a cleaner and sanitizer machine-like Soclean 2 to automatically clean and keep away germs from your CPAP devices. Read on to understand more about the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner.

Soclean 2: Overview

Soclean 2 Overview

Patients seeking sleep apnea treatment are recommended to use CPAP. The devices are leading therapy for improving your health. However, the sleep apnea equipment comes with a few hassles and frustrations when it comes to cleaning. Initially, patients had to carry the cleaning activities manually using mild soap and warm water. The process takes time reassembling the device to allow it to dry. Also, the continuous cleaning process could frustrate those who are not compliant with the device's daily care. However, the introduction of the Soclean cleaners simplified the process. Cleaning and sanitizing the CPAP devices takes a lot less time.

What is Soclean 2 Cpap Cleaner?

You might be wondering, what is Soclean 2 anyway? It is a small appliance used to clean CPAP devices. It is designed to eliminate all microorganisms trapped in the CPAP parts like the hose, mask, and water reservoir. The cleaning, sanitizing, and drying process is automated. Admittedly, the overall design implies convenience, ease of use, and compatibility with most CPAP units and masks.

Soclean 2 Cpap Cleaner machine

These significant features of the machine encourage patients to practice the daily cleaning routine to improve your health.

When you use the Soclean 2 machine, the cleaning process does not require water and soap. Instead, the engine uses ozone or activated oxygen to clean the CPAP equipment to ensure you are not exposed to respiratory disorders. The germs and bacteria that may be found in the CPAP are eliminated during the sanitization cycle. Soclean 2 also dries the CPAP equipment instantly for immediate use.

How Does Soclean 2 Work?

You might be wondering how Soclean 2 works, probably because there is not much action needed on your end. We will have a look at what is happening behind the scenes.

As mentioned earlier, Soclean 2uses activated oxygen instead of water and soap to clean the CPAP equipment. Activated oxygen – also known as ozone – is generated from the normal oxygen. The device breaks down the chemical bonds in normal oxygen to ozone, which destroys the germs and bacteria available in the CPAP equipment.

Soclean 2 machine pumps the ozone into the CPAP parts constituting the humidification chamber, the breathing tube, and the mask. Any microorganism that comes in contact with the ozone is destroyed immediately. The ozone is then reverted into normal oxygen and released from the machine. The ozone is harmful but has a short lifespan. The Soclean 2 machine has a filter to ensure all the ozone is used to sanitize and revert to normal oxygen quickly.

What You Need to Know About Soclean 2

Need to Know About Soclean 2

  • According to various laboratory test reports, the Soclean 2 machine can eliminate up to 99.99% of the CPAP equipment's microorganisms. The cleaning and sanitization process guarantees a safe environment as compared to traditional methods.
  • Soclean 2 is a small appliance designed with easy to carry, especially for patients who travel a lot.
  • The device has an indicator to notify you of the cleaning cycle. It becomes easy to know when your CPAP device has been sanitized and ready for use. The process can take around 7 minutes.
  • Setting up the Soclean 2 machine can take a few minutes. However, the cleaning process does not involve assembling your CPAP device, thus saving your time. No chemicals or detergents are required here. The cleaning process is simple, and the routine can fit into your schedule even when you are busy.
  • The maintenance is of the machine is simple. Cleaning involves wiping with a damp cloth. Replacing the filter cartilage and valve assembly is an easy task.

Key Features of Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner

Key Features of Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner

Perhaps you are opting for the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner, but you are unsure what constitutes. Here are the key features and specifications that you should know.

Maintenance and cleaning system

 Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is designed to clean and sanitize automatically. This is daily cleaner equipment that may require attention to maintenance, which is seemingly easy. Primary care involves changing the filter and checking the valve. There is also a need to understand how the cleaning system works. You will not want to use CPAP devices that are not correctly sanitized.

The cleaner uses ozone, a scientifically proven component used against microorganisms, to disinfect CPAP accessories. The unit is designed to fit most mask types for effective purification. Scientific studies report that the cleaner can eradicate bacteria by 99.9%.

The cleaning process

The Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is the fastest and effective in the market. The cleaner takes around 7 minutes to complete to purify the CPAP equipment. However, time can be adjusted to match your requirements. Once your CPAP devices have been filtered, you should wait to avoid using it for at least two hours. This will prevent any possible unpleasant odor on the CPAP equipment.

Ease of use and convenience

Cleaning the CPAP equipment all by yourself can be time-consuming. Using the disinfectants and water might not guarantee you complete purification. Similarly, you will spend time disassembling the CPAP accessories to dry. Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner saves time and effort. Users are only required to set up the cleaner machine and put the CPAP equipment and wait. The least time is needed to complete the daily cleaning routine. On the other hand, the more new machine eradicates the microorganisms immediately, making the CPAP device ready for immediate use.


Supported mask with Soclean 2CPAP cleaner

CPAP accessories are produced in varying design options. The Soclean 2CPAP cleaner is designed to support all kinds of masks. The accessories are not supported natively. The cleaner machine can be connected to an adapter to offer comprehensive compatibility. However, the chamber of the cleaner device is usually big to fit even a full-face mask.

Higher efficiency

The traditional cleaning method does not guarantee complete removal of microbes from the CPAP device. When breathing through the device, the moist environment aids the build-up of germs that can cause respiratory disorders and other diseases. The Soclean 2 cleaner has higher effectiveness for removing the pathogens that directly enter into the lungs. The cleaner also reduces the hassle of manual cleaning, saving time, and improving the patient's overall health.


Once you purchase the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner, the manufacturer offers free shipping. Further, the user is provided with a 30-day trial period. The period begins from the day you purchase the product. The warranty provided is risk-free. This indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in its products.

Soclean 2 Accessories and Extras

Sonclean Neutralizing Pre-wash

If you opt for the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner, you need to know everything required to make the cleaning cycle complete and effective. Here are the extra accessories available for this CPAP cleaner.

Sonclean Neutralizing Pre-wash

Setting up the Soclean 2 machine will require you to have a Neutralizing Pre-wash. Before putting the CPAP equipment into the cleaner, you will need to run the pre-washer neutralizer to ensure the machine does not have an irritating odor.

Soclean 2 adapters

The adapters used with the cleaner machine will depend on the type of Socleaner machine you prefer. The adapters can be one used for ResMed AirSense 10 and the other one for ResMed S9. Each of the adapters can be connected to the Soclean machine to meet the user's specific needs.

Cartridge Filter Kit

Cartridge Filter Kit

The Soclean 2 machine requires maintenance for maximum performance. When you purchase the cleaner, you will get a replacement filter and check valve that works well with the device. Maintenance of these extras can be done twice a year. Everything will run smoothly once you ensure the filters and valve are replaced at the right time.

Steps for Using the Soclean 2 CPAP Cleaner

The Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is a user-friendly life-saving machine for patients experiencing sleep apnea. If you are purchasing for the first time, this guide will help use the cleaner to achieve maximum effectiveness. Here are steps for using the cleaner.

Step 1: use the pre-wash solution.

You need to use a pre-wash solution and water before cleaning your CPAP. It does not matter whether the cleaner is using a humidifier or not. Then dip your CPAP accessories into the solution and rinse thoroughly to ensure the odor is eliminated.

Step 2: set up the Soclean 2 machine

You will need to attach the appropriate adapter to the cleaner and connect it to a power supply. Set your preferred timer setting if you don't like the defaults. The default sanitization is usually around seven minutes.

Step 3: operating the Soclean 2 machine

Once you have the right timer setting on the cleaner, place your CPAP accessories into the chamber. Ensure the lid is closed before pressing the start button. The cleaner will automatically follow the cleaning cycle based on the timer settings. It would help if you understood the indicator lights. This will help to know where the sanitization process has reached.

Once the indicator lights turn green, it is safe to open the lid and remove your CPAP device.

Soclean 2 CPAP Cleaner Pros and Cons

Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is just like any other product in the market. It comes with advantages and disadvantages. Before making the purchase decision for this particular machine, ensure you consider the following pros and cons.

  • The Soclean 2 machine is easy to use, convenient and allows the cleaning process without much hassle.
  • The user does not need to disassemble the CPAP accessories before putting into the Soclean 2 chamber.
  • The Soclean 2 machine is compatible with most mask sizes.
  • The cleaning method used with the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is recommended and is widely used in hospitals to clean harmful microorganisms.
  • The device does not require chemicals, water, or detergents, thus saving time during the cleaning process.
  • Apart from eradicating the microorganisms from the CPAP accessories, users regularly remove dust from the devices.
  • Replacing the filters and checking the valves may appear to be a hassle for some patients.
  • After the cleaning process, the CPAP accessories tend to have an odor that is unpleasant and overpowering. The smell is associated with the ozone used in the sanitization cycle.
  • Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner is quite expensive compared to similar devices.

Safety Precautions

Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner safety precautions

Once you purchase your Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner, learn the safety precautions. You will not want to damage the cleanser as it could offer inadequate performance. The protection you need to have in mind include the following:

  • Do not dismantle the Soclan machine or immerse it in water. The device should be kept away from inflammable and toxic gasses that may cause corrosive effects on the machine, affecting overall performance.
  • The cleaner should be used exclusively to purify CPAP accessories. Other things, such as nylon ad rubber, might react with the ozone and destroy the machine permanently.
  • Maintenance should be done after six months. However, if you notice signs that may call for replacement of the filters or the valve, action should be taken earlier.


Harmful microorganisms tend to breed in breathing devices if they are not cleaned correctly. Such disease-carrying microbes can become major hazards. Therefore, there is a need to opt for the Soclean 2 CPAP cleaner to eradicate germs and bacteria. You need to understand how the cleaner works. Most importantly, ensure you learn how to take

care of the cleaner to reduce respiratory disorders' chances of suffering. The Soclean 2 machine is also an efficient option for busy patients and everybody with sleep apnea symptoms. It is advisable to opt for the Soclean 2 machine to clean your CPAP devices to stay healthy frequently.

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