Unblock YouTube Anywhere Using 3 Simple Methods and Enjoy Your Favorite Videos

YouTube is, undoubtedly, the biggest video streaming website in the world. YouTube has made it possible for people to share their videos with the entire world. It has provided a space for Vloggers and other several video makers to showcase their talent to the entire world. It has also enabled musicians to share their music, effortlessly, with everyone on the planet.

If you’re a resident of such countries, then this article is tailor made for you. Using the methods given below, you can unblock YouTube anywhere and view your favorite videos.


Using browser extensions

Yes, accessing YouTube in your country can be as simple as installing an extension on your browser. Mind Blown, right?! All you need to do is follow the step given below to unblock YouTube worldwide. This method enables your device to access YouTube from anywhere, devoid of any geographical limitations. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your browser’s marketplace
  • Search for any of the following browser extensions-
  • Browsec
  • Skyzip
  • Zenmate
  • Hola

(Please note that there are other extensions too which you can opt for. These are some of the best extension that I personally prefer.)

  • Now, you will notice a small icon on the top of the browser, left or right (depending upon your browser) to your browser’s address bar.
  • Just click on the icon, and you’re all set to explore the world of YouTube!

Now, enjoy your favorite web tutorials or music videos from any corner of the world!


Using a VPN

Using VPN is one of the most popular methods of accessing blocked web contents over you ISP. The method works equally well to unblock YouTube worldwide. Just keep the following steps in your mind.

  • Get a VPN subscription

There are a lot of options available, but if you ask me, I’ll suggest HideMyAss VPN. It can be used to unblock almost every blocked content on the internet.

  • Now, set up a VPN connection on your device.
  • Connect the VPN and you’re done!

Now, access YouTube from your browser or your app and chill!


Using TOR

You could also use a strongly encrypted web browser like TOR to  over your blocked network. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Go to TOR’s official website and use this link to download TOR’s bundle browser.
  • Install the browser onto your device.
  • After installation, open the browser and type in “youtube.com” in the address bar to access YouTube.
  • You change the server location using the green onion icon present to the left side of the address bar to find the one that provides you the maximum speed.

Now, access YouTube and share your videos with the entire world!


YouTube has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way videos are shared over the internet. Several YouTube channels are making millions by just sharing their videos over this wonderful video-sharing website. Thus, it is very baffling to know that YouTube is blocked by a number of countries because of only a small percentage of “offensive” contents.

However, you need not worry. Using the above three methods, you can unblock YouTube anywhere in the world to watch and share your favorite videos. So, get ready to access your favorite videos from anywhere in the world!