Learn The Art Of Unblocking Websites Around The Globe

The Internet is a blessing and a curse. People are addicted to The Internet like never before. Surprisingly there is also a disorder which is known as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). People suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder get depressed if they are not connected with The Internet when they in their senses or awake. I noted this point only to make you understand how important The Internet is today, it’s parallel to oxygen.

The Internet is everywhere in the world, which means The Internet is global. Yes, The Internet is global but the only difference is that some websites are confined to specific countries only. Now the important part is, websites which are confined to a certain geographic area are being used more in areas where they are prohibited.

As discussed, The Internet is global and you can’t limit it by a geographical area because there are many ways by which, such boundaries can be crossed/accessed. Developed countries like US and UK have services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Now, what if someone living in the US wants to access BBC iPlayer or what if someone living in the UK wants to access Netflix. We discussed this only for US and UK, and what about the other developed countries? What about the countries who are yet developing? So let me give you some options which will help you to jump such internet restrictions.

Commonly Blocked Websites

Social networking websites and pornographic websites are the most commonly blocked websites. Other than this, websites which are on women, religion and health have also been blocked.

How To Unblock Websites?


Google Translate

I know Google translate is amazing sometimes and is really bad sometimes. But Google translate can help us for sure. Use translation services to access blocked websites. Also, you can translate the URL into a different language and then access it.


Cache Method

Search engines maintain a cache of web pages which have been indexed by them. You must know this because once you search something on Google or Yahoo or similar search engines, next time you don’t need to type it again. The website is provided from search engine’s server, so you can access it by this method.


Google Mobile Search

Using Google mobile search is a very good option. Google provides a mobile interface or lighter interface when you are connecting via a low internet connection. So all heavy stuff like Styling and JavaScript are stripped down by Google. Blocking software feels that you are visiting Google but in reality, you are visiting the restricted site. Google mobile search can be accessed from PC too.



TOR which is also known as The Onion Router is a freeware. TOR provides you privacy as it channels your data via using multiple nodes, so your data will always be safe and secure. TOR provides a good user interface and is reliable.


IP Magic

Using IP address in place of URL can be useful sometimes. This technique will not work every time, but you are not spending a single penny for trying this. So the IP address of the website by typing for ex: “ping www.techuseful.com“. Now access your website using this IP address.



Here comes our hero! Virtual Private Network or service providers are also useful. Using VPN is always advised because your data remains safe. The reason is that your data is transferred via encrypted channel. Complete anonymity is served by VPN service providers. I always recommend Hide My Ass Pro VPN service provider as it has never been down.