Can You Watch Netflix Offline? Yes, You Can! Let Us See How

World’s one of the biggest online video streaming providers recorded 74.46 million users in the 4th quarter of 2015, yes we are talking about Netflix right now. Netflix gained popularity in the US. People love Netflix as it has a huge amount of data collection in terms of television shows and movies. People also love Netflix as it is easy to use and is always reliable. Netflix is never done no matter how many users are accessing it at the same time. But Netflix can only be viewed offline.

Why is Netflix not Offline?

You must be thinking that Amazon is allowing their Prime subscribers to download and watch television episodes, then why is Netflix not allowing it? Do you think Netflix will now be under some pressure because Amazon is allowing offline viewing? The answer is “no”. Netflix thinks that offline viewing will make people’s life more complicated as they will have to remember what they want to download and also need to worry about storage.

So Netflix is not showing much interest in allowing offline watching and downloading of movies and television shows. But what if we still want to watch Netflix offline? For that, you need to read this complete article, so let us take a look at it.

The Offline Drama

We humans can be compared with water. Water always finds its own way, anyhow and anywhere. Same is with humans, if the door in front of us is locked, we always find a back door to enter. But anyhow we do enter. So anyhow, how will we be watching Netflix offline? There are tools which are easy to use and are affordable.

Tools like PlayOn not only allow you to watch Netflix offline but also allow you to watch HBO Go and Hulu Plus offline.

Step1 – First of all, you need to download a tool like PlayOn, once you install it and it has started working, you can then sign up or log in to your account of Netflix. Tools like PlayOn simply embed your IP address and the user info on the video file.

Step2 – Once you are sure that the tool, as well as your Netflix account, is working well enough, you will have to add the channel to the tool. This channel can be any video provider like Netflix or Hulu whose video has to be viewed offline. Once you have input channel, a good tool will always provide you with login functionality via the tool itself i.e. you don’t need surf the website and log in. You can directly do it from the tool itself.

Step3 – Now you can simply browse videos and television shows by simply selecting the category under which the video falls in. You can also search the video directly if you are not familiar with the video category. Once you search, you can easily download the video and enjoy it offline by clicking the download button.


One should always avoid piracy and date theft, but what if you can’t afford original content? You can simply watch it by using such tools. So the only requirement for watching your favorite movie or television show is to use such a tool and some popcorn!