Learn How to Watch ESPN Play Outside US

ESPN Play is the largest network of sports video available online and also the most widely used hub of surfing for sports enthusiasts. It has got the huge library of sports video which is available on demand, its users can watch their favorite moments that has ever happened in the history of sports and immersed in non-stop entertainment without any hassle of advertisements. However, there is the troubling part ESPN Play is only made available to the internet users of United States. So if you are outside of US and want to watch videos on ESPN Play then you cannot do it simply because it’s not made available in your country. Now the question is how do you watch ESPN Play outside US?

How to Surf ESPN Play Online

You are not allowed to visit ESPN Play from any other country other than US is because they have made their services available to the IP addresses of US only, so if your IP address does not belong to an American Internet Service Provider (ISP) they are simply going to deny you access.

But we have presented ourselves here with a workaround to this denial of service and a VPN service might be of great help to you. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a double layered network created over a public network in order to gain privacy and anonymity while surfing the internet. Once you have established a VPN connection, you will be able to bypass any network restrictions applied by your ISP because of the simple reason that it will change your IP address to a country of your choosing.

So all you have to do is buy HideMyAss VPN subscription and setup the network as per the instruction provided by the VPN provider and you are good to go in the world of ESPN Play outside US.

Setup VPN and watch ESPN Play outside US on Android Device

ESPN play has not neglected the demands of android device users and thus they have made available their ESPN Play app on the Google App store. The App in itself is very easy to use with a simplistic design and a must-have for sports enthusiasts. For the first time users, they are asked for their login credentials and after that, they are redirected to the video library for immersive entertainment.

However, if you are outside of US then you will need a VPN subscription in order to bypass the restrictions imposed by ESPN Play, but don’t worry HideMyAss VPN service is there to help you through this.  All you have to do is to setup the VPN on your Android device as per the instructions and voila!

Setup VPN on iOS and Watch ESPN Play outside US

ESPN Play is also available for iOS users as the franchise has also made available their services via their iOS app which is available on the Apple App store. The app is pretty much self–explanatory and easy to use and a must-have for sports fans.

However, if you want to access ESPN Play outside the US then you will need a VPN service in order to access ESPN Play services, and HideMyAss VPN is the best service to help you through in such dire needs.

Subscription to TV Service

This is the last step to the whole story, if you wish to watch ESPN Play you will need a subscription to TV Service. The names of the TV services with which ESPN Play is affiliated with are as follows: DirecTV, LimeTV, TDS, FLOW, SETAR, blink, DigicelPlay, LogicTV. It is recommended that you go for a TV service subscription which does not need a Cable/Dish setup, that will grant you accessibility outside of US as well.


ESPN Play is the top rated sports media library in the present era of sports and thus, it is the most desired among the modern sports enthusiasts. ESPN Play may not have made available their services outside of US but why not just use a VPN service and submerge yourself in the world of marvelous moments of sports history. And for that HideMyAss Pro VPN if for your aid and rescue.