Five Top-Rated Fastest VPN Services Of 2022

A Virtual Private Network is a powerful tool to bypass network restriction and also geographical location based restrictions, and with all the many VPN service providers out there choosing the best VPN service provider could be a very tricky part. So to solve out this issue and to help you in the selection of fastest VPN service we have come up with this guide and below I will help explain step by step that which service is the best and in what aspects.


Best Fastest VPN Service Provider- HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss VPN is the best of the best service providers out there, their services and price tag are uncompromising. HideMyAss is used by a countless number of people around the globe and this is why we have presented here the benchmarks. IN our test connected the VPN to its Japanese server and the results were noted as the ping of 25 ms, upload speed of 8.15 Mbps, and a download speed of 85.6 Mbps. These statistics are the best among those we have recorded thus far and hence, HideMyAss is the best VPN service provider.

Final Note: HideMyAss VPN service came out to be the best VPN service and the price tag that they have offered is just exceptional. The service is best known for offering streamlined custom software and reliable services, so it’s worth going for.


Second Fastest VPN: PureVPN

PureVPN is the second best VPN service provider in the market and they also offer a very good price tag for their services. The test that we carried out to analyse the speed and reliability of the VPN benchmarked as follows, ping was recorded at 27ms upload speed of 7.15 Mbps and download speed of 81.55 Mbps. Overall performance was good and also the support of the service provider was also prompt, the user interface and usability is also very sleek and simple.

So, overall the VPN’s performance was good and the effect upon the speed of the internet was reasonable.


Third Fastest VPN- ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN will be ranked as the third fastest VPN in this list of our VPN service providers, the VPN is best known for delivering reliability and top speed. The server spreads across 70+ countries and is expanding rapidly. The test benchmarks that we carried out came up with the following results ping was measured at 33ms upload speed of 12.88 Mbps and download speed of 80.43 Mbps.

At a very reasonable price tag, ExpressVPN is one of the best options to go with, as we have found fairly doing good in terms of service and performance.


Fourth Fastest VPN: IPVanish VPN

We also analysed the reliability of this VPN by conducting the same speed tests and the results came out to be unexpectedly good, and the effect on the speed of the internet was also negligible.

The test benchmarks are as follows, ping was measured at 21ms, download and upload speeds of 78.6 Mbps and upload speed of 6.50 Mbps respectively. So, it was concluded that IPVanish VPN did very good in terms of performance and its effect on the internet speed was acceptable.


Fifth Fastest VPN: Ironsocket

Ironsocket VPN is best known as a multi-purpose VPN service available out there. The best part is that the user reviews rank it as a fast and reliable VPN service provider that I think is a very positive aspect to this VPN service.

The test benchmarks that we conducted came out to be fairly reasonable, ping was recorded at 37ms and upload and download speed was measured at 9.80 Mbps and 80.45 Mbps respectively. So, the overall performance of the VPN could be stated as very good and worth giving the preference and hence ranks it at the fifth fastest VPN.


Although, use of VPN affects the speed of internet very much but they are the best to protect your privacy over the internet and to bypass the restriction imposed by the Government firewalls or institutions. I hope this guide will be helpful in the pursuit of choosing best VPN for you while satisfying your needs to the fullest.