11 Best Free Proxy API for Web Scraping

Are you new to web scraping and want to know much about it? Or do you wish to know some API proxies for web scraping? By reading this article piece, you are in the right place to get your answers. You will certainly be enlightened by ten free proxy API for web scraping.

Chances are that you have come across web scraping or the scraping word itself. Remember that there are millions of websites that possess different information. That would make it hard for you to extract every information bit manually. Web scraping extracts and links the data you prefer automatically.

Now the Idea of a proxy API comes. Proxies are like an agent that connects you to a central server without you being known. Application Programming Interface (API) serves as an intermediary or interface that allows two parties to communicate in the same context. Therefore, an API defines calls, requests, processing, and formatting between two software and hardware.

In web scraping, free proxies use an API module to extract or decipher the in-depth HTML web code and transmit it to your request. For that case, many internet users are using proxy API to decipher public or blocked content to get useful information.

TOP Free Proxy APIs and Lists for Web Scraping

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Scraperapi Overview

Having free proxy API is not all, but having the power to customize them makes these programs impressive. The same can be said about Scraper API. With it, you can customize the request title, request type, IP location, and more features.

With Scraper API, you are assured of bypassing all the website restrictions. That means there is no hassle of IP restriction or CAPTCHAS. But how does this proxy facilitate so? When there is a failed web request, Scraper API rotates each module with a request and configures it to suit the desired ISP (Internet Service Provider) protocols.

Using the Scraper API is simple. All you need is to parse your content information, and the software does the other instructions. Visit and sign up for the Scraper API portal, where you are given an access key. After that, process a request with the API following the URL to scrape. In the process, you will receive the HTML text file.

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Proxycrawl Overview

With API proxy’s anonymous function at hand, Proxycrawl fits that puzzle. The word crawl insinuates a network bot that automatically browses the internet for web indexing. Web crawlers use the crawling strategy to update their data that belongs to another site.

The crawlers also access bulky or small pages by search dialogs that record the downloaded pages, where a user can revisit the site quickly. In other cases, the ProxyCrawl moves data to the cloud storage where a user can retrieve the information online.

The ProxyCrawl displays customized and user-friendly operations. Through the regular customer support strategy and an easy sign-up process, many internet users find this site simple. Also, the process of executing commands, requests, or instructions is automated.

This platform is suitable for web compatibility. There is no hassle of worrying about browsers, proxies or webs because ProxyCrawl agrees with these programs. There is also an instant validation of ProxyCrawl that assures you effective security details.

  • Free proxy API  – 1000 free API calls. (No credit card required)

ScrapingBee Overview

Your free API platform would work well when not operating with a browser which increases your device's memory. ScrapingBee is an open platform that does so. This site can process information from any programming language with its API extension. ScrapingBee API ensures efficient website server surfing and changing the IP proxy to access blocked sites.

ScrapingBee also influences a large proxy pool in the data. This attribute helps in search engine optimization results. When searching for keywords, backlinks, or other words, the ScrapingBee helps bypass searching rates.

ScrapingBee also offers JavaScript rendering. With JavaScript onsite, accessing and deciphering the website codes is simple. In this case, ScrapingBee uses libraries like React, AngularJs, Vuejs, and many others.

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Zenscrape Overview

Experience one of the fastest proxy API with Zenscrape. This program has over ten-thousand customers where their services are renowned for the aggregation of data. Therefore, whichever requests you make, the Zenscrape will combine or aggregate them and produce excellent results.

If you want an API program that accepts all computer languages, Zenscrape is your preference too. Even with the HTML or SOCKS website language, this platform is compatible with them. Most importantly, Zenscrape uses its JavaScript language to ensure an end-user accesses a real scripted website platform.

Not to mention, Zenscrape uses all frontend tools. Without hassle, you will use web and page applications like the vue, react, and other tools.

Zenescrape also uses different proxy servers to mask your real IP address. In some situations, websites reject web scraping, but Zenscrape rotating IPS tools to bypass these restrictions without you using premium software.

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ProxyOrbit Overview

Just like its name, this proxy seems to scan or find open proxies that fit your website's working profile. ProxyOrbit filters the incoming proxies using algorithms by keeping the proper proxies and discarding the unwanted ones. After the suitable proxies are thoroughly used, proxy orbit returns the proxy to their servers.

With the ProxyOrbit, they search millions of useful proxies. That means you will enjoy more robust bandwidth and API requests. In simple, your data usage is unlimited, and you can scrap for content without any API blocking.

Issues to do with geo-blocking or website restriction are also a concern here. Since there are millions of proxies in the air, the geo tracker cannot detect you. Still, ProxyOrbit initiates an IP rotating mechanism that blocks any tracking or tracing of your identity.


  • Free proxy API- Includes 50 requests per month

Proxy11 Overview

Having an updated proxy is instrumental, especially if you are dealing with sensitive and large-size data. With Proxy11, you experience thousands of new proxies being updated regularly. That means the proxy internet transmission and IP address improve their features, speed, and bandwidth.

Proxy 11 utilizes a gigabyte transmission that is fast and stable. Remember that Proxy 11 is an API program; therefore, it can quickly load plenty of proxies and IP addresses. Your browsing on Proxy 11 is safe due to Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

This AP1 proxy also enables SEO searching. Through its scrape scanning, and fast networking searches like keywords, titles, and other SEO attributes are possible.

Proxy-list Overview

Once you initiate a request, the API charges the proxy-list (containing several proxies) to initiate an HTTP request faster. The speed emanates from the IP rotation per every request. For HTTP, the speed is two-thousands per second. Still, with the SOCKS, the proxy-list transmits data at a rate of three-thousand per second.

Remember those speed rates are for the faster connection. For the slower transmission, Proxy-list covers the IP for every thirty minutes on its respective port. This proxy allows you to access it using any browser of your choice where it is automatically fed. Therefore, you do not have to keep copying and pasting a proxy port on your URL.

Still, you will find different parameters on the proxy-list page. You can search for categories based on the type of proxies like transparent, anonymous, and elite. Still, you categorize the proxy language based on HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS. Using the country category is optional, so you have to put a country ISO code.


Spys.one Overview

This API free proxy is useful because it shows your uptime percentage. Uptime is the time that you are active in the web data transmission. – The opposite being the downtime- therefore you can calculate and plan the bundles to use on the transmission.

There are at least 171 countries with Spys.one. That means accessing website data in many countries is possible even if their server is not strong. However, with countries like the USA, Brazil, Germany, you experience a more robust data transmission.

The Spys.one possesses subcategories that you can sort using the HTTPS/SSL, SOCKS, or HTTP. Also, on the same platform, there are parameters like speed and uptime. The latent feature also measures the time taken for the data to be transferred from source to destination. You measure latent using milliseconds.

Internet users can review a check date feature in Spys.one which shows the last time you analyzed a proxy. Those countries or parties with an older check-date mean that their proxies are dormant, while countries with new ones show their activeness.

ProxyScrape Overview

If you want to visit an organized proxy category, ProxyScrape is your answer. This platform offers parameters like request type category and even measures the value of parameters to use. For example, a proxytype category has values as HTTP, SOCKS4 or, SOCKS5, or all of them. In the command prompt, you separate several of these proxy types using commas.

Another proxy type is a timeout category that has values measured in milliseconds. Also, the country category has an ISO code as units. Other parameters and their values include

  •       SSL– yes, no, all
  •       Anonymity– elite, anonymous, transparent, or all of them
  •       Port-have numbers lying between 1 and 65535
  •       Age(the time the proxy was last seen) – has values like unlimited (when there is no specific timeline) or days (when there is a timeline.)
  •       Limit(the number of proxies limited for downloading, uploading, or displaying) – its measurement scale ranges to any digit greater than zero. When the limit is anonymous, the program sets the function as ‘all.'

Still, there are very many other icons and categories of sorting. But you must realize that Proxyscrape operators can use languages like python to generate instructions in command prompt. Another good thing with Proxyscrape is that they are updated every five minutes to ensure that you get the newest proxies.

Getproxylist Overview

Do you want to navigate on proxy lists around the world using API? Then with the Getproxylist, you can facilitate this operation. This API proxy has an authentication feature of an API key. An API key controls, tracks, and manages how an API operates. That helps in preventing the misuse of your API.

Getproxylist is simple to operate through its JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) module. JSON is the simple way of transmitting codes to the web page. With JSON, you can send some information bits from server to user in a text format, which is readable by a web user.

Also, the Getproxylist API analyses all proxies worldwide and rejects the unstable or non-working ones. The Getproxylist specialists also test and experiment a proxy before it reaches you to ensure it is standard and quality.

In the Getproxylist portal, you will find sorting categories like anonymity, port, HTTPS, country, and IP as filters.


Getting blocked? The solution is ZenRows, a proxy API that offers a complete suite for web scrapers. You can make your request using Python, cURL, PHP, Java or any programming language and easily get the data from any webpage.

With ZenRows, you have access to residential proxies from any country in the world and also bypass CAPTCHAs, scrape JavaScript-generated web content, and get around advanced anti-bot protections.

You sign up to get your free API key, add the URL you want to scrape and the features you’re interested in activating (e.g., JS advanced anti-bot bypass), and the next thing that will happen is you get the data. And if you need any support, developers will reply to any of your questions.

FAQs about Free Proxy API

1. How does the free proxy API Works?

The API proxy is an interface that works with backend services that access the server content and transmit data to your API proxy with an updated time. Primarily, the update time can be five minutes or more. Therefore, you do not directly access the server content without backend services like quotas, security, analytics, and others.

2. How can I get a free proxy list?

Search a proxy list from Microsoft store, app store, or google play store. You can also access a website containing proxy lists by clicking proxy lists URLs like https://spys.one/en/proxy-by-country/. These proxy lists are updated every fifteen minutes.

3. Free proxy lists vs. free proxy API?

The difference between free proxy lists and free proxy API is their usage. Free proxy lists are an array of open HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy modules that make an indirect internet connection. Meanwhile, a free proxy API interface serves between a client and server allows them to communicate in requests, calls, or formatting.


It should get you started when you are planning to acquire the best API proxy scraper with all that information. Always make sure the API to use are ranked according to countries, anonymous level, or proxy type. Essentially, these are the main categories your API proxies should not miss.

Also, consider those API proxies with the JSON website module, which are simple to operate. Other essential elements to consider are the proxy's speeds, latent, and uptime. If you still want more features on API proxies, you can buy the premium ones.

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