A Beginners Guide to Proxies for Sneakerhead

Maybe this is your first time hearing about Proxies; there is no need to worry because I will explain everything that you need to know and how you can efficiently use them. Proxies can easily be described as the home internet that you can use with a unique IP that is made available to you by your Internet Service Provider.

Your IP is basically like the address of your house, and that simply means that IP represents the different house address of the internet. Your IP is basically your means of representation in the internet world.

When you purchase a proxy, it will be attached to a house. Using the proxy to connect to the internet with your device will ensure that you are not using your house, it will give you another house on the internet. This is how you can make these clothing companies like Supreme to believe that you are another user entirely because your real house will be hidden.

The advantage of using this is because if you use your home address to connect to the internet and you visit sites like Adidas.com to check like 15 pages, it will be easy for the website security system to detect you and what you are trying to achieve won't be successful.

With the advancement in technology, companies are paying programmers a lot of money to make sure that their websites can be able to detect IPs, and all the relevant details that is connected to it, including the location of the user, duplicate emails and there is also the captcha system that is specifically designed to detect bots. Right now, it's quite difficult to thrive, but that does not mean it is impossible to obtain 15 pairs of the same item. It has made the business to become more interesting. IP banning is here to stay, and if you are not careful, you will easily get yourself into trouble except if you use proxies.

Why You Need More Than One Proxy

You might want to ask, why is it important to use more than one proxy? The reason is that if you are really serious and you want as many chances as possible, then the best to have a lot of proxies. To have more chances of checking out your items successfully, it will be more reasonable to have like 50 IPs on the Supreme page that to have one.
Most people are aware of that already, but the next question is, where are going to get these unbanned proxies? And where can I get the good unbanned ones? Another question that you might be willing to ask is the type of proxies, Residential proxies or Data Center proxies? One important thing that you need to know is that the website that you are willing to work on will determine the kind of proxies that you will need to obtain.

Kinds of IP's

There are two basic types of IPs; we have the Residential IPs and Data Center IPs. The formal is for companies like Time Warner, Cox, and some others. This type of IP is regarded as IPs that will be utilized at home with real people. While the other type of IPs which is the Data Center IPs are used mainly for Virtual Private Servers, Cloud or Dedicated Servers and owned by companies like Linode, Digital Ocean, and some others.

The main work of a Datacenter IP is for hosting and not really meant for day-to-day web browsing. This IP is quite faster than the Residential IP, and this is because Data Centre IP will be on the same computer that is used to host the site.

You might be wondering why Residential IPs are not as fast as the Datacenter IPs, actually it is possible to have faster Residential IP if it is working on a fast server. However, a lot of the Residential IPs are always on a P2P network, and most P2P network uses another user internet to work as your proxy which makes it a bit slower compared to Datacenter IPs.

To make it simpler, below is a list of the types of proxies that I can highly recommend for some of the websites that you probably work on.

  • If you are visiting Adidas.com, residential proxies are the most suitable
  • If you are visiting Supremenewyork.com, you should use residential proxies
  • If you are visiting footsites, you can either use Data Center or residential
  • For Shopify sites like kith.com, you should use the Data Center.

The primary purpose of using a proxy is to hide the real IP address of a user and other relevant details from outsiders and any other person that might be curious. This makes internet proxy to be handy for sneaker enthusiasts all around the world. For you, as a retailer to be successful in the business, you will need to reduce pairs per IP or account if you do not want to get caught. An efficient way of doing that is to own a lot of accounts from different locations, making it appear as separate buyers.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Proxies

One of the things you always need to remember when using proxies is that you are bringing in a boundary or a gate for your internet to pass through before you can download or upload information. Naturally, it's normal for your internet connection to take a longer time because of the boundary that it has to go through. This has an effect on your computer's reaction time when visiting sites or running your bot, which is basically known as ping.

So whenever you want to purchase a proxy, one of the essential factors you need to consider before you bring out your money is the total ping time. A good proxy should not add more 10-50ms to your overall ping time. Ensure that you check the ping time of the provider before you go for it and most of the time, a cheap proxy always comes with a higher ping time, and that can be quite dangerous and risky.

Another important vital factor that you need to consider is the location of your proxy. Location and Ping time always go together. One of the important things you need to check out before purchasing a proxy is the option to select locations. For example, if you are going to buy your pairs from Supreme NYC, their servers belong to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This network has their server locations in Ashburn, Virginia, Newark, and New Jersey. If you can get your proxy from any location that is not far from these areas, you can expect a better and faster experience with your bot.

You can make use of a WHOIS search that makes possible for people to check the relevant data about a location that is available to the public. There are server providers that can offer you WHOIS protection, which makes it impossible to obtain the details of the users that are using a web domain. Although you will still be able to have access to their location and some other information about the users, this makes the WHOIS search tool to be quite useful. Below is a list of other tools that can come in handy if you find yourself in this situation.

Setting Up Your Datacenter Proxies

There is nothing better or sweeter than proxy independence, looking for a very good proxy can be quite stressful. Trust me; proxy independence is the best you can wish and the most certain way of maximizing your profit. You will realize a massive reduction in your overall cost, and it definitely gives you more chances and better opportunities to make money. In addition, you can be certain that the success of your business is solely on your hands and not a service provider. However, as amazing as this looks, there are a few things you need to know before you start nursing the idea of creating your proxy.

This is not something that you can learn in a day, if you are not ready to commit yourself and your resources to this business, then this is not for you. You will need to learn, memorize, practice, and then become independent, and that's why I will carefully explain all the important things that you need to know. If you get stuck along the way, you can start all over again using this guide. To make it simpler for you, I will be using bullet points because it's a lot to take in, and it took me some good weeks and persistence to get it. So you do not need to rush and always remember that you have Google.

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It will be reasonable, to begin with, a small instance and instance cost limit. A lot of users have said that the details you provide when setting up your account will determine whether you will begin with a higher or a lower limit. I will advise that you begin with a server or two and allow them to work for some hours while simulating normal usage. This will be very useful when you ask for your limit to be increased. If you will like to know your limits, you can use this link Vultr Limits.

  • Another way of finding your limit is by running instances; this is because as soon as you reach the Vultr limit, you will not be allowed to run instances anymore.
  • I know there are some people that will be tempted to request a limit increase right away. I will advise that you do not do it; the reason is that asking for a limit from the beginning will appear as a red flag to the company.
  • One of the difficult things you will face when creating a proxy is an instance limit, and unfortunately, there's absolutely no way to bypass it. You will probably be giving many instances as you would like to get if you are working for a corporation and you come up with legitimate reasons, and that's the only exception to the rule. You do not need to ask for more than you need to reduce your chances of being detected.
  • When you ask for an increase of your instance limit, you cannot tell them that you will be using it for your proxies. They know the amount of server load you are about to give them, and that's the reason it is quite risky to ask. You can think of a reason that relates to school or a project at your place of work. As long as it is quite reasonable and legitimate, they will grant your request with enough increase. At least you can expect 50-100 instance request increase, and that's more than enough for you. Let me give you some lines that you can use:
  • You can say that you are currently working on a school project to set up and manage a load balancing network.
  • You can tell them that you are hosting a series of websites and you have clustered servers.
  • You can say that you are currently learning Linux cluster management, and you will like to do some practice.
  • Those are some lines that you can use, do not forget that their main purpose of creating their company is to make money and they are interested in your business, all you have to do is create something that they can believe.
  • Unfortunately, you can't use Vultr subnets on Supreme and Nike websites because they have been banned. However, they are allowed on other websites, including the popular Shopify and Footsites.
  • Another factor you need to work on is the location. The location of your server has a lot of impact on the speed of your internet. Just like I mentioned earlier, ensure that the location of your proxy server is not far from the real server location.

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Follow the tips below carefully if you will like to create a single proxy instance on Vultr

  • The first you need to do is to visit this page My Vultr
  • This is where you will be able to see all your running instances
  • Pay close attention to your instances and ensure that you destroy those that are no more useful to avoid unnecessary extra charges.

We will make use of a startup script to launch the servers that we want to set up. To start with, go to Startup Scripts. I want to believe you already know your way around the Vultr dashboard.

  • Locate the ‘Add Startup Script’ and click on it.
  • You can then select the single script in the window that comes up, and you can use it to work for more than one server instances

Fill the boxes provided with the necessary details

  • Name: you can put your name here or any name you like
  • Boot: You do not need to put anything here
  • Script Input Box: Remove whatever you find here and then go to this page https://ghostbin.com/paste/kagtn copy everything you see on the page and paste in the Script Input Box. Alternatively, you can use this link https://hastebin.com/ejeyaqokon.bash.

The next thing you will need to do is edit the content of the script by altering some of the values.

  • You will need to modify the to the actual IP address of the system you will be using with the proxies. If you do not get it right, you will get an authentication error, and you can go over it again.
  • Also, you will need to alter the username. You can change it to anything you like.
  • Then, the password can be changed to anything, and that will be all on the page.

Once you have done that, you can navigate to the instance creation page, and you will see a list of locations that you can select. By default, you will be granted access to a location in the United Kingdom and several locations in the United States. You can go over these locations to get more familiar with the program. Let's assume we pick Dallas as our location.

  • You will be able to see the Operating System of your server and the script type. Here, you can select Debian and ‘8×64.'
  • Now to our proxy server, we do not really need a CPU with high performance or memory size, so let’s go for a small one. For this test, we will pick the $.007 per 60 minutes. You can see that it is quite cheap when you create your proxy.
  • The next thing is to choose the startup script that you set up earlier. And then you can tap on the icon named ‘Deploy Now,' you will see placed at the bottom of the page.
  • You will have to wait for a few seconds for the installation to be completed and do not forget that your startup script is already running.
  • After a few minutes, your server will become operational, and you should receive an email in your inbox that your server has been successfully configured.
  • Then the next thing is to take note of your IP, and you will need to modify it in a way that it will be readable by the bots. For example, if your IP address is and your port is something like (8080), and then your username is real342, and your password is passowrd5464. You will have to come up with something like this;
  • Now you've got yourself a proxy, and you can go ahead and test it. If it works perfectly, then congratulations, you have your first working proxy on Vultr.
  • If you will like to have more than one proxy, it should be simple now because we already have a startup script that works perfectly with our Debian instances. Now we can navigate back to our deploy page.
  • Follow the same procedure that got us our first proxy, choose your location, click on the Operating system that you will like to use and select your startup script.
  • You can now select more instances with just a click; in fact, you can select up to 10 instances at once. If you wish to do more than that, all you need to do is go back to the details that you provided and go for another 10. You can continue to do this until you reach your billing limit.
  • Do not forget to destroy your instances once you are done. You really don't want to waste your hard-earned money now, although they are cheap individually when they are many, it becomes something significant.
  • That’s all you need to know if you will like to set up and destroy proxies on Vultr.

Using Digital Ocean to Copp Sneakers

  • Basically, most of the tips of using Vultr can also be applied to Digital Ocean. The follow the same procedure that we've talked about, and I think that's good news because it will make things simpler to understand.
  • There is a general belief that Digital Ocean will begin with you on a 10 instance limit, but there is no get upset or discouraged. All you need to do is apply the tricks that were previously mentioned, and they should help you to increase it in a week or two. You can apply the lines, and you will get your increase.
  • Another important point that I need to mention is that Digital Ocean hardly supports Supreme and Nike. There is also a rumor that it has stopped working on Adidas, you should confirm that. However, I can assure you that it works on other sites, which include Shopify and footsites.
  • Actually, I prefer Digital Ocean to Vultr, but that does not mean you should not check out the two providers. After using them for a while, you can pick your favorite.

Tips on Configuring Digital Ocean

  • The first thing we are going to do is to navigate to the main page of the Digital Ocean by clicking here. You can see that it looks like the Vultr dashboard, and all your active instances are quite visible. You can select any instance to have a better overview.
  • However, unlike Vultr, it is impossible to save startup scripts. What you can do is to pick up the script that was connected earlier and download it on your computer, or you can write the link down.
  • Now, the next thing is to locate the ‘Create Droplet' icon on the dashboard, and you will see an Operating System selection option. Then we pick the x64 Debian OS option since we are using a Debian script.
  • The next thing is to select the least expensive service instance that is available on the list since we do not need a high-performance system to make our proxies function, and we are also trying to save money. Then, there are numerous location options that we can pick from, including Canada, you can run some of the locations to see the fastest one.
  • Then, we will need to paste the startup script that we applied while connecting with Vultr. Do not forget to work on your username, password, and IP address if you haven't and also mark the ‘User data' box. Now, just as we worked on Vultr, you can start with 10 instances, and if that's successful, you can go back and do more.
  • Then, wait for a few seconds for your server to come up and do not forget that the script has started working too.
  • Once it has been completed, you can now copy the IP address. Let’s assume the address is
  • Then, it's time to modify it, and you should have something like this;
  • Now, it’s time to test.
  • Then if it works successfully, you can go back and make more
  • Once you are done with the proxies, the next important thing is to destroy them, and you can click on the ‘More' icon placed on the dashboard.
  • And that’s all you need to do to set up and destroy Digital Ocean proxy servers.

Using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Copp Sneakers

This is actually one of my favorites; this is because it has a lot of features that you can to create a lot of proxies as you like. To make things better, you are allowed to run batch processes and get your tasks completed as quickly as possible. Let me tell you more about this fantastic provider.

  • Maybe you have never registered a cloud platform account before; there is a link that you can use to get a free $300 credit just to begin, and you can use to purchase servers that you will run with your proxies. That's amazing, right? I know. Just click on this link https://goo.gl/hEbeFr
  • To make it more amazing, the procedure to set up the provider is quite similar to Vultr and Digital Ocean, just a few tweaks here and there.
  • One of the significant changes in the procedure is that you will need to edit the port from 8080 to 80, that’s all for now as long as you have your account ready, its time to move to the next step.

Tips on How To Configure Google Cloud Platform

  • You will need to locate the primary creation by clicking here.
  • The next thing is to launch your career on GCP by creating a new project, and then we go ahead.
  • Then you will see a new page that will request for your billing information, provide the correct details
  • Then you can navigate to the ‘instance templates’ sub-menu, you can do that by clicking here
  • Then look for the option ‘create instance template’ and click on it
  • Come up with a name for your template and then select a single CPU.
  • Then, select Debian, you do not need to tamper with ‘Identity and API access’ you can just leave it like that.
  • Then, you will need to activate HTTP and HTTPS traffic. That’s all you need to modify, don’t touch the rest.
  • It will look like your Google Cloud Platform has a bug when you are trying to modify the options and creating instance templates.
  • What you need to do here is create just one VM instance with the script that you are running. After that, you will be able to create your instance group successfully.
  • Now we are getting to the serious steps, the next thing is to paste the script that you are running in the provided area for ‘Startup Script.' and do not forget that we are editing the port number from 8080 to 80. It's imperative if we want our proxy to function.
  • At this point, you might be having issues with the IP authentication that is working with your Google Cloud Platform. What you need to do is locate this line and delete it- acl localhost src *YOUR IP* (Line 32)
  • That’s all you need to do, you do not need to edit anything else, and the next thing is to click on ‘create’ to get your template.
  • Once you have done that, you can move to the next step. You will need to create a single VM instance because of the annoying bug that is making it impossible to set up an instance group with HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Once you click on the ‘create' icon and you see a similar page. The way out is to repeat the procedure to create the ‘test instance' and do not forget to mark the box that says ‘Allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic.'
  • Set up your single VM instance and see if it’s working. If it’s not running although it should, it means that you will need to modify your template if you are sure that you copied the correct details.
  • Go to the tab named ‘Instance Groups’ located at the left of the page and click on the ‘Create Instance Group’ icon.
  • At this point, you do not need to click on anything except if you will like to change your location. This can be quite effective if you want to be sure that you are using the fastest location. For this test, we are going to use central1-a.
  • Then you should be able to see the created template. It's as simple as that. Also, you can select the number of instances you will like to make with the template. You are allowed to create as many as your limit allows.
  • Once you have made up your mind, you can click on ‘create.'
  • You will need to wait for a few minutes for the instances to be completed, depending on the number of instances that you picked. The next thing is to put down your IP's and get ready to test them.
  • Once you are ready, you can start the testing in SoleSlayer, and it should be successful. Once you are done, do not forget to delete your instances. You can easily do that by clicking on the box to mark all the instances and delete at once. If you will like to increase your limit, you can use this link https://console.cloud.google.com/compute/quota
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