Tips on Getting the Best of Yeezy Night Timeline

If you really want to get the best in Yeezy release day, then you need to get yourself ready and get familiar with how the release week pans out. To make it simple, I will try to break it down, so you know how it always plays out. This should help you in planning well, and it will ensure that you do the right thing at the right time. Let's assume, the release day will be a Saturday, so we are going to analyze a week's preparation.

Monday - Thursday

By the beginning of Monday or on Tuesday morning, you should be finishing up with your server and proxy requirements. If you are not at this stage by this time, then you are already starting wrong. Most proxy and server services are well aware that there are people that will procrastinate until a day before the release, as the day draws nearer, they increase their prices.

By this time, you should be creating tasks and getting your bots ready for the day. I'm talking about the release of footsites, Adidas, and Yeezy. Go for any raffle that you come across, you will probably be surprised to know that some people win these raffles. Online raffle or in-store raffle, try all. You can use a site list to make your preparation more solid.
Enjoy the days before the release day, you will hear a lot of things, keep the ones that you think are important.

Friday Morning

There is basically nothing serious this morning, this is what they call ‘the calm before the storm.' Everyone is ready with their proxies, servers, and bots, but nothing comes out.

Friday Afternoon

By this time, you should be fully ready for the next day. This is when you get back from work, and you hit up other resellers in the group to know if there's any news. Once in a while, an EU site might drop around this period.

Friday Night

Most Friday nights of a weekend release are always the same, you will hardly see anything significant. This is when you should be rounding up with your preparations, and you can also create activities or listen to your favorite music, anything that will put you in the right mood.

Saturday Morning

This is where it all begins because most of the EU websites will start releasing. You will only be privileged to this information if you have created a sitelist already or maybe you have contacts that I've been on the lookout, or maybe you belong to a group chat where important information can reach you. Although you will hardly get more than a pair from these sites, but it's a good place to start.

In addition, by this time you should be seeing some retailers like SNS or Naked coming out with their pairs if they are not promoting any raffle. This is when things start getting real, and you should be ready.

As soon as the EU retailers are done dropping their items, the next on the list is Adidas UK. This is widely regarded to be the biggest drop of the day, and the reason is not farfetched, because of the time, a lot of stocks will still be available. So if you are still online at this time, you should be able to get some good pairs.
But there is no need to feel discouraged if you are not able to get a lot of pairs because there is still a big one coming on the way which is the Yeezy Supply. This is when everyone online will be looking for the password. This is because, at this time, you should expect YS to remove the password page, so it becomes something to search for. If you prefer the manual method, you will probably get the password; all you need to do is to be patient. Everybody will definitely get the password. You can be sure of getting at least a pair as long as you are online for the Yeezy Supply.

Once the timeline for Yeezy Supply passes, everything gets dry again, and the next on the list is the US and also the Footsites. One thing that I have noticed with these two sites is that they tend to release at the same time; this actually makes it quite serious for everybody. What I will advise is that you schedule your footsites and focus on Adidas US, this has been proven to be an efficient way of getting the best out of the two.

Saturday Afternoon

Once you are done with the Adidas US and the footsites, the next on your list should be the outliers. There are sites that love to act and appear different, so they prefer to release on Saturday afternoon, at this point, you will likely be offline already, maybe sleeping or just resting your head. But if you've had a bad day online, I can understand why you will still be online.

During this time, you don't really have much going on anymore. However, there is the last opportunity for you to get something, and what you need to look out for at this point is known as Footsite restock. After six or seven hours of releasing, Footsite always restocks, so what I will advise you is that you should not disconnect your bots yet, keep it on after the initial release till the end of Saturday. If there is no restock by Saturday night, then you can pack up. I can still remember a Yeezy restock that happened around 7 pm, so be optimistic.

Saturday Night

Maybe you are just getting up from your bed, its dark already, maybe all you want to do right now is to go back to bed and sleep off again. However, this is the right time to reflect. At this time, sneakerheads are busy, a lot of people are selling and buying, people are talking about the awesomeness of their new sneakers. This is the time to pay attention and read what others did well that made them to be successful, read about their tricks, and inculcate them. All you can do right now is to learn from your mistakes, learn from their methods, and move on.

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