Tired of Following Internet Rules? Bypass Them

Today, Internet security and censorship are the two most critical issues for any organisation, institution or even government. Countries are spending millions for data security and safety.

The only reason for it is the increase in usage of the Internet. From shopping to paying your electricity bills, The Internet is there for you. So with such a huge amount of Internet users worldwide, it is also being restricted and moulded as per the rules and regulations of the respected countries.

Why and Who is Responsible for Internet Censorship?

Internet Censorship is being carried out by all countries, depending upon their rules and regulations. For example, some countries think that social networking is harmful. Some think that porn sites are not acceptable. Some of them think that video streaming is not good.etc. So Internet is censored accordingly.

Schools and colleges have also censored The Internet in their premises not allowing users to access a certain type of content. Internet Censorship is a good option in terms of terrorism, for example not allowing access to terrorist websites or content will surely be helpful to any country. So you should never practice bypassing censorship for such illegal activities which may harm you as well as others. With this advisory note, let us learn about bypassing Internet Censorship.

Solutions to Bypass Internet Censorship


Using VPN

Connecting to a Virtual Private Network is the simplest and best option. All the data traffic coming from your computer will be redirected. So if you are connected to a VPN located in the US, then all your traffic will be redirected to the US before it goes to the server ahead. Replies from that server will also be received by the US server and then will be directed to you.

This is all encrypted, which means your country government will only be able to detect that you are using a VPN connection, but they can’t detect anything else. To block you, they will have to VPN connections. Using a good VPN is a must. Currently, HideMyAss Pro VPN is being used widely by many people and their users are increasing every day.


DNS Server

This method may or may not work. Some Internet service providers have implemented filtering. This is done by changing the DNS servers, which redirect requests for blocked websites to another website.

Here we assume that filtering is just being done at the DNS level, and then you can set up a custom DNS server on your device. This can override and bypass the Default DNS server controlled by your Internet Service Provider. Google Public DNS is a very good option.



You can unblock the blocked sites by using a standard proxy. Proxies work like VPN, but the difference between them is that Proxies are not as reliable as a VPN. But proxies are widely used when you quickly want to unblock a blocked website. A web-based proxy can also be used. There are many web-based proxies like HideMyAss which are good and widely being used.


Most of us don’t like to be in rules and regulations. Well, if you are bypassing censorship for a something which is not harmful to you or others, then you can definitely do it. Bypassing internet censorship also means that you may open up the door for viruses and malware, so using a good source is a must. Then you won’t be facing any problems.