What is a Bot? The Best Available Sneakerhead Bots in 2024

The truth is, this is 2024 and if we are being realistic, it is quite impossible to be successful in this game without the help of bots. It's basically impossible to cop an item by yourself from any shoe website, I mean sites Footlocker, FinishLine, FootAction or Champs.

It requires a lot of work, and you will not learn everything at once, you will need to be patient and ready to learn something new and big. That said, we can now go to the basics that you need to know before starting this enterprise.

What is Bot?

The first important thing we need to talk about is BOT, what is a bot? Simply, a bot is a computer program that serves as a virtual assistant and assists in buying products from a site. It saves all your credit card details, shipping information, and all the relevant details and then goes through the normal process of buying an item online which includes adding the item to cart and checks out for you using your details.

There are a lot of bots that you can select from, and I will assist you in picking the right item to buy, this will ensure that you make the best out of your resources- which is time and money. With a lot of years of experience doing this, you can trust me to give you the perfect bot that will work efficiently, so there is no reason to worry.

One basic thing you should know about bots is that they all have their advantages and drawbacks. Some bots are basically programmed to work on Shopify websites (shopify.com), while there are bots designed to work mainly for Supreme, or sites that are basically about sneakers.

It's crucial to let you know that there are smaller bots that you will see, but it is quite risky to go for a new bot that has not been tested in the market just because you are getting discouraged with your results. What you need to look out for is the popularity of a bot, if you realize a lot of people in your niche are going for a particular bot, then it means it works, and you can try it out. Nobody wants to waste up to $180-400 on a bot that the developer has abandoned.

It is possible that you have stumbled on Add-To-Cart (ATC) services that are always disturbing you online, and it can actually be tempting and frustrating if your results are not looking well. These services are a group of programmers that are committed to making sure that they are on the top of the chain. If you will like to compete with them, then you will need to be a programmer or hire a very good one from one of the popular freelance sites like Upwork to help you come up with your personal bot. But be ready to bring out your cheque book because you will need to hire an excellent one and they don’t come easy.

The Best Available Bots for Sneakerhead

Below are some of the best Bots that I can highly recommend for you. You can check out dashe.io/ aiomacbot.com for Shopify websites since the beginning of the year, Dashe has been on top of the game, and you can be assured of making it big with the bot.

For your footsites, you can pick up Sole Slayer. This is one of the good ones for your footsites, and it's quite simple to use and efficient.

For your Supreme stuff, you can either go for Supreme Slayer, or you can go for Force Cop. The former does not come with a browser, but it is quite good if you are looking for a supreme bot that does not have browser, then Supreme Slayer is the best you can get. Force Cop is another awesome and simple bot that has a lot of positive reviews from users thanks to the new captcha system that makes it amazing.

If you are looking for bot for Adidas, then you can either go for Splash Force, or you can pick up yCopp. Splash Force is undoubtedly the best in the Adidas bot business right now. Supported with the perfect proxies, you can expect an incredible bot that is fast and efficient. yCopp is another amazing bot designed explicitly for Adidas. Maybe not as efficient as Splash Force, but it is still one of the outstanding ones for Adidas, just make sure that you have the correct proxies.

Configuring Your Bot

This is where things get a bit technical and somehow complex if you are a beginner. For your bots to function perfectly below are the important things that you will need.

  • You will need Un-banned proxies for your Bot
  • Then you will need a VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Finally, you will need to get Virtual Cards. I will suggest that you use more than one credit card.

The Future of Bots and General Tips for Sneakerheads

There is quite a lot to talk about and learn in this article, especially for beginners, so I will try my possible best to keep it as short and straightforward as possible.
Basically, if bots were that easy to destroy, I'm sure a tech-savvy would have done it by now. The main trick is that before they are able to stop bots from working, you will need to make sure that you can pick them out in real-time and trust me, that it is quite difficult for even the best of brains.

To make you understand the way bots works, try to imagine thousands of users reloading their browser trying to be the first to get an item, and at that particular time, there are these machines doing the same thing. As soon as the item is dropped, chaos ensues. A lot of activities is going on at the same time, for example, there will be some users that will be adding an item to the cart while some will be providing their personal details, while some will be getting ready to check out while there are some still stuck on the first page.

Amidst this chaos, the site has less than a second to spend on each user to determine if they will be given access to buy from the site or not. To make it more difficult, they can't afford to make any mistake. They need to make sure that they are not blocking a real customer instead of blocking a bot; this is what makes identifying bots and blocking them to be a very difficult task to achieve. The idea behind e-commerce is to create a human customer replica using the internet. Basically what your computer is doing is sending and receiving information which can easily be automated and replicated by using a machine which is known as a bot.

To make things more complex, it's actually easier and quicker for real customers to check out and that is not surprising because of the internet speed that increases every day and because of the autofill feature that comes with most browsers now which ensures that you do not need always to fill in your details on every form. These days, the difference between a real customer and a machine is so close that you really don't want to make any mistake in blocking a potential customer from buying your item.

The world of buying and selling online is changing rapidly, which makes it quite difficult to predict the role of bots in the nearest future. Most enthusiasts believe that the future belongs to mobile shopping and digital wallets, and that will be great news for online resellers although digital wallets like Android Pay and Apple Pay works with biometric authentication as the basis for online payment, which is not something that a bot can do right now.

Maybe sometime in the future, bots won’t be relevant to sneakerheads anymore before there is another invention that will serve as a suitable alternative. Most companies are increasing the prices of their sneakers and producing in larger quantities, which will make the reselling of sneakers to become more difficult, and that will definitely affect the relevance of bots.

However, whichever direction the sneaker world decides to go in the future, I personally believe bots will always be here. In fact, the business of reselling sneakers online doesn’t really have much to say when it comes to the relevance of bots to the internet world.

  • Let's begin with the simplest one; if you like to use a bot, then you need to get the right server and proxies to be successful. Without the right bot and the perfect proxy, you will find it difficult to achieve anything substantial.
  • Because you have a good bot does not automatically mean that you will always get a pair of shoes, this is because you are not the only one with a good bot, however, having a good bot increases your chances, and that's the point.
  • It's not every time that you will get keywords; this means that sometimes you will need to think and be smart. For example, if a site is releasing a White NMD runner made by Adidas and you can’t get the keyword. I can bet with you a keyword like Adidas+NMD+runner should do the job.
  • What you need to do is to be certain that there is no other shoe on the site with the same keyword so as not to check out something different. It’s not necessary that you depend on the programmer of your bot keywords because sometimes most of them use the same format. So as long as you use your head, you should be able to come up with a perfect keyword that will do the job.
  • Always make sure that the number of tasks that you are running at the same time does not surpass the number of proxies that you own. This will ensure that you have the best chance of completing these tasks. If you run less than your proxies, then you are limiting your chances of achieving success.
  • If you will like to have more than one email to set up your account, you can use try this out. For example, [email protected] is basically the same thing as [email protected] or any number that you wish to out. All emails will be sent to the first email, which will serve as the main email. However, the advantage is that most websites will see it as a new email.
  • Another method that you can use is to write it as [email protected], or you can put a dot after each letter, something like this [email protected]. Emails will be sent to the main address, and you will be seen as a new user.
  • There is another thing that I need to point out, which is about the multiple emails. You can actually use the email to store a lot of Adidas 15% off coupons that they always give out when you sign up with them. You can use these sign-up bonuses to obtain some cool restock shoes.
  • Click on your bot to see if your checkout delay settings are normal. There are times when the checkout delay settings will be slow, and it can greatly affect the number of purchases that you can make on a drop. So it's always better to have a quicker checkout time to improve your chances. However, ensure that you are not setting it to the extreme because it can cause an IP ban or cancellation of your order. This will only work with ANB and BNB on Supreme. So it will be advisable to modify the settings if you realize that you've not been successful after a few drops, apart from that, the default settings should always work well for you.
  • When you are ordering for Supreme, and you can't get the Keywords to be functional, the next thing you have to do is to get the link of the item. If you are fast enough to enter the early link in your bot, you stand a better chance of checking out before the people that are using the manual method. So always be smart and quick.
  • It's important to always launch your bots 5-20 minutes before a footsite release. Doing this will ensure that you are logged in even if the site goes down and you will be able to carry out your tests and proxies. However, if you are working on Supreme, there is really no point to do this; you can launch your bots a minute before a drop.
  • Most times, early links are better than Keywords. Do not forget that!
  • If you see the 403 forbidden error message, it means that your proxy has been banned. If you are not using proxies and you see the message, it means that your IP has been banned.
  • If you are moving from one server instance to another, always make sure that you are backing up your data. It will save you a lot of time, and you won't need always to enter your card detail every time that you want to re-install your bot.
  • If you do not care about burning your proxies, you can allow your bot to be online for restocks. Some resellers actually run their bots throughout the day hoping to catch a restock, and it can be effective. As long as you stick to these tips, you should have a great day of purchasing items.

Factors to Consider If Your Bot is Failing

If you realize that you are not making it big on every release, then that means there are things that you need to work on. These days, it's quite easy to cop sneakers online, and it's quite difficult to see anyone that has been in the reselling business for a while finding it impossible to get a pair of kicks or two at every release.

One of the factors is that you need to be sure that you are using the right bot. This is basically the most important factor. There are a lot of bots in the market, and you must be sure you are using the right one.

You really don't want to spend your hard-earned money on the wrong bot, and I mean the money that you can use to get more sneakers. The most frustrating part is that bots are quite expensive, so you can’t afford to get the wrong one, make sure that you do your research well and get the right bot that will work perfectly for you.

There are times when your bot will not be the one to blame; it is possible that you are using the wrong proxies or maybe your proxies have been banned. It will always be advisable to use the best proxies that work with your bot. If your proxy is slow, shared, or banned, it can significantly affect the performance of your bot.

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