Instagram Automation: Safe Ways to Use Instagram Automation in 2023

If you want to increase your social media marketing, Instagram automation is necessary. But how to make the most of it without being targeted by Instagram? Read on!

Instagram is an excellent platform for brands and marketers to scale their businesses. With more than one billion users, it is definitely the place to be. With this in mind, how will you generate limitless leads? Automation may be the one sure way to hasten the process and save tons of time to focus on engagement and content.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram Automation

Automating your Instagram account means using third-party tools to manage the account, interact with Insta users and implement tasks.  There are two parts of Instagram automation which include;

  • Managing interactions with Instagram users by commenting liking and following them
  • Automating your backend by performing tasks like posting content, analytics, and reporting.

You may have come across spam comments on your posts, phantom views, and disappearing followers. It is most probably a bot hovering around your account. Note that Instagram does not allow the use of bots to grow your account. Therefore if caught violating this rule, you risk having your account suspended. Just like they did with Instagress in 2017.

The other part of automation is managing your backend which we consider safe.  Since it is all about automating how or when you post and revealing hashtags to enlarge your reach. You won’t need to worry about punishment from Instagram if you’re using this second method of automation.

What Can be Automated on Instagram?

What Can be Automated on Instagram

1. Scheduling and Publishing Stories and Posts

AN Instagram bot is very handy in lining up a series of posts and stories and publishing at the correct time. All this while you focus on other more important matters. The bot optimizes time for posting which is useful to be able to reach a bigger audience and get better results.

2. Analytics and Reporting

Instagram has a useful feature called Insights that provides tons of data. It would however be time-consuming to go through various screens to read them. An Instagram bot collects this data and pastes it on a social media report. Bots provide precise information that is customized to help you and your team make important decisions.

3. Customer Service

This would call for you to constantly check for notifications forcing you to constantly open, respond, and close the app throughout your day. A bot however can respond to messages instantly and direct customer requests straight to your team for handling. The bot will also provide the data in real-time to your CRM to ease handling and help with follow-ups.

Pros of Instagram Automation

Pros of Instagram Automation

1. Big Time Saver

To stay active, you must constantly share photos, engage with users, like several photos, and more. But you never have the time to perform these tasks and still focus on other things which are where the bot comes in. Knowing that Instagram restricts too much engagement within an hour, a bot will check in every hour to respond to direct messages, as well as post content for you.

2. Have more followers

Constant account management will help you get more followers within time as well as follow other accounts. A good bot can bring you an average of 300 followers a day which is impressive and critical for brand growth.

3. They can do tasks beyond human capability

You most likely won’t have the time to check on different things regarding a person before following them. Especially if targeting a specific group of Instagram users. A bot will check into thousands of the targeted users’ profiles and make a decision to follow or not follow.

4. You get more engagement

Keeping track of the number of liked posts, how many you’ve followed, and other actions can be difficult. You might sometimes find yourselves surprising Instagram thresholds resulting in a temporary account ban. Instagram bots constantly engage and ensure they are within the limits set by the platform.

Cons of Instagram Automation

Cons of Instagram Automation

1. It violates Instagram’s rules of engagement

Instagram prohibits any form of scraping, crawling, caching and accessing content through automated means. An exception is for search engine protocols and their technologies.  Bots are constantly collecting information like usernames, profiles, and more. They use proxies to do this and avoid detection. Breaking Instagram rules will result in getting banned.

2. Bots learn fast but find it hard to comprehend

Bots can sometimes be unpredictable as there are times they can send weird messages to users that a human being wouldn’t. It is therefore recommended that you start slow giving it actions like follow, unfollow, and likes. Constantly adjust the configurations of your bot by finding filters that don’t work.

3. It can be a challenge to control them

If you are new to bot management, we advise that take time to learn how to use it. You may encounter challenges in managing the or find the bot doing unsanctioned tasks which can increase the risk of account banning.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

Sprout Social instagram

Sprout Soocial is a bot that allows you to smarter through its management tools. You can schedule posts, check on hashtags, manage comments and get reports. Its excellent scheduling features allow you to optimize your planing, have intuitive workflows and engaging content. It lets you engage with your followers easily while building relationships.


  • It has powerful analytics and reporting features
  • Its scheduling tools allow you to efficiently plan and post content and stories.
  • You can manage several Instagram profiles from the same platform with ease.
  • It allows your team to manage relationships through its CRM tool

SocialPilotl instagram

This is a bot with tons of features that help you to manage your instagram account. Its user interface is easy to use although not as nice looking as others. The ot is easy to set up and can also connect to a host of other social media platforms except Instagram. SocialPilot lets your team manage several Instagram accounts within the same platform. You can schedule and publish 500 posts with photos in one upload.


  • The tool provides powerful and analytics and reports to help in making decisions
  • It is an excellent tool for teams as each member has their own user interface
  • It has a white label feature that allows you to customize the tool to your brand's liking.
  • It allows set clear responsibilities and roles to team members for seamless workflow

Crowdfire instagram

Crowdfire is another feature-rich tool that allows you to schedule and automatically post content on your Instagram accounts. You can as well manage other social media accounts within the same platform. It is easy to use and helps you to know good content from third parties that is engaging and relevant. Crowdfire also comes with excellent analytics tools that provide accurate data at all times. You can also monitor what your competitor is doing with the help of this tool.


  • It can support several users and provides every individual with a user interface.
  • The tool is can also be accessed via android and iOS devices letting you manage activities from anywhere.
  • It has excellent analytics and reports that show your brand’s performance
  • You can manage several social media accounts from the same interface

Kicksta instagram

This is an excellent tool that helps small businesses and startups manage their Instagram accounts. It provides organic growth methods for your Instagram account powered by their advanced AI. It is able to look for profiles that are similar to yours, it rings in followers and as well follows back. It is a fully automated bot that saves you tons of hours daily.


  • It can automatically interact with other Instagram users and build relationships
  • They provide organic growth to your Instagram account with real followers
  • It provides information about which target profiles and hashtags are performing well
  • They have a vibrant customer service team that can be easily reached

Social Boost instagram

Social Boost is another Instagram growth platform that claims to offer organic growth to your account. The bot uses proxies and VPN to avoid getting detected and efficiently follows and follows other Instagram accounts. It is ale to target your audience using various parameters to get an authentic following in your account. To use SocialBoost, you have to purchase a plan with a minimum of $59 every month.


  • The bot provides organic social growth with authentic followers
  • It has 24/7 customer support with fast response
  • It is able to target audiences based on parameters such as gender, age, interests, similarities, and location.
  • It provides monthly reports to help know how your campaigns are performing

Instaboo minstagram

If you are looking for fast growth the Instaboom will help you as they sell Instagram followers and likes. It claims that all the likes and the followers you get are organically grown and they perform targeted campaigns. It is easy to work with and it has a user-friendly interface.


  • You can buy Instagram followers and likes to instantly make your account popular
  • It performs targeted campaigns based on several parameters
  • The bot can automatically interact with other Instagram users y commenting, following, and liking posts
  • If you decide to cancel a plan, you won’t lose the followers you have gained.


Managing an Instagram or any other social media account is not easy as it will require you to spend a lot of time on it. Bots have simplified this process making them excellent time savers. Any business would be happy to automate these tasks however you must understand that Instagram is not bot-friendly. As you go on n your automation ensure you have the right bot for a areseamless workflow.

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