10 Best SoundCloud Bots in 2023

Do you want to live out your stardom dreams on SoundCloud? If you want to get more followers and plays, you can't miss our top 10 Soundcloud bots!

The music industry is growing at a fast rate. With it comes many issues such as piracy and content copyright issues. However, many platforms allow users to listen to and share music while paying the artist. One of these platforms is Soundcloud.

The main challenge with Soundcloud is that it is very crowded and has many users in the market. It is no different from other social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, which need good traffic.

While many talented artists are out there, only a few are discovered. If you want more exposure and be at the top of the sound cloud, then this article is for you. Stay put as we unravel the whole Soundcloud bot industry for you.

Take Notice About Using Soundcloud Bots

So, what are bots, and how do they work? They are automated to give you good traffic and a better audience. These are some things to consider when using these bots.

Normal Frequency

Many Soundcloud bots allow you to decide how frequently you get downloads and plays. However, you should regulate the frequency of plays as too much may be suspicious. We advise that you get one play every few minutes. That way, your content will be free of any suspicion and look natural. It is also going to give you many plays while looking natural.

Real Interaction

It would help to interact with listeners for your tracks to look like organic traffic. Ensure you are active on the platform and engage them well. You can easily do this by commenting, giving likes, and urging them to listen to your tracks. This will also guarantee that you get a bigger audience for your platform.

Best Soundcloud Bots

Mr.Insta soundcloud

If you're seeking one of the finest Soundcloud bots in the industry, you should consider Mr. Insta. They have a lot of experience, and despite a few changes over the years, they have remained a significant player in the Soundcloud bot game.

One of the things their customers love about them is that they can assist with more than just Soundcloud. Therefore, if you have songs on other media, you can also develop these. They do, however, include Soundcloud-specific capabilities if you're seeking to become excellent and relevant.

They aim to assist their customers in achieving high-quality, focused growth, and they can accomplish so via their Soundcloud play choices. The most incredible thing is choosing how many or how few plays you want. You can purchase 100 plays for $10 and 50,000 plays for $900. This means you're just paying for what you receive and nothing else.

YTpals soundcloud

YTpals is a popular platform for obtaining free Soundcloud plays. It is a rapidly expanding platform with thousands of satisfied clients. They offer two options: one is a free service, and the other is a premium paid plan.

The platform comes with many unique features, including buying Soundcloud plays and downloads. Additionally, they give you a chance to buy followers, likes, and comments. If you are interested in reposts, they can provide you with quality services. The service also has several premium options, which are a great way to choose a package.

The most fantastic choice is the celebrity option, which provides you with 40 – 60 subscribers every day. It is also the costliest, at $80 per month.

TurboMedia soundcloud

Another great platform for growing your Soundcloud audience is TurboMedia. It is a good way to gain followers for more views, likes, and downloads. The best thing about them is that they offer top-tier features that others don't.

One major feature is the ability to buy commends. This brings legitimacy and makes your account more recognizable. It also increases the engagement in your account, thus making it more widespread.

Furthermore, they deliver what you've ordered within 48 hours of purchase. Your privacy is crucial; therefore, they do not share the details with any third party. The platform has an easy-to-use interface and highly professional customer support.

SoNuker soundcloud

SoNuker is a friendly tool that enables you to purchase plays for your Soundcloud channel. They offer several features that assist your channel in obtaining higher recognition and more plays. SoNuker achieves this by encouraging others to listen and download your tracks.

Likewise, they are 100 percent authentic and an industry leader with massive market awareness. Additionally, they deliver more plays than the ones you order. The other excellent thing is that you start getting results within one or two of purchase. These results will continue improving until you arrive at your aim.

No password is also required for your account. This is because they use IP authentication. Their refill guarantees and 100% safety and privacy are also a plus. If you have any problem, their comprehensive customer support will assist you.

media mister soundcloud

Media Mister is yet another excellent site for purchasing Soundcloud plays and downloads. If you want to grow the number of views on your YouTube channel, Media Mister can assist. They have a lengthy history in the sector and understand what you need as a customer. Furthermore, they are a reputable vendor with a long track record and high reviews.

They also accept safe payments, ensuring that you get the finest services possible. Your information is always kept private and is never disclosed to a third party. They personalize your account, providing that you attract actual listeners for your targeted service.

Furthermore, they provide a money-back guarantee, which means you will get a return if you are dissatisfied with their services. If you have any issues with the platform, they offer excellent customer service that will assist you.

Stormlikes soundcloud

Stormlikes offers a highly user-friendly platform for purchasing Soundcloud downloads. They will assist you in gaining prominence by providing unmatched services to raise your profile. Furthermore, they are among the most cost-effective service suppliers in the business.

You may enjoy up to 500 Soundcloud plays for just $2.99. Their most expensive package is $149.9, including 50,000 plays of your tunes. All of their services additionally have one-of-a-kind features to enhance your user experience.

Some of these benefits include guaranteed rapid delivery for all purchases. The listeners you get are also from genuine individuals, not bots. Another fantastic feature is that you may access your account without entering a password. They also provide 24-hour customer service to help you get well and on your way.

FredBoat soundcloud This is a discord music bot that also works perfectly for Soundcloud. You can play high-quality music and gain enough views and downloads with it. The platform also has a live streaming feature, which is unique among its peers.

It also has a search option that lets users not easily browse the song instead of linking it. This will make your searches appear more organic, thus reducing the risk of being banned. It will also increase your audience and make you more unique among competitors.

AIOStream soundcloud

AIOStream believes that they have some very unique solutions for your Soundcloud music promotion. They claim to assist you in increasing your views, likes, and follows. They can help you with all you'll need to advance on Soundcloud and discover the perfect audience for your song.

They also offer a client development function to customize their features to meet your specific requirements. The most significant thing is that they are also compatible with other major music websites, such as Deezer and Spotify.

They have a one-time price of $297, a yearly fee of $199, and a monthly fee of $127. Therefore, the longer your subscription, the less expensive it will be. We believe that AIOStream is convenient if you seek a Soundcloud bot that can adapt to your demands.

SidesMedia soundcloud

Another popular bot that offers Soundcloud services is SideMedia. It helps you gain exposure and a better user experience for your music. With this bot, you can be guaranteed to achieve many views, likes, follow, and downloads for your tracks.

It also comes with many features that are unique in the market. One of them is the guaranteed outcome within 72 hours.  They are also among the most affordable services out there. With only $2.50, you can start enjoying high-quality services.

UseViral soundcloud

UseViral is also one of the most fantastic venues for purchasing Soundcloud plays. They conduct a Soundcloud promotion that helps your channel get more visitors. This allows you to get the required outcomes in real-time. Their services include various features designed to provide you with an unparalleled user experience.

They not only help you save time on marketing and gathering opinions, but they also assist you in increasing your reputation. They've got your back if you're seeking social evidence. UseViral has been in the business for a long time and is well-versed in circumventing the Soundcloud algorithm.

You can quickly expand your Soundcloud channel by being consistent, providing value to your audience, and distinctive. UseViral streamlines the process of growing your audience and improving your account to achieve the target level.


In a nutshell, using Soundclouds bots may be the best way to grow your audience. It is also a good solution if you want to have a good amount of downloads for your music. However, you must be careful when choosing a service provider. Ensure you select one that has the best features for you.

You should also check on the frequency of the plays. This is because too many plays may raise suspicion, leading to your account closure.

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