How to Get Someone’s IP from Instagram

Instagram, along with Social Scrape is commonly used for email marketing nowadays but just like other social media platforms, is replete with fake user profiles. Many people have fake accounts that they use to influence sales, perpetrate fraud, among other illicit online deals.

By obtaining someone’s Instagram IP address, it’s easy to distinguish the real from fake Instagram accounts.

In this review, we’ve provided a quick rundown on how to get someone’s IP from Instagram. Hope you find it useful.

How to Find IP addresses on Instagram

How to Find IP addresses on Instagram

Unknown to many, it’s actually very easy to access someone’s IP address from Instagram. The next time you want to verify someone’s identity on Instagram, you may want to try one of the many IP grabbing service providers or simply make use of an IP grabbing website.

Some of the best-known IP grabbing sites include Grabify IP Logger and IP Logger. For persons you chat with often, you can access their real IP address by simply toggling the “Hide Bots” switch.

All the above-mentioned methods of ide a person’s IP address on Instagram only provide info about the IP; nothing more. If you need to know more about the user, then consider other sites like IP Tracker, WhatIsMyIPAddress, and many others.

Why do They Want Your Instagram IP?

Why They Want Your Instagram IP

Instagram is a leading social platform with billions of users worldwide. Because of its sheer size, the platform has seen a rise in the number of fake accounts used for fraud and spreading online misinformation.

However, you can stay ahead of the scammers and the deep-fakes by obtaining the IP addresses associated with the particular user. Here are some of the reasons someone/ websites may actually want your Instagram IP:

  • To minimize fraud on their platforms
  • To deal with perpetual online harassment associated with particular accounts
  • To unmask fake account holders
  • To combat misinformation associated with particular accounts.
  • To enhance trust by weeding out fake account users.

How to Avoid Being Tracked IP Addresses

How to Avoid Being Tracked IP Addresses

While it's impossible to prevent someone from knowing your IP address, you have the option of IP address masking. There are a number of platforms that can help with this. Some of the common ones include:


Using Proxy Servers

You can conceal your real Instagram IP using a proxy. The whole thing works by routing all your traffic via the proxy server. That way, anyone who tries to find your Instagram IP will only see the proxy IP. It's worth noting that while proxies can be used to conceal your real Instagram IP, there are high-end tools that can override them and leak your real IP address.


Using VPNs

Compared to proxy servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are much better at concealing Instagram IP addresses. They work by routing all traffic via a safe and private network. Moreover, VPNs encrypt all user info thus making it hard to access not just the IP address, but also other sensitive personal data.


Using Tor Browser

Last in our list of options is Tor browser, a platform synonymous with high-level security, privacy, and anonymity. However, Tor can be painfully slow sometimes. Despite the slow connection speed, Tor remains one of the best platforms for anyone looking to mask their Instagram IP address.


Accessing someone’s IP on Instagram is very easy, thanks to the countless IP grabbing tools and websites. Even with these tools and sites, you can still mask your real Instagram IP address using a proxy server, VPN, or Tor Browser.

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