7 Main Reasons to Hide IP Address via a VPN

The first question that comes to mind is why one should hide his/her IP address? Now it’s not because you have nothing to hide but because of the simple fact that hiding IP address raises your online anonymity and privacy, and because in the modern era of cyber technology advertisers, hackers, governments and agencies like NSA are always looking over your shoulder. And the use of the internet is widening now more than ever and it’s like becoming a part of life without which we cannot feel like a part of the world. So if you wish to safeguard your online privacy and want to stop your data from being tapped then you better hide your IP address.

And the best way to hide IP address is to use a reliable VPN service, because VPN service hides your IP address, encrypts your data through their secure tunnels, and also does not share your browsing history with anyone.

7 Main Reasons to Hide IP Address


To Access Geographically-Restricted Contents

A majority of VPN users use VPN in order to access the contents which are not made available over the internet in their country because VPN service allows you to choose an IP address of a country of your choice if they do happen to have a server in that country, and once you have changed your country you can access the blocked contents which are not available in your own country.


Anonymity Online

The second thing that you can accomplish with the use of VPN is online anonymity and safeguard yourself from the cybercriminals and government who intend to track each and every move that you makes over the internet. VPN protects your anonymity by first changing your IP address and then by encrypting your data, thus resulting into more anonymity online.


Security Over Public Networks

When you are connected through a VPN over a public network it not only hides your identity it also provides you more secure internet and hackers are not able to intercept your data because VPN encrypts the data and sends it through their secure tunnel.


Bypass Government Censorship

Some countries allow access to selective contents of the internet to its citizens, this practice could be seen in China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc. where people are not allowed to access Facebook, Twitter or several other websites. In such countries, a VPN service is very useful to bypass such censorship employed by the government.


Confidentiality and Security

We are not only under a threat from the hackers but the government and other agencies are also spying on our internet activities, and this is no secret. So when you are connected through a VPN service your data is encrypted and sent through secure tunnels, thus it becomes impossible for the government agencies to intercept your data.


Download Torrents

VPN also allows you to download torrents, in countries like USA and UK where copyrights law are stringent downloading torrents is illegal. So when you are connected to a VPN server located in a country where such laws are more liberal you can easily download torrents without any legal consequences.


No Tracking Over Internet Usage

VPN also prevents the tracking of your internet activities by encrypting your data and tunneling it through secure tunnels. This makes it impossible for the advertisers, websites, search engines, marketers and organizations to track your browsing and then bombard you with personalized suggestions or targeted ads for that matter.

Best Method for hiding IP address?

As I have said above the best way to hide your IP address is to use a VPN, although there are several other ways to hide IP address but none of them is more secure than a VPN service. So all you have to do is to buy a VPN subscription, here my personal choice is HideMyAss VPN as they provide lowest prices, faster speeds, maximum support, and protection. Once you have bought a VPN all you have to do is set up the VPN in your machine and you are ready to hide your IP address.


In this guide I explained the reasons to hide your IP address in order to maximize your online security and browsing experience, and what are the threats that lurk around if you do not change your IP address. Hope this guide will be helpful to you in deciding what is best for you.