Best TikTok Bot to Make Your Account More Influential

Want to be a Tiktok influencer? Well, you've come to the right place, as we present you with 10+ Tiktok bots to make you go viral on Tiktok.

TikTok is a platform that has had tremendous growth over the years and has attracted many users. It even became more popular during the corona pandemic. Most businesses have also started using the platform for marketing and pushing products.

However, the issue has been how you can get followers on the platform. Some activities might get monotonous and uninteresting based on how you use your TikTok profile and the goals you complete.

These tasks may also have a recurring aspect to them. Some of them include things like posting, leaving comments, following accounts, and so on. TikTok bots can help with this. Keep in mind that many of these procedures are necessary to expand your TikTok audience. Moreover, People need to see and acknowledge you to engage, right?

RankProviderProvidePriceOther Platforms
1Media MisterFollowers,  Views, Likes, Comments, SharesStart at 25 FollowersYes
2StormlikesFollowers, Views, LikesStart at 100 FollowersYes
3SocialViralFollowers, Views, LikesStart at 50 FollowersYes
4FollowersupFollowers, Views, Likes, Comments, SharesStart at 100 FollowersYes
5FueltokFollowers, Views, LikesStart at 500 FollowersNo
6IGBestViewsFree (has paid plan)Yes
7Trusy SocialReal Followers$97/monthYes
8Social BuddyReal Followers$99/monthYes
10SomiiboAutomation$10.95/month Yes

What are TikTok Bots and Why People Use Them

TikTok Bots

The ultimate TikTok bots can help you quickly develop your following while saving you a lot of time from tedious, repetitive work. TikTok is an uprising and well-known social media platform. This social network is becoming more trending, and marketers want to partner with TikTok influencers.

It's time to go all-in on this social media platform. It will soon be saturated, much like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For the time being, bots on TikTok might help you quickly expand your audience.

Any TikTok bot you use must seem as humanly possible. If the Bot's conduct isn't genuine, it may draw attention to your account rather than increase it. Things might swiftly worsen if your account is regarded to be a bot account. So, which bots might add value to your TikTok account? This is a look at seventeen of the best TikTok bots available.

17 Best TikTok Bots and Growth Services

Now that you understand bots and why people use them, let's look at the best Bot you can get. These bots offer certain features such as views, likes, and followers. TikTok bots are better than Instagram and Facebook bots because of their safety. Stay put as we unravel some of the best TikTok bots you can consider using!

1. Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister is a great TikTok bot that can assist you with various elements of your label's online presence. They go over and beyond for each of their customers. Organizations have been in business for a long time.  Which means they are specialists in this field.

Their features are particular and thorough, allowing you to get the most out of them no matter what you wish to do. They also guarantee security, so you won't have to be concerned about your reputation.

2. Stormlikes

Somiibo overview

Stormlikes fully controlled TikTok bot may assist you through skilled team members. Their ultimate objective is to assist you in increasing your exposure. They also help you locate the ideal audience for your TikTok content and stand out.

The thing we like most about this film is that it has rapid growth. This is because they want their customers to become popular at some point in their careers. They are incredibly dedicated to their profession, and it shows in everything they do. If you want to make a meaningful impact with your TikTok account, look into this firm.

3. SocialViral

SocialViral overview

Are you looking for a TikTok bot that is unique and provides features that others don't? Then you should look at SocialViral. They offer amazing TikTok followers, views, and likes, and the greatest thing is that they don't stop there.

They've got you covered in every way, allowing you to expand every area of your brand on TikTok. They not only provide rapid results, but they also provide real likes, making it simple to develop your TikTok account.

4. Followersup

Followersup overview

FollowersUp is comparable to Media Mister in that it offers a wide range of features across numerous platforms. One of the first things they ask new clients is to specify which platform they want the most assistance with.

They will then understand your target audience and assist you properly. Followersup offers a variety of tools for its clients to use to increase their TikTok engagement, ranging from followers and comments to likes and views.

One thing you'll like about them is that they guarantee speedy delivery on all purchases.  They also offer a high-quality customer care service that gives you real-time assistance.

5. Fueltok

Fueltok overview

FuelTok helps you get popular in TikTok by increasing your following and interaction. This TikTok bot chats with people automatically to bring focus to your account and attract new viewers to follow you.

FuelTok targets individuals based on relevant hashtags, particular accounts similar to yours, and geography for your growth. Share this info upfront to assist FuelTok in locating the correct followers who will be intrigued by your stuff. Thus ensuring that they will follow you and stay on your videos for longer!

You may further narrow down who you want to target depending on their quality, level of engagement on the app, and amount of fans. If you are not interested in automation, FuelTok can supply followers, likes, and views directly.

6. IGBest

IGBest overview

IG Best is a great bot that boasts some of the most dependable features for your TikTok development. They can assist you with TikTok engagement, SEO, and free TikTok auto views. They offer some of the best features, including increasing views, likes, and followers.

To make it better, their website is secure with HTTP protocol. This ensures that the information you give out is safe. They also have the best pricing in the bot industry, making them pocket-friendly. For them to give the best service, you need to give your niche. This includes your preferred location, type of content, and the audience you are targeting.

7. Trusy Social

Trusy Social overview

Trusy social is a TikTok bot that will help you expand your account and keep you secure every step of the way. They have been in the business long enough and know the ins and outs of the bot business.

They are known to be among the best TikTok bots available, and based on their ratings; we believe they're true to their word. We like how they offer so many tools to help you locate the perfect audience.  They also employ a proxy to keep you entirely anonymous. The features they offer are outstanding, and customers always give them positive feedback.

8. Social Buddy

Social Buddy TikTok growth

Social Buddy is a top recommendation for anyone seeking to grow their TikTok following. This tool employs sophisticated social media marketing to expand your TikTok following safely and consistently. It also assists in the improvement of engagements.

Social Buddy performs by attracting followers who are interested in your niche. After signing up for Social Buddy, your account manager will ask you questions regarding your profile and the content you share. They may also require your competitors, influencers, trending topics related to your content, and other details. They can use this information to target TikTok users that may follow you.

Unlike other bots, it does not spam your profile with falsified followers or automatically sends you spam or bots. Rather, they aid in the authentic growth of your account, resulting in more likes, comments, and shares.

9. Instoo

Instoo overview

Instoo is reasonably priced — it is not cheap, but it is also not costly. They are quite cautious and use a very stance to prevent a ban. The Bot's only purpose is to automate follow and unfollow. It also automates commenting or likes.

The Bot limits its follow and unfollow numbers to a minimum to avoid triggering the TikTok anti-spam system, making it one of the safest boats on the market. Expect to get between 20 to 100 followers every day on average.

10. Somiibo

Somiibo overview

Somiibo is a great bot that has grown t offer TikTok automation as a separate application. It is the most affordable TikTok automation solution on the market.  Cheap does not necessarily imply inferiority -Somiibo works flawlessly.

It allows you to gain followers, likes, and even comments. You also have complete control over the Bot's operations. It offers some of the most sophisticated targeting choices on the market, such as hashtags, geography, and gender. The Bot does not need to be downloaded since it operates in the browser.

11. Instafollowers

Instafollowers overview

Because of its simplicity, Instafollowers is also one of the most affordable bots on the market, making it ideal for beginners. Instafollowers may be set up in three simple steps. After signing up for an Instafollwers account, connect your accounts and then define your target audience to make the Bot to run.

Because the Bot is a web-based program, there is no need for you to download and install it before using it. It includes a lovely dashboard that gives you reports on your account's development.

12. Famoid

Famoid overview

One interesting thing about Famoid is that they give free interaction at first.  So, you can acquire the increase for your TikTok accounts that you need. This is ideal for people that do not have a huge marketing budget for TikTok. It's usually beneficial to locate organizations like these eager to collaborate with you from the start.

Therefore, we believe they're a strong candidate for your TikTok automation. They also take precautions to keep all of their customers secure throughout the expansion process, so you shouldn't worry about jeopardizing your account.

13. UseViral

UseViral overview

UseViral is also a good company with amazing features. So, you don't have to stress over your TikTok success – or anything else regarding that. Aside from assisting you with numerous platforms other than TikTok, they also offer a tiered price structure. Therefore, allowing you to pick how much or how little involvement you need.

They offer a textbox on their site where you may contact them if you need to. They also ask you to select a service that then submits your details if you need more. After that, you may proceed with the payment and enjoy their benefits.

14. Instamber

Instamber overview

Instamber is a relatively new bot, but they've already established itself as one of the finest. They vow only to employ genuine interaction with their customers and only target the proper individuals for their specialty and business.

Instamber has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to targeting the ideal individuals for you.  This includes hashtags, gender to language, and region. Instamber is easy to use – all you have to do is add your TikTok profile and then tell them information about your intended audience.

Once you've completed this, they'll take care of the rest. Instamber wishes you to understand that they are a quick and efficient bot. They appreciate that their customers don't have infinite time to devote to increasing their TikTok engagement; therefore, they provide a three-day free trial.

15. Auto Social Bots

Auto Social Bots overview

Auto Social Bot is a legendary icon in the bot industry. They've been around long enough to know precisely what you need for your TikTok growth.  TikTok is one site where they have a lot of expertise, and they've been able to garner a lot of happy customers.

They can assist you in integrating with various platforms in the sector to expand everything at once. Additionally, their price is reasonable and quite pocket-friendly. They provide exceptional customer service, so you can receive assistance when you need it.

16. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade Overview

TokUpgrade is among the leading  TikTok bot solutions right now, and for a good reason. Unlike other online bot providers, Tokupgrade will take the time to learn the niche you want to join on TikTok. They then work with the information that will help build your account with significant followers. Tokupgrade takes pride in ensuring that you do not obtain bot followers. This means that the followers you do receive are from folks who are engaged in your work.

Having Bot follows is risky on TikTok. If you are discovered engaging with phony followers, your account may be terminated.  Tokupgrade's Bot is as smooth as it gets. The only real work you'll need to put in is generating content.

Security is an important issue to consider when purchasing a bot.  This is because you are not only passing over your credit/debit card details, but you are also providing entity access to your TikTok account. Tokupgrade ensures that your information is kept private.  Its end-to-end encryption ensures that everything is secure and protected.

17. TikTokBot homepage

If you're familiar with how automation works, then you need TikTokBot. It will take over the heavy-lifting so you can concentrate on making more great content. One thing that instantly sticks out for them is their great pricing. Which means you can easily access them regardless of your budget.

They also have an excellent customer support service that can assist you with utilizing their software. Additionally, they give a 7-day money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong. TikTokBot is a wonderful provider to go for if you need some assistance at a low cost.


The top TikTok bots listed above may be utilized as engagement tools, resulting in a rise in your amount of followers. Several services may be used to automate operations to improve your account. Some of them are entirely organic, while others depend on bots on the backend. Whatever the situation, be sure that the Bot you choose provides you with the tools you want for success.

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