A Guide to Unblock Netflix Anywhere Around the World

We are living in a busy world. People don’t have time for friends and family. This is because you have lots of work to do. That is the reason why we love weekends. Especially, weekends are meant for watching your favourite television shows and movies. When I talk about watching online television shows and movies, Netflix is the first thing which comes in my mind.

Where is Netflix?

Now Netflix is providing its services almost everywhere around the world. If you have purchased a streaming only plan, then it can be accessed anywhere in the world, but the problem is that the television shows which are being listed in Netflix may differ according to the location. This is as per the regional government rules and regulations. For example, a particular country does not allow a specific kind of television show in their country due to some security or social issue.

Netflix has been working with no restrictions in the US. So it makes sense if you access Netflix as a US user so that you have full access to your favourite television shows and movies, which you may not be able to see if you are living in some specific country.

Accessing full access Netflix anywhere in the world

The simplest way to jump geo-restrictions wall is by using a VPN. This changes your IP address and represents you as if you are accessing Netflix from some other country. Using VPN is easy because it comes with a very user-friendly GUI. There are numerous VPN service providers in the world but you should always choose the recommended ones.

Let us take a look at the below steps to access Netflix anywhere in the world:

[1] Step 1:  Choosing a good VPN Service Provider is necessary. You need to check that which all countries are being listed by the VPN Service Provider, the more options you get, the better it is for you. So choose this wisely, I personally recommend HideMyAss Pro .

Once you have chosen your VPN Service Provider, you can install it on your system. After installing it on your system, just select any location of the US. Once you are connected, you now are being represented as a user from the US. This means Netflix thinks that you are accessing Netflix from the US.

[2] Step 2: Visit Netflix now and create your new account. The registration process is very easy in Netflix and you should complete it without any problems. Once you have created your new account in Netflix, you have now full access to Netflix like any other citizen from the US.

[3] Step 3: Step 3 is really simple. You need to sit back and enjoy your shows and movies!


Netflix is an amazing platform, has huge data content in terms of streaming media and you will simply love it if you have never used it before. By following the above steps and using a good VPN Service Provider, you will be able to enjoy unrestricted access to Netflix. So don’t wait anymore, access Netflix now and enjoy your time!