How to Watch US Netflix in UK – Beat the Netflix Proxy Block

Netflix is the modern media content provider sensation; it has the biggest library of media contents which are accessible through Netflix website or via Netflix app. However Netflix is only accessible from a US based IP address or only in those countries in which Netflix has made their services available, so if you are not a resident of such countries, then you cannot access Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has also not made their services available in the UK, but don’t give up on your hopes yet because I am going to provide a guide below to watch US Netflix in UK.

The reason behind the Netflix block is that they filter IP address on the basis of their geographical location thus allowing their services to be accessible from some specific countries only. So in order to access Netflix one has to have a US based IP address, and to do that one can use VPN or a Smart DNS service.

VPN for accessing US Netflix in UK

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it allows the user to encrypt their traffic through secure tunnels and also grants the ability to bypass geographical restriction based upon the server of your choosing. So if a user is a UK based IP address and he wants to access Netflix, all he has to do is setup a VPN and then choose a US based server, and this will assign him a US based IP address, thus gaining him access to Netflix even from UK.

There are many VPN service providers out there, but here I will recommend HideMyAss VPN service as their services are very affordable and best in terms of speed and support. Once you have bought a subscription all you have to do is setup the VPN on your machine and select a US based server. Once done with this the VPN will provide you with a US based IP address, and you will be all set to access Netflix even when you are in UK originally.

Smart DNS to Unblock US Netflix in UK

The second method to bypass geographical restriction is to use a Smart DNS proxy server. However this is not the best method to go with as DNS does not provide full encryption of the data, so I will recommend using a VPN service instead. Although while using a VPN there is a slight reduction in the internet speed but in the case of DNS, there is no such reduction in internet speed. Speedcheck is a great tool for testing your internet speed, it shows you everything, from your ping to your download and upload speed

There are multiple Smart DNS providers as well and you can also choose to use Google DNS, which is also free to use. All you have to do is to setup the DNS server on your machine and you can access Netflix. You can also choose to use free 7-day trial on Unlocator just to see if DNS gets the job done for you and if it does you can buy a full subscription.

However if the ISP in your country uses a transparent proxy filter or DNS filter, then Smart DNS proxy probably will not work in your case, but you can always choose a VPN service.


In the above guide, I tried to explain why Netflix is only accessible from some specific countries only and how you can bypass the geographical restrictions which are incorporated by Netflix. And how you can bypass such restrictions by using VPN or Smart DNS proxy. Hope the guide will be helpful in allowing you access to US Netflix from UK and I will be successful in my attempt.